Air Jordan 2010 Silver Anniversary Colorway

Air Jordan 2010 - Silver Anniversary ColorwayThe Air Jordan 2010 has gotten plenty of shine after its release event Wednesday night. Most of the currently circulating pictures and videos of this year’s flagship Jordan display the shoe in its white, black, and red colorway. Yet Jordan Brand also has this “all black white everything” make-up of the 2010 to commemorate 25 years of sneaker innovation.

All of the components of the shoe are icy-white aside from the contentious clear TPU window and peaks rising from the midsole. No word yet on whether this Silver Anniversary edition?will or will not release to the public but we’ll keep you posted.

Air Jordan 2010 - Silver Anniversary Colorway

Air Jordan 2010 - Silver Anniversary Colorway


  1. big nate says:

    this looks better than the 1st colorway

  2. P.O.P.E. says:


  3. jumpoldman36 says:

    Nope, still not copping them… the shoe is a BIG dissapointment!

  4. Joe says:

    These are still booty in all white.

  5. rcb24 says:

    I hated the 2010 until now.. This is agreat colorway.. Would def. Cop

  6. NardGoHard says:

    personally..im not a fan of all white sneakers unless they are uptowns or reebok classics……..but they look better than the 1st colorway

  7. paeng says:


  8. paeng says:

    Just place the Electrolux logo in the side and a few dirty laundries inside the shoes. Definitely looks like a Washing Machine!

  9. Ajo says:

    damn…………can you say Sprewell?

  10. ballinmoreson37 says:

    This color is WAY better than the original ones… If it comes out, a cop, not a must but worthy of coppin.

  11. kicksfanatik09 says:

    Someone said it best I ain’t copping them period…Still they do look like a dryer at the laundry mat,rotflmao!!

  12. ballinmoreson37 says:

    This color is way better than the originals 1….. If this color ever comes out, ill cop

  13. 5ivedawg says:

    looks way better but definately a NO BUY

  14. waynebrooks says:

    Depending on how they look in real, I may get this.

  15. Duane says:

    I love em in all white. If JB releases these I will def cop.

  16. 14U2NV says:

    Jordan wat r u think 2009 n 2010 r da worst Js ever made ! Thank god jordan is makin da .5s cuz those r da only close to lookin like real jordans !

  17. 14U2NV says:

    These r wack as fuc ! Stickin to da retros n da .5s ! 2009 N DA 2010 wat a disaappointment !

  18. fucdapolice says:

    K – Swiss?

  19. airchuck says:

    no….COME ON JB. WACK….make a CONCORD COLOR….that would look nice

  20. rds says:

    Love the 2010′s