Nike Zoom Kobe V ?Chaos?

Nike Zoom Kobe V

From December 2008 up until now, we have seen almost every colorway you can think of on the Nike Zoom Kobe IV. It was obviously one of the most innovative sneakers ever produced from Nike Basketball, and it was well-received by both basketball players and non-basketball players (it was voted Best Signature Sneaker in our Kicks On Court Awards). However, there comes a point in time when the average sneaker enthusiasts wants to see something different. Therefore, Nike has answered our cries by confirming the upcoming Nike Zoom Kobe V sneaker.

On December 26th, 2009, Nike will unleash the first colorway of the Kobe V dubbed the “Chaos”. If you recall, Nike unveiled a “Chaos” colorway of the Kobe IV at the beginning of this year. This Kobe V possesses a multi-colored upper consisting of foil-like side panels, a lime-colored swoosh, red/black shoelaces, a purple patent leather toe area and a heel panel and toe area of the same color. It is also finished with a lime outsole and a white/red speckled midsole. As for the overall design, the Kobe V owns a similar, low-cut design of the Kobe IV, yet, its collar and heel panel section seems more fit for ankle support. Click here to view detailed photos. What’s your thought on the Nike Zoom Kobe V?

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"

Nike Zoom Kobe V

Nike Zoom Kobe V "Chaos"


  1. BoomDigga says:

    patent flywire? they’ve gone too far

  2. this guy says... says:

    whoa!!! next colorway please.

  3. xzay says:

    they look like chaos

  4. dizzle says:

    uh…no. Maybe in a different colorway, cause this one ain’t doing it for me.

  5. wat wat says:

    these are a joke

  6. Jim says:

    Look like running shoes

  7. MARSZ says:

    Eh…they’re different, but Kobe has never been one for real stylish kicks (remember the adidas Kobe 2?), but these are prolly really comfortable and functional.

  8. Broadway Custard says:

    thats one ugly shoe!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. fashionjunkiesunited says:

    how about those LBJ 7′ssssss

  10. shawndoh says:

    the IV captured performance and style, which was a step up for kobe shoes, these just look like a low top huarache 2k4. with the colors from a popped metallic birthday ballon… the difference between this years chaos and last spells it out. last year was subtle, smooth and very wearable- this year looks kind of ridiculous and over the top.

  11. bielasiak says:

    um need to see another cw but these are really bad compared to the IVs

  12. VoodooChild says:

    These are cold!!!! almost all one piece upper….mmm, nasty!

  13. Classick says:

    Murder them out in Black and stick some MAMBA print on them hoes……than they will be immaculate…low tops is the sickest to ball in for ankle brakers….not you AIR FORCE ALA 89′s hightops leave that to the PF/Centers

  14. beachboyva says:

    nice. i would like to see a different colorway. i know they gonna come out with hundreds of colors. when they come out with lakers colors i’ll def cop.

  15. L.4.D.G. says:

    They look too much like the Adidas Gil-Zero.

  16. chris says:

    these are terrible.

  17. "KixFiend" says:

    They”ll prolly grow on me over time…….and arent they supposed to come with an ankle strap or sumthin?

  18. soulie17 says:

    The Kobe IV’s are waaaaaaaaay better.

  19. Keaton says:

    yup kobe iv’s look alot better, these look like cheerleading shoes….but i’d rock anything with the kobe logo…haha, thats sad…

  20. CHAN says:

    please some other colorway. This is awful.