Why Retirement May Not Be Allen Iverson’s Answer

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Allen Iverson to retrire?Allen Iverson, a four time scoring title holder as well as former MVP, is far from his the days of his prime, but Allen has millions reasons not to retire at this point in his career – 6 million according to some sources. ?Iverson entered the NBA in 1996 with a footwear contract with Reebok initially for 10 years to the tune of $50M. ?After snatching MVP honors in 2001, his contract with Reebok was renegotiated for a lifetime deal paying Iverson a rumored $6 million per year for the duration of his professional career. ?Reebok has plans in the near future to re-release one of Iverson’s most sought after shoes, the Reebok Question which he wore en route to his Rookie of the Year honors.

The market for the 10 time NBA All Star is far from what it was on the basketball front. ?Last year he pulled in $20.8M compared to a $3M deal he would have received had he stayed with Memphis throughout the rest of the year.

The annual 8 figure salary may be gone, but at $6M a season to lace up his sneakers, don’t expect AI to be so quick to hang up his kicks.

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46 Comments on "Why Retirement May Not Be Allen Iverson’s Answer"

  1. David

    Besides MJ, iverson is my favorite basketball player and is the reason y I still watch the game and luv it so much

  2. Addikted2kix

    His career is over unless attitude changes, he was marked as selfish early in his career and most of us didnt want to believe it, but his latest actions has demonstrated how selfish he really is(on court)..
    Anybody that has ever played a team sport should be appalled by his actions.. I like(d) AI but this is no way to end a career or even carry on on the court.. you are a player not a coach a gm or manager…KYS

  3. dopasaurus

    he should take a smaller deal with illadelph and retire there. not that they’re even close to the same caliber, do what big ben did. gotta be hard to accept going from premier PG to eighth man…

  4. The Soul Physician

    Allen Iverson is a text book selfish player….his “legacy” (if that’s what you wanna call it) will forever be defined by his legendary “Practice” rant. YES Allen Iverson, you do make your teammates better by PRACTICING. I still wanna know what he’s “The Answer” to?

  5. saunupe1911


    You are stupid as hell to say that Iverson sucks. The guy is on his way to the hall of fame, even without a ring. He’s one of the best players of his era. Don’t let the last few years fool your stupid a$$. He could easily put up 50 a night and almost beat Shaq and Kobe by himself, IN THEIR PRIMES!

    Sorry Nice Kicks, but disrespectful comments from fools like that just makes me mad. Some people have no respect for the game.

  6. GMIII

    Peace to the greatest small man to ever grace the court… AI have influence the way the game is being played now and to hear people disrespect a legend is sad… he had the world rocking cornrolls wearing sleaves and young ball players rocking the # 3… from the crossover to the off the ball steals… most of ya’ll young punks aint old enough to appreciate a living legend… But I say that to say this if he do come back I hope he shut up all the haters… and end a HOF career on top… but if he don’t… I Thank you AI for all the memories… you are the greatest small man in my eyes…. and the 3rd greatest scorer behind Jordan & Chamberlain….


    AI is one of the “D” best basketball player that ever step on the basketball court, next to the greatest ever MICHAEL JORDAN………..PERIOD!!!

  8. j

    let him do what he wants, he’s a great hooper but not on kobe’s level @ all, especially with the consistency of being that good. he started fallin off some u have to admit.. kobe, kg, ray allen, etc., those that have been in the game for a long period of time, are still putting up great numbers.

  9. Retrosaurus Rex-82

    most overrated player in any sport of all-time. ill give him credit where it is due. he can dribble the rock and is fast but scoring 52 points and you take 50 shots and miss 35 of them aint hard———the rest free throws. hope all is well with him but he never did anything spectacular where i said damn; i wish i could do tthat

  10. son

    since Golden State has got Stephen Jackson then A.I. can go to…my Hornets!

    Now Orleans is having a downtime as coach Scoot is gone and CP3 is injuried and
    out for 3 weeks. Hornets can spend 3 millions to have a lethal scoring machine, and then
    CP3 can focus on his PG role! Awesome! What do you think?

  11. holy bounce

    ai is the not selfish to all those who call him that. If you ‘ve never played basketball on a high level shut up please. if he’s never came off the bench why should he settle for it now. the pistons put him in a bad situation cuz they knew he was a scoring guard not a pass first guard like billups. If Your a good player you cant adjust to or accept less that what your use to.for example bibby suck and he still starts over j.crawford of the hawks. im done half of the people who comment never played college ball so until you ‘ve played pass high school shut up and let AI do him.@The Soul Physician go back to the 96-01 days to find out why he is the answer dumba##. @5starathlete if he sucks why do you comment on a player that sucks. REEBOK BRING THE ANSWER 2 BACK OUT

  12. Lem

    I like AI. As far a little guys in the NBA he’s the best. He may not be MJ (honestly though..who ever will be) but he has heart. That a lot of guys twice his size don’t have. Much respect to AI.

