Kicks On Court: Players Rock (Nike) RED Laces for World AIDS Day

Kicks On Court

Nike showed its support for World AIDS Day by making its RED shoelaces available yesterday (you can purchase them here). In addition, our staff showed support by supplying you with 23 Red Sneakers to Raise Awareness for World AIDS Day. However, check out today’s Kicks On Court to see which NBA players showed their support for this world-recognized day.

In the New Orleans Hornets-Los Angeles Lakers game last night, players such as Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown sported the Nike (RED) laces in their sneakers. Kobe Bryant and Shannon Brown hooped in the Kobe IV, while Fisher wore his Hyperize PE. Although the red laces have nothing to do with the purple and gold Lakers jerseys, it is good to see a few players showing their support for yesterday’s focus. Click here to see these players rocking the (Nike) RED laces plus other kicks worn by Michael Beasley, Dwyane Wade, Brandon Roy and others.

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher sporting the (Nike) RED laces? in their Kobe IV and Hyperize, respectively

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant's Nike Zoom Kobe IVs with (Nike) RED laces

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant turning the corner in the Nike Zoom Kobe IV with (Nike) RED laces

Kicks On Court

Shannon Brown dunking the ball in the Nike Zoom Kobe IV with (Nike) RED laces

Kicks On Court

Dwyane Wade and Brandon Roy in the Jordan Hallowed Ground and the Nike Air Max Rise, respectively

Kicks On Court

Steve Nash in the Nike Cradle Rock

Kicks On Court

Juwan Howard and Jermaine O'Neal in the Air Jordan 16.5 and the Nike Blue Chip II, respectively

Kicks On Court

Bobby Brown and Jordan Farmar in the Nike Hyperdunk and the Adidas TS Cut Creator, respectively

Kicks On Court

Carmelo Anthony dunking in the Jordan Melo M6

Kicks On Court

Michael Beasley laying it up in the Adidas TS Commander LT

Kicks On Court

Tyson Chandler and Kendrick Perkins in the Jordan Hallowed Ground and the Adidas Pro Model, respectively

Kicks On Court

Joel Anthony and Greg Oden in the Nike Power Max and the Nike Blue Chip II, respectively

Kicks On Court

Ron Artest defending in his Peak sneaker

Kicks On Court

David West in the Nike Power Max

Kicks On Court

Actress Julia Louis Dreyfus's son rocking the Nike Air Max LeBron VII "More Than A Game Series"

Pics via Yahoo.


  1. this guy says... says:

    lucky kid…

  2. Mark Arriola paffy daffy says:

    hasn’t kendrick worn the same shoe for years now?

  3. godsneakergod says:

    “elaine’s son lil kicks”

  4. F21 says:

    if i was in the NBA id have the best shoes out there…come on the heat vs the blazers..their team colors are the same as og jordan colorways….

  5. Sha The Exec says:

    Umm, just to be thorough, that’s not Bobby Brown from the Hornets in the pic above, it’s Marcus Thornton

  6. greenmaker24 says:

    the kid with the lebrons had the best ones

  7. RETRO5S says:

    the hell is he doing rocking LeBrons to a LAKERS game. that’s just disrespectful. haha jk. sorta.

    FSLakers showed the Kobe’s up close yesterday during the game and talked about the whole world aids day campaign.

  8. DiscoStu says:

    Julia’ll Get Hit..

  9. Rufus says:

    Yo, can anyone tell me if Nike hyperizes will come out on id? I’ve seen a ton of personalized editions, but im not sure?

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