Jordan Flipsyde

Jordan Flipsyde

Last year, the Flipsydes dropped to disappointed reviews. For this coming November, they’re back, but can these AJXII-inspired models change the opinions and avoid the outlets?

Drawing design cues from the “Taxi” XIIs and “Flu Game” XIIs, these will drop in two new colorways. The black pair is accented with a red outsole, leather toe caps and heel logos. The other uses black leather for accents on white uppers. Both feature mid-panel eyelets in red or gold. For added heel protection, the Flipsyde features a heel air bubble and an uppers made entirely of pebbled leather.

Believe it or not, but there was a time when old school skaters were anti-Nike SB. Much has changed since, obviously. Can Jordan Brand transfer its dominance from hoops sneakers to the skate market, or is this another anti-purist move hurting JB’s image?

Jordan Flipsyde

Jordan Flipsyde

Jordan Flipsyde

Jordan Flipsyde


  1. blanquito91 says:

    ok who ever is in charge of the new jordans that are coming out needs to get fired

    i could do a better job

    these are really ugly

  2. L.4.D.G. says:

    These are nice, I might have to get another pair.

  3. jeffcan21 says:

    really jb really is this what all you got for us …… so sad so sad

  4. Swanson says:

    the red and black ones get a pass !!!

  5. d.knott01(detroit fresh) says:

    these are ok

  6. Jzeus972 says:


  7. MR. SWAGGER says:


  8. eastsider says:

    they are skateshoes blankito, werent made for the sneakerheads. i bmx so il def pick up a pair

  9. DwightSchrute says:

    skateboarding and Jordan just don’t mix. the only relation Jordan had with skateboarding were the Jordan 1′s. other than that no skater will know about the “flu game” or what jordan these are linked to.

    As if Nike SB, and 6.0 weren’t enough.

  10. Slept says:

    These ones are aaaaaaaight. Would cop to ride my bike in or something.

  11. rauls054 says:

    there ok but not copping maybe for my son

  12. Ooo Wee says:


  13. jazz says:

    now that what you call hot kicks

  14. kiddcharleeboy says:

    they look stupid i mean they nt ugly but they dnt look like jays

  15. croCOPkicks says:

    Red/black pair is hot, I’d cop forsure

  16. ken a. bloom sr says:

    what another fusion??? what are these the 3′s & 12′s come on jordan brand!!! come up with something NEW!!!

  17. ken a. bloom sr says:

    Acually thesae are pretty CLEAN! with some blue jeans, yeah these will work real cool…

  18. ken a. bloom sr says:

    But, I still would love to see some NEW DESIGNS though!!!

  19. itzpaqmanb says:

    You idiots callin these ugly..need to read..these are skateboard shoes..

    n they dont look bad at all..

    and to DwightSchrute who said “other than that no skater will know about the ?flu game? or what jordan these are linked to.”

    Your an idiot..you dont think there are jordan fans that skateboard…dumb a**

  20. Nightwing2303 says:

    DwightSchrute – Im a skater and Im a basketball player. I know what ALL Js are about since I grew up watching him. I have used many Js to skate in from the AJ1, AJ 3,4 &5 along with The AJ12. So dont just assume that skaters arent fans of sports, and dont participate in sports other than skating. Now I personally think that JB making a skate shoe isnt the worst thing that they could be doing, but if your going to do something do it right. I thought the first Fltpside was cheap and uncomfortable and would rather skate barefoot than in these. This version looks more rugged but still a bad shoe.