The Dada Spinner Returns

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The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner “technology” returns. Seriously?

Seriously. For Spring of 2010, though no official date has been given, Dada is dropping an updated Spinner in the Spinner III.

Again. Seriously.

As the collective sneakerhead world groans and internet G’s get to their keyboards as fast as possible, responsible un-biased professionalism says I should find the positive in these also. Well, they do inspire me. They inspire to be just like Latrell Sprewell himself, and choke whoever is bringing these back.

And there’s a YouTube commercial too. Worst idea ever, or most elaborate internet prank of all time?


The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

The Dada Spinner Returns

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103 Comments on "The Dada Spinner Returns"

  1. rafi215

    O.M.G….One of the UGLIEST shoes ever, and to top it all off, the WACKEST rap lyrics I have ever heard. ROTFLMFAO!!!! Dada better NOT do it.

  2. BcUz-I-CaN

    I had no idea DADA still exists. there is no F-in way this could be true. it was a terrible idea then, and its a terrible idea now. although it will be fun to laugh my a$$ of when i see some lame rockin these at the mall. I understand everyone has there own style and what not, but these should be a no go for anyone IMO

  3. bielasiak

    I’m with Bm… I’m pumped to see these return. I might just get a pair, green or gold. My brother was rocking these when he is in high school and I was a little tyke, I thought it was so sick.

    Kiddish? Yeah.
    Ridiculous? Yeah.

    But why is there so much hate on these?

  4. aohamlin

    totally wack, but take the spinner off, and in the right color scheme..not too bad…..nice try but I cant see anyone coppin these

  5. solesaved

    They Still in BUSINESS! Latrell Sprewell & Chris Webber must be proud but not everybody can make a comeback they wasn’t nice back in day what made them think that these would sell now.

  6. willie eldorado (yung albino)

    lol we were clowning a dude for still having and wearing these just last week these are dumber than light up sneakers

  7. Jeezy Orteezy

    Man…..if ghostface and Ed could just get a peep @ these…..those fool would have a field day!

    they would clown on ‘em like they did the creator of the Obama sneakers (44’s). Ghost where you at!

  8. trey

    i gues they didnt get the hint when i was like 7 das wen des came out and only lil kids had em no real sneaker heads ever looked twice at des,unless to make sure they wasnt imaginin the uglyness, and that commercial…seriously? I hate to talk down on anybody hustle but these a bad investment

  9. scoota

    i remember like 5 years ago this dude had them on my freshmen year, they rode his ass all lunch period, just a crowd of people riding his ass

  10. sneakerphike42

    it’s amazing that they are still in business. Alot of people are clowning these but the truth is ya’ll were the same one jocking em when the came out. Spinners are played out now but, when they first dropped they were sick. You guys weren’t ‘sneakerheads’ then and you probably aren’t now. Just cause you have a closet full of retros doesn’t make you a sneakerhead. These are a no go for me but i’m sure some kids will cop.

  11. SoSpacely

    all i can say is woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow… C’MON SON

  12. kidphresh


  13. Mo'Money_Mo'Sneakers

    Man I thought they were wack then and they definitely wack now but hey cant knock they hustle i guess

  14. HIEJI...


  15. Charles

    Man every1 below me is buggin, Dada Spinners best shoe idea ever… They should drop these around Xmas time or Black Friday… Sell out everywhere… Jordans are lame… Dada is where it’s at

  16. JeffDollas

    LOL I Remember Kids Used To Rock This In Elementary School.
    They Would Step On The Floor And The Wheels Started Spinning.
    I Remember How Badly I Wanted A Pair.
    Now That I Look Back I Wonder Why The Hell Did I Ever Want This S H I T.

  17. hyestylekid

    never liked em back when i was in high school damn sure wouldnt like em now lol i remember they had a pair or 2 that was aite tho not for rocking but to ball in

  18. OIC

    These are freakin fresh….they will match the 20’s on my 1978 Datsun!!! So SWEET!!!!
    All you all haters better recognize the car and the kicks must match! WERD!

    And if you are one of the few dat do recognize you better paint your hoopty…cuz DaDa’s dont come in rust and primer….yeah…I said it!!!

  19. DeBo

    I don’t even remember these shyts coming out originally. Why ANYONE would even rock Dada, then or now, is beyond me. Ghostface said “…never rock Lugz, I’m way above.” I feel the exact same way about this crap. LOL

  20. d.knott01(detroit fresh)

    what scares me the most is that this christmas season, some parent with the best of intentions, are going to see these sitting on some ones clearance rack and snag a pair for their young sneaker head thinking that they just picked up the coolest thing in the world for a bargain price.

    lets all pray for God to either be with that parent during their shopping experience and deter such a purchase or at least for Him to grant the poor kid receiving these shoes to have the best fake smile of appreciation he can muster.

  21. Dizzy

    lmao r u guys serious who in the hell are gonna by these (old folks and un stylish ppl) thats who i wouldnt cop these to play hoop……. LMAO these are some fugly shoes

  22. SteeZ

    wtf is next?? a fake p***y on the inside of the shoe for all u wannabe sneakerheads?? p***y on my feet… p***y on my feet!!

  23. Bobs

    WORST COMMERCIAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. I felt retarded listening to that “Spinnah’s on mah feet” sh*t.
    If I see someone in my school with these kicks on I will f*ck him up on the spot…unless it’s just for a really good(bad) joke.

  24. Dizzy

    I Spit on these. putuuuuuyy. hahaha. i remember i wanted these when i was little i used to think these was mad hott. but now i like SBs and retros so these need to go somewhere nowww

  25. illudr

    please pass me some of what the idiots at Dada were smokin when they decided to release these again cause WOW, this has to be the dumbest business move ever.

  26. nawfside mexican


  27. 13yearoldsneakerphenom


    mane i was just thinkin that are me and u the only ones who think they look like tmacs with a spinner on em manee i remember how bad i wanted a pair now that i see i wanna shoot myself lol

  28. Kernius

    These shoes look amazing i wish i knew where i could buy a pair now these shoes are from where amazing happens

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