Air Jordan 2010 Sneak Peek

Air Jordan 2010 Sneak PeekDrum roll please! We have already received word on a major retro releasing in the first quarter of next year; however, on a bigger scale (to some people), we have spotted a preliminary photo of the upcoming Air Jordan 2010.

As you can see, not much can be determined due to the limited visibility. Yet, at a first glance, this shoe seems to be more performance-ready similar to the Air Jordan 2009. From what we can see, this Air Jordan 2010 features an enlarged Jumpman logo on the perforated side panels. Another interesting feature seen on this shoe is the unique, newly-designed ’23′ logo on the tongue. As for the colorway, it seems to possess a combination of black, charcoal grey and red. What are your thoughts of this sneak peek at the Air Jordan 2010?

UPDATE: ?New photos of the Air Jordