Allen Iverson wearing Reebok QuestionAllen Iverson will step onto the court tonight for the 76ers filling the same shoes as he did more than thriteen years ago.

In a statement released by Todd Krinsky, Reebok’s Head of Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Allen Iverson will play his first home game as a 76er in the Reebok Question – the same shoe Iverson wore during his Rookie of the Year campaign. Krinsky said further “Allen enjoyed a tremendous career with the Sixers wearing the Question and subsequent Answer series, scoring an average of 27 points through more than 10 seasons…The first time Allen wore the Question was with the Sixers, so it is fitting that the return of the shoe comes with Allen?s return to his team.”

You can watch Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers take on his former team, the Denver Nuggets, tonight on NBA TV at 7PM EST.

  • wat wat

    go back to wearing a classic

  • Matt Halfhill

    very happy to see AI come back to where it all started as well as wear the kicks that kicked off a great career

  • biggins

    Just picked these up from Foot Locker about an hour ago. Classic.

    Glad to see AI back where he belongs and I hope his game gets right. I still believe.

  • J Diesel

    A.I. Is A Legend!!!!…fresh kicks~

  • 216

    to bad he didn’t rock those.

  • Duude

    He’s not wearing these he’s wearing the answer xiii

  • Biff Tannen

    Hey Matt, he wasn’t rocking them, can you get us a pic of what he was rocking? As for the QUESTIONS, I prefer the blue toe cap, lets see a pic of those too, & when will they drop.

  • hovihov908

    i copped my pair on saturday shoe is a classic!!!

  • CHI-Tizzle

    Too bad they lost. Im a Laker fan so I was ready for him to kill the lame Nuggets.

    I only been purchasing Nikes and Jays the last couple years. I had to get the Questions thou. It has opened my eyes to other brands a little. Will get me some custom Reebok Furys and some classic Adidas Forums next. After that it will be back to the Nikes.

  • pipfan33

    Note to reebok get organized. He did not wear them.

  • kick2thehead

    I looked at some pics from the game, resolution on em wasn’t great. Couldn’t tell what they were definitively but damn well weren’t anything worth ownin… C’mon Reebok? Step up…

  • P Millah

    A yo, “Chi-Tizzle” how you gon have this name, saying U a Laker fan! Im from tha CRIB, & we don’t honor perps like you. U can find P Millah anywhere in the CHI, everybody know me, its like Im a movie star. Don’t nobody from the CRIB go against the grain like that!!!!!!!!

  • phila phan

    pre-tat AI!!!

  • greenmaker24

    um ok

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