Puma x DJ Hero Event


To coincide with the upcoming release of the DJ Hero video game, Activision and Puma have joined efforts to sponsor an event centered around the highly anticipated game.

This event will take place tomorrow, October 24th, 2009 at Soho (on the corner of Wooster and Spring Street) from 12PM to 4PM. During this time period, attendees will have the chance to demo the video game before it releases (October 27th). Also, Fab 5 Freddy will be hosting the event, while Z Trip and J.Period will give performances. Click here to view additional details about the event.


Puma x DJ Hero Event


Puma x DJ Hero Event


  1. Nike Zoom Harbor says:

    I’m FIRSTTTTTTTTTTTT. After so long I’m FIRST. I didn’t even read the article. FIRSTTTTT

  2. digable says:

    werd…cant wait for this game to come out…i got mine preordered…the renegade edition (jay-z & em edition)…

  3. greenmaker24 says:

    sounds cool

  4. Hector Oviedo says:

    dj sneak!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S.H.I.T.- Sneaker Head In Training says:

    not a fan of these hero games, and @ harbor, i rly rly pity u, the fact that u got so happy for being 1st when in reality ur last, well thats just sad

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