Nike Zoom Kobe V

From December 2008 up until now, we have seen almost every colorway you can think of on the Nike Zoom Kobe IV. It was obviously one of the most innovative sneakers ever produced from Nike Basketball, and it was well-received by both basketball players and non-basketball players (it was voted Best Signature Sneaker in our Kicks On Court Awards). However, there comes a point in time when the average sneaker enthusiasts wants to see something different. Therefore, Nike has answered our cries by confirming the upcoming Nike Zoom Kobe V sneaker.

On December 26th, 2009, Nike will unleash the first colorway of the Kobe V dubbed the “Chaos”. If you recall, Nike unveiled a “Chaos” colorway of the Kobe IV at the beginning of this year. This Kobe V possesses a multi-colored upper consisting of foil-like side panels, a lime-colored swoosh, red/black shoelaces, a purple patent leather toe area and a heel panel and toe area of the same color. It is also finished with a lime outsole and a white/red speckled midsole. As for the overall design, the Kobe V owns a similar, low-cut design of the Kobe IV, yet, its collar and heel panel section seems more fit for ankle support. Click here to view detailed photos. What’s your thought on the Nike Zoom Kobe V?

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

  • BoomDigga

    patent flywire? they’ve gone too far

  • this guy says…

    whoa!!! next colorway please.

  • xzay

    they look like chaos

  • dizzle

    uh…no. Maybe in a different colorway, cause this one ain’t doing it for me.

  • wat wat

    these are a joke

  • Jim

    Look like running shoes


    Eh…they’re different, but Kobe has never been one for real stylish kicks (remember the adidas Kobe 2?), but these are prolly really comfortable and functional.

  • Broadway Custard

    thats one ugly shoe!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fashionjunkiesunited

    how about those LBJ 7’ssssss

  • shawndoh

    the IV captured performance and style, which was a step up for kobe shoes, these just look like a low top huarache 2k4. with the colors from a popped metallic birthday ballon… the difference between this years chaos and last spells it out. last year was subtle, smooth and very wearable- this year looks kind of ridiculous and over the top.

  • bielasiak

    um need to see another cw but these are really bad compared to the IVs

  • VoodooChild

    These are cold!!!! almost all one piece upper….mmm, nasty!

  • Classick

    Murder them out in Black and stick some MAMBA print on them hoes……than they will be immaculate…low tops is the sickest to ball in for ankle brakers….not you AIR FORCE ALA 89’s hightops leave that to the PF/Centers

  • beachboyva

    nice. i would like to see a different colorway. i know they gonna come out with hundreds of colors. when they come out with lakers colors i’ll def cop.

  • L.4.D.G.

    They look too much like the Adidas Gil-Zero.

  • chris

    these are terrible.

  • “KixFiend”

    They”ll prolly grow on me over time…….and arent they supposed to come with an ankle strap or sumthin?

  • soulie17

    The Kobe IV’s are waaaaaaaaay better.

  • Keaton

    yup kobe iv’s look alot better, these look like cheerleading shoes….but i’d rock anything with the kobe logo…haha, thats sad…

  • CHAN

    please some other colorway. This is awful.

  • annz23

    anybody that live in the long island area? Wale will be at sneaker bistro boutique on November 9th!!! He will be signing copies of his cd attention deficit?..

  • Ether

    it looks like the back of the shoe has NO IDEA what the hell the front of the shoe is trying to do…turrble, just turrble (c) Sir Charles…

  • MJSF

    why are hoopers wearing trainers???

    stupid ass concept and this shoe is terrible.

  • sean green

    those red specks drive me nuts….get rid of the red speck please

  • Ajo


  • thunder

    nice, getting for sure. forget the space jams.

  • tmax224

    nicely crafted shoe. great job at nike. cant wait to see the laker colorways with detailed photos

  • juicey

    wait for the day that kobe rocks these in the game, then all of you will start to want them bad…

  • honey bhoy


  • 2pn

    I’ll reserve judgement til I see a different cw. These here are simply awful. They look like some sh!t steve nash would rock. Hopefully we can get a decent cw.

  • PhuckYoOpinion

    these shoes suck and all yall who are dying for these are diehard lakers fans/ diehard kobe fans/ or idiots because it aint nothing at all tight about these—-i wouldnt rock em for free and dont try me on no broke s–t i spend a good 2g’s monthly on myself

  • RIKO

    you have to get used to ’em…They will look dope on Kobe tho…

  • MJSF


    You are a true life CRACKHEAD!

  • aayush

    of the hook

  • NorthwestClassic

    @ MJSF

    If it’s a stupid ass concept then why are so many players wearing it this year? Don’t say it’s because they’re on Nike, there are plenty of other high tops they could’ve chosen.

  • kobeivfan

    Seen the early pics online and did not, could not believe these were the V’s – glad I got a few pairs of the iv’s – these look like the shoes you see that end up at Big Lots!!

    How could Kobe and Nike get it soooooo wrong???????!!?????

    I’m waiting for the LBJ VII – all black.

  • 24lebron24

    abt 30 dumb dumbs below me.
    come dec 26 heads will fully engulf this shoe as well as all the other 5s.

  • MAJKEL523

    And I thought Answer XIII was ugly!!!WTF??!!

  • Victor Lapaz

    mamba just wants the best hoops sneaker, not the best looking one.
    But anyway, these are some crazy ass kicks….
    please go “zoom-zoom” for me nike?

  • BrGunna

    I like them. They kinda look like the iv’s but it’s all good. Kinda like the AJ V and VI. I love it

  • MJSF


    aint nobody wearing these fugazi shoes except kobe dickriders on and off the court.

  • RussellB1959

    May have to pick up a pair of these…..

  • aayush

    id rock em in a hummingbirds wingbeat

  • greenmaker24

    kinda weird

  • OREGONtrees

    This was epic fail in the design department. I dont care how much theyre about performance, not an excuse for this monstrousity.

  • tae

    these are fire ! what a surprise that most of you dont like them just like th 4’s but just like last year these will out sell most of the shoes out there. cant wait for the id feature on these


    Nike Zoom Kobe V “Mosquitos” IMO

  • dm stag

    just plain ugly

  • a beast at basketball

    These shoes look way fly. I dont know why everybody is hating on them I think that the lime green is sick and the purple is a nice shade and they seem to go together well. If this shoes performs as well as my Kobe IV did on the court then this shoe will be a great buy

  • The Undertaker

    Oh man, they is ugly. But we need to wait and see the non chaos colors. Lakers colors and some nice white and blue.

  • Marwan

    For those saying Lebron VII?s look better, what the hell are you talking about? That shoe doesnt perform as good as it looks. True these shoes dont look as good as the IV?s but the performance must be sky high. You saw how light the IV?s were and they were incredible, lucky I copped a pair and I will cop a pair of the V?s but in Dream Team colors.

    Lebron VII?s however, are high cut, supports the ankle thats good, but with all that height and length, the shoe will be heavier than the IV?s or V?s.

    IMO, Kobe?s shoes are more on performance than looks.

  • kopi

    Ugly. I better wear my ASICS gel running shoes. The kobes are more and more turn into running shoes… BAD!

  • RIdiculous

    Kobe has the best shoes. Better than Jordans and Lebrons.

  • C Mass

    Dey iight bt its not da shoes dats gonna win us da ship its da black mamba dats gonna shine

  • stephen

    ok 4 all the people who say the last 2 kobe shooes (4,5) dont have good ankle support because of the low tops you should know the fallowing: the kobe IV were made to have similarities to soccer cleats (1 of kobes favorite sports) ankle breaks are more common in basketball shoes than in soccer cleats?.. So the kobe V would be a better choice 4 a basketballl shoe because it is in fact desighned to move with your foot, not to fit it.

  • p-rok

    kobe is not the 1st to wear lows, bibby actually prefers lows also. he has worn lows for years

  • dfish

    kobe zoom 5 are the best basketball shoes yet ….to all the kobe haters who say the zoomiv and v are bad for your ankles then dont get them

  • dfish

    acics gel running shoes? how do yu compare sics with zoom 5

  • ybaby1990

    I don’t know why people hate these shoes… Kobe designed these after soccer cleats, thus they are low tops. I mean since soccer players have less ankle injuries than basketball players, its obvious that high/low top shoes don’t factor as much as what people first thought. I think this is a great shoe. I mean, having a sturdy frame, nice cushion and having barely any weight, this will definitely improve people’s quickness and hops.



  • LLL

    These really grew on me BIGTIME.. i thoght they were Fugly the 1st time i saw em.. that feeling i had when i saw the jordan 23’s..??? its the same with these…

  • Max

    Bra this is da sickest colorway because it’s after the JOKER.Flat out genius

  • Francis

    At first these shoes could get my feel of a great shoes. But seeing it personally and having to feel it on my feet made me say “Damn! Good shoes”

    Also like the Chaos colorway as a tribute to a great actor. Well done on this design

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