    And don’t forget how he shook MJ during his rookie season not once but twice and then hit a jumper! For those of you that are too young to remember that look it up on youtube. It’s a sight to see.

  13. kevin

    I live an hour or so from philly and I loved Georgetown so once he got drafted by the 76ers it was a dream come true and I was at that bulls-sixers game his rookie year and numerous games a year after that…but i wouldnt call him selfish the most years the people he played with wouldnt even have started on most other teams in the league so it was either go all out and put up 40-50 and maybe win or try to get everyone else involved and end up getting blown out because no one else could score

  14. Retrosaurus REX82


  15. mrmarquee

    I don’t understand how anybody could say iverson was overrated. He single handedly changed ballhandling in the NBA forever. He made the NBA change the rules. He changed the idea of what a guy under six feet could do on the court. There were great shirt men before but none could do to guys almost a foot taller than them what he could. He is also the guy that invented the filthiest crossover ever. And @Rex dude I don’t need YouTube I saw the game and the sportcenter afterwards where they slowed the play down and added the heartbeat. They showed it like 5 times in a row. Jordan is the greatest. Who cares how much he scored that game? It was one of the greatest moments in bball history and I have NEVER seen anybody do Jordan like that. The guy was an innovator and a genius scorer. He actually made me wanna be short. On top of everything he a real $&$@$&@&@& which is more than I can say for Kobe. (or even Jordan in the media)

  16. Max Power

    Well I think iverson still has ability way better than half the guys in the nba right now. But the elite teams don’t want him cuz he’s a ball hog, its pretty simple. But nicekicks is right, seriously, no pro athlete is gonna quit like that when they still have the ability to make millions come on now. I think he may take a pay cut for a championship though ala gary payton.

  17. Lem

    Retrosaurus I was simply making a point of how AI changed the game. AI shook the greatest to ever hold a basketball. That counts for something even if MJ did do his thing. It’s Mike what would you expect?

    And MrMarquee said it best “He single handedly changed ballhandling in the NBA forever. He made the NBA change the rules. “

  18. Retrosaurus Rex82

    you wanna know who all has shook jordan you new-are punkx:
    rod stickland, isiah thomas, muggsy bouges, tim hardaway, nick anderson, Steve Francis, Kobe, A.I.
    MY POINT IS THAT WASNT THE FIRST TIME: I’M 6’4 AND been balling all my life andthe only thing he’s done to wow me was that lil self pass on the answer shoe Commerical when he reverse pivoted, wrapped the ball around on the opposite side and reverse pivoted back to point A. THATS ABOUT IT

  19. mrmarquee

    @rex you can be 6’4 all you want i gaurantee you ain’t doin what iverson was doin at 19-20
    i was born in 82 also and I’m 6’2 and been balling all my life and all them cats you named AIN’T NEVER DID JORDAN LIKE THAT. ain’t nobody talking bout no little shake. that boy spin’t Jordan twice.One on One and then hit the jumper. all them names you called except steve francis got that a-type dribble, and aint none of them had handles as RAW as a.i. you know you frontin on Allen Iverson.

  20. Addikted2kix

    Ai was the best lb for lb in the nba, Yes but his attitude is deplorable… Its a team sport not an ai sport…
    All the guards of the AI ballhandling , ball hogging era are gone from the NBA as of now Step, Steve Francis and now Ai.. It aint that type of league and you my friend have never adapted so teams dont want you… Come off the bench work hard and earn your spot back, thats what sport is about… anybody that says otherwise is just as selfish…

  21. Lem

    @Rex. Yep many have shook Mike. No doubt. But when AI did it it was sports news. I mean they must have replayed that clip 10-15 times during that game. And countless times after.

    It’s like getting into a fight. If someone slaps you, you may turn around and beat the brakes off them. But the only thing that your friends are going to remember is that you got slapped. See my point.

    I was born in ’77 so I’m a little bit older than you and Marquee. I like the passion that both of you show in regards to AI. Whether for or against. I haven’t been on the court in awhile (married, daughter, mortgage, etc..) but as a little guy so to speak I have to give it up to AI for banging with guys that are 6’2 and 6’4.

  22. champ22

    Reebok would make money hand over fist by re-releaseing A.I.’s first shoe…only in the OG color way tho lets not get it twisted lol

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