History of Asics Gel Lyte III Collabs

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History of Asics Gel Lyte III CollabsAsics reintroduced the Gel Lyte III in the latter part of 2006, but the shoe gained some serious traction starting in the summer of 2007 when it was the focal point for a number of collaborative projects. With the Nice Kicks x Asics Gel Lyte III coming in only 3 days, we wanted to compose a full history of Asics Gel Lyte III‘s that have been part of collaborative projects.

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David Z x Asics Gel Lyte III

David Z x Asics Gel Lyte III

Collaborator: David Z
Release Date: 5.24.07 / 7.10.07

It all kicked off with the pair on the far left of the lineup dropping in May of 2007. ?We caught up with Ronnie Fieg, designer of David Z collabs and heard that there were more projects in the works. Keep clicking through to see what the future brought us.

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  1. KennyPowersisGod says:

    the patta ones are straight face melters

  2. Nick says:

    Ronnie designed the best gels, i have all of them. And ill be getting two pairs the red’s.

  3. superman says:

    maaaaaaan i want a pair of the Nicekicks Asics so bad…. how many of each size are being released?

  4. Nobu92 says:

    proud of myself i have nearly every non david z colab
    been in love with lyte 3s since the alife monsters
    most comfortable shoe in the world when its done over in suede

  5. quietstorm216 says:

    where can i copp these and other asics@??

  6. word is bond - thats whats up says:

    wow those Alife pigeons are somethin else
    I just got swept off my feet
    i am in love…

  7. trevdrake says:

    ive got the vaders and the 3rd 1 from tha 252 pack and the nice kicks will make for a third pair i gota give tha dmp 5s a rest

  8. icollectjordans says:

    patta solebox and ARCs are GREATNESS…. the flip OGs and the super blues are pretty good aswell…

    and if you are looking for gel lytes try urbanoutfitters.com ebay and sometimes finishline and footlocker have some online..

  9. greenmaker24 says:

    i need these

  10. greenmaker24 says:

    i need the nicekicks pair i mean

  11. versatile says:

    Yo Will This Release At 12 Eastern On 10/1?

  12. dave says:

    wow both alife pairs are straight fire i wish i knew about them when they dropped
    got the david z super blues though probably my favorite behind the alifes

  13. suckers... says:

    the vaiders, super blue, and nicekicks take the cake.

  14. d.knott01(detroit fresh) says:


  15. soloflight22 says:

    Matt-any extras dropping with the kicks, nicekicks??

  16. dmy says:

    Complex put me on Nicekicks about the same time as the monsters pack release. been addicted ever since. i’m ready for thursday. need a shirt to match them though.

  17. kela says:

    I’m gunna take my tongue from my extra pair of bred 4s and put it on these. I dnt dig this tongue.

  18. soloflight22,

    There is a matching red bag that comes free with the kicks. I will post pics tomorrow.

    Much thanks for the love everybody!

  19. ALYSSA says:

    man what can i say