Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Two days ago, we showed you the ‘Away’ version of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV “Gradient Lakers”, and the majority of the comments stated that Nike should stop with the Kobe IV already. However, it doesn’t seem like the Kobe’s are going away anytime soon. With that said, we have now spotted the ‘Home’ version of the Kobe IV “Gradient Lakers”.

Obviously, going in the opposite direction of the ‘Away’ colorway, this particular sneaker features a 100% white leather toe area which transforms into a purple patent leather by way of the gradient design. The aforementioned design is even visible on the shoelaces. As added color features, this shoe also owns yellow details in the form of the heel section on the outsole and the swoosh border. Click here to view additional photos.

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Nike Zoom Kobe IV "Gradient Lakers" Home

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Nike Zoom Kobe IV "Gradient Lakers" Home

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Nike Zoom Kobe IV "Gradient Lakers" Home

  • godivine

    Kobe sneaker>>>>>>>Lebrons no question


  • oldt78

    Fire. If you disagree die.

  • WAO

    nike needs to stop killing this shoe. these are as common as vans now. pass forever

  • MJSF

    kobe iv can eat a dck!

  • oOo Jumpman oOo

    LEBRONS over these garbage shoes anyday
    kobe iv’s = trash

  • Plow

    Kobe’s are the best ball sneakers I’ve ever worn. Don’t love the Lakers colors, but the shoe itself is awesome for guards.

    Can understand bigs wanting something sturdier like the Lebrons, but for little guys the Lebrons are too heavy & chunky.

  • Trey

    if u dont like kobe 4’s ur straight up retard they re one the best shoes ever made

  • tyler

    some tigt ass kicks

  • tyler

    id rock ds matter fact where can i get em

  • fashionjunkiesunited

    really? one of the best shoes ever made? if these werent the Kobes they wouldnt be popular they got you brainwashed, the LBJ 7’s on the other hand…a mans shoe, tell kobe to add some more sneaker

  • greenmaker24

    not bad

  • mr.22

    uncompromising comfort. movements are unlimited. the shoe talks less but can play the game hard!