Kicks On Court: Iverson Debuts New Signature Sneaker

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Kicks On Court

At the beginning of last year, Allen Iverson started off the season late due to an injury that sidelined him for a couple of days. However, when he returned, our Kicks On Court showcased him sporting his new signature shoe (at the time) dubbed the Reebok Answer XII. Likewise, AI started this season later than his teammates due to injury and sure enough, he returned wearing his latest signature sneaker.

In a losing effort to the Sacramento Kings, Allen Iverson debuted his latest signature sneaker dubbed the Reebok Answer XIII. The Answer XIII possesses a bulkier build than the aforementioned Answer XII and seems to value performance over style. Many of you took a liking towards the Answer XII; however, do you feel the same way about AI”s 13th signature sneaker? Click here to view the Answer XIII plus more kicks worn by Rudy Gay, Chris Paul, Baron Davis and others.

Kicks On Court

Allen Iverson shooting a jumper in the Reebok Answer XIII

Kicks On Court

Allen Iverson wearing the Reebok Answer XIII

Kicks On Court

Allen Iverson laying it up in the Reebok Answer XIII

Kicks On Court

Allen Iverson in the Reebok Answer XIII

Kicks On Court

Baron Davis wearing the Li-Ning BD1

Kicks On Court

Rudy Gay shooting a jumper in the Nike Zoom Sharkalaid

Kicks On Court

OJ Mayo shooting in the Nike Air Max Rise

Kicks On Court

Deron Williams wearing the Nike Zoom Sharkalaid

Kicks On Court

Chris Duhon and Chris Paul wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe IV and the Jordan CP3.II, respectively

Kicks On Court

Raja Bell, Courtney Lee and Tyson Chandler sporting the Nike Hyperdunk, the Nike Hyperize and the Jordan Hallowed Ground, respectively

Kicks On Court

Chris Douglas-Roberts driving the baseline in the Nike Zoom Uptempo V

Kicks On Court

Gerald Wallace in the Jordan Ol School III

Kicks On Court

DJ Augustin wearing the Air Jordan 16.5

Pics via Yahoo.

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31 Comments on "Kicks On Court: Iverson Debuts New Signature Sneaker"

  1. theGR8hope

    Baron DAvis is the business!!!, those AIs aren’t bad, i wouldn’t where them tho because i hate reeboks.

  2. this guy says...

    Is that man usin rogain because his braids got hang time and everything. i wonder if some of these ballers can play football? they make some serios faces for that little bit of contact.

  3. willie_mcfly22

    i aint even kno AI had 13 shoes out….aint been payin attention since the questions and the answers…nothin else really the sparks my interest…

  4. Deuces

    Those AIs are the most attractive looking signatures that he has had in a while. Big ups to him. And thank GOD he brought the braids back. Griz are still sorry though. And I am a little apprehensive to say it– but those BD1s are kinda attractive on the court. Big ups to Li-Ning maaaaan.

  5. annz23

    anybody that live in the long island area… Wale will be at sneaker bistro boutique on November 9th!!! He will be signing copies of his cd attention deficit…..

  6. Kickz4dayz85

    Says..Coming From a true AI fan and this means ive been on it since the Hoyas when he was rocking the Retro 11s(Blk/whites) crossing cats left and right. His best shoe and forever will be the Reebok Questions????? Anybody that really knows kicks can feel me on this after the Answer III’s it was all down hill sorry AI love ya but Love the Questions even more!

  7. johnGIRAUD35

    WHOA!!! Is it just me or are those white and purple XIII’s??? Look in the third Picture and in the back by the tip of AI’s shoes. Those look like XIII to me

  8. PhuckYoOpinion


  9. NorthwestClassic

    Whoever said those sneakers in the back of the third pick were purple and white XIIIs might actually be right. Anyone else think so?

  10. Faisal

    AI shoes are looking jayyid jiddan (very good – in arabic).They look comfortable too. Other colourways please.

  11. GHOST

    IS IT JUST ME ? OR IS COURTNEY LEE UP SUPER HIGH IN THAT PICTURE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Bux

    Not the XIII’s. Those are the white/purple PE of the Hallowed Grounds for Kevin Martin.
    And Jay Billz, learn your roman numerals please.
    I=1 x3
    equals 13’s, not 8’s ha

  13. Max

    I saw a couple of pairs of those Iverson XIIIs (diff. cw though…) at a Reebok outlet in Orlando this past week. Lol…

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