Houston’s House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

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HOH Houston

The Foot Locker House of Hoops name rings bells in every sneaker lover’s ear. Everybody would love for their city to have a House of Hoops that they can call their own, but so far, only a few places have been able to see that dream become a reality. Houston, Texas has now seen that dream materialize with the grand opening of not one, but two House of Hoops locations.

The first location (Galleria Mall), saw a packed and energetic grand opening event, which featured a Q&A section with Houston Rockets newly-acquired small forward Trevor Ariza. After that, Hip Hop legend Bun B was the master of ceremonies as he presented the Nike and Foot Locker outstanding player of the year awards to two of Houston’s top high school basketball players.

The second location (Northline Mall) saw an equally-packed and up-beat event. However, this location featured a very informative Q&A from the Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks. After Aaron answered questions from the audience, he then added details about his on-court shoe for the 2009-2010 NBA season, the Nike Cradle Low.

With that said, click here to see a few pics from the events.

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Houston's House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap

Air Jordan Fusion 13

Air Jordan 12 "Rising Sun"

Houston Edition Nike Hyperize

'Texas/Space City' Air Jordan 1 and Fusion 4

'Texas/Space City' Air Jordan 1 and Fusion 4

'Texas/Space City' Air Jordan 1 and Fusion 4

'Texas/Space City' Air Jordan 1 and Fusion 4

Nike Hypermax

Trevor Ariza

Bun B

Nike/HOH Outstanding Athlete Award Recipients Brandon Peters and Courtney Williams

Bun B and Outstanding Coach Award Recipient Coach White

Excited HOH Employees

Aaron Brooks

HOH supporters Bun B & Slim Thug

Aaron Brooks answering questions from the audience

Aaron Brooks on-court shoe the Nike Cradle Low

Charles Barkley reppin Houston

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38 Comments on "Houston’s House of Hoops Grand Opening Recap"

  1. tri-YUM-pf

    That’s what’s up. A little disappointed that they have 2 and another one coming for Texas with none in Florida or Georgia. If we could get atleast one in Florida and/or Georgia and we’re good.

  2. austinfresh

    i was a lil disappointed with the selection, but i guess you can blame that on the hype and anticipation, was happy however to pick up the other space city jordan 1’s and savage beast, ya boy will be extra fly on haloween lol

  3. KIng

    selection looks the as NY excpet the fusion 4s instead we got the silver half cents and lebron china edition in cases

  4. jonlew

    yea i went to the galleria to check it out, personally i think it was to cramped in there and its gonna have to come better to battle the sneakerlab,tipping point and premium goods. Good try footlocker my fitted hat off to ya

  5. Sam

    to Jonlew no one goes to the sneaker lab. HOH is very different form the Tipping Point and is more similar to its only real competition which is Premium Goods. I would even say Sheik is more comp than Sneaker Lab.

  6. austinfresh

    i thought sneakerlab closed down at the galleria or is the one in katy still open? and their were two different space city jordan 1’s ajo, one for the northline location which is pictured above and one for the galleria location which isnt pictured.

  7. i PledGe tA nIke

    Say austinfresh sneaker lab is still open in the galleria but they don’t really have any shoes. the house of hoops is the new place to be for sneakers

  8. Snorkal

    On the third pic, what are the AJ1s on top left (left to the Space City AJ1s)??? I don’t remember to have saw that colorway before…


    that store was way too hyped for absolutely no reason, ppl acting like they have never been anywhere before calm down, there were a million ppl in the store and nobody was buying anything, i couldnt even shop cuz everyone was standing around just lowballing, and window shopping, for those ppl who dont have a house of hoops, you are not missing out on anything, smh very dissapointing, shieks has better shoes right now at galleria

  10. hyestylekid

    man im ready for the hoh in hyattsville md i cant wait too much longer but this was tough lotta people representing

  11. 16assassin

    Bun B is the truth. Friend of mine camped out at Active Athlete in
    Houston for 4 days for Tan Yeezy’s & said Bun came by the store a few times &
    just chilled & talked about kicks n stuff. Utmost respect for Bun…

  12. $neakerking

    in my opinion, sneaker lab doesn’t carry any heat, other than some of the stuff behind the glass, but you can find most of those online for cheaper. i have never walked in there and felt like i just had to cop something. sf2 and active athlete have more heat than sneaker lab. i agree though, premium is the only true competition for hoh. i’m happy they finally brought hoh to the south

  13. E

    Yo that store looks bangin… Im on my way to Texas anyways, so now i know I must stop in Houston to cop a pair…. the only thing is do they sale kids sizes… i am a very petite female… 5’1 with a size 3 3.5 shoe size… oh well either which way im going….

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