Why Retirement May Not Be Allen Iverson’s Answer

Allen Iverson to retrire?Allen Iverson, a four time scoring title holder as well as former MVP, is far from his the days of his prime, but Allen has millions reasons not to retire at this point in his career – 6 million according to some sources. ?Iverson entered the NBA in 1996 with a footwear contract with Reebok initially for 10 years to the tune of $50M. ?After snatching MVP honors in 2001, his contract with Reebok was renegotiated for a lifetime deal paying Iverson a rumored $6 million per year for the duration of his professional career. ?Reebok has plans in the near future to re-release one of Iverson’s most sought after shoes, the Reebok Question which he wore en route to his Rookie of the Year honors.

The market for the 10 time NBA All Star is far from what it was on the basketball front. ?Last year he pulled in $20.8M compared to a $3M deal he would have received had he stayed with Memphis throughout the rest of the year.

The annual 8 figure salary may be gone, but at $6M a season to lace up his sneakers, don’t expect AI to be so quick to hang up his kicks.


  1. :) says:

    well… i guess its just the money!

  2. Brandon says:

    Re-release the Answer 1-4…Reebok Fail

  3. sneaker pimp says:

    dis guy is a selfish player no 1 wants him on there team…

  4. David says:

    Besides MJ, iverson is my favorite basketball player and is the reason y I still watch the game and luv it so much

  5. Addikted2kix says:

    His career is over unless attitude changes, he was marked as selfish early in his career and most of us didnt want to believe it, but his latest actions has demonstrated how selfish he really is(on court)..
    Anybody that has ever played a team sport should be appalled by his actions.. I like(d) AI but this is no way to end a career or even carry on on the court.. you are a player not a coach a gm or manager…KYS

  6. dallastX says:

    Allen Iveson my favorite player despite what everyone says about him! i wish he was in the mavericks!!!

  7. ct says:

    AI3 4 LIFE !

  8. Mama says:

    fool should never have left illa…

  9. dopasaurus says:

    he should take a smaller deal with illadelph and retire there. not that they’re even close to the same caliber, do what big ben did. gotta be hard to accept going from premier PG to eighth man…

  10. greenmaker24 says:

    um ok

  11. 5starathlete says:

    this guy sucks anyway …
    who cares?

  12. The Soul Physician says:

    Allen Iverson is a text book selfish player….his “legacy” (if that’s what you wanna call it) will forever be defined by his legendary “Practice” rant. YES Allen Iverson, you do make your teammates better by PRACTICING. I still wanna know what he’s “The Answer” to?

  13. saunupe1911 says:


    You are stupid as hell to say that Iverson sucks. The guy is on his way to the hall of fame, even without a ring. He’s one of the best players of his era. Don’t let the last few years fool your stupid a$$. He could easily put up 50 a night and almost beat Shaq and Kobe by himself, IN THEIR PRIMES!

    Sorry Nice Kicks, but disrespectful comments from fools like that just makes me mad. Some people have no respect for the game.

  14. GMIII says:

    Peace to the greatest small man to ever grace the court… AI have influence the way the game is being played now and to hear people disrespect a legend is sad… he had the world rocking cornrolls wearing sleaves and young ball players rocking the # 3… from the crossover to the off the ball steals… most of ya’ll young punks aint old enough to appreciate a living legend… But I say that to say this if he do come back I hope he shut up all the haters… and end a HOF career on top… but if he don’t… I Thank you AI for all the memories… you are the greatest small man in my eyes…. and the 3rd greatest scorer behind Jordan & Chamberlain….


    he is the best basketball player to me and he still making money STOP HATERS


    he is the best basketball player to me and he still making money STOP IT HATERS

  17. VISIONAIRES says:

    AI is one of the “D” best basketball player that ever step on the basketball court, next to the greatest ever MICHAEL JORDAN………..PERIOD!!!

  18. j says:

    let him do what he wants, he’s a great hooper but not on kobe’s level @ all, especially with the consistency of being that good. he started fallin off some u have to admit.. kobe, kg, ray allen, etc., those that have been in the game for a long period of time, are still putting up great numbers.

  19. answer only says:

    Still my favorite player and forever will be..

  20. MJSF says:

    He should go to either the Clippers or Cavs if he really wants quality PT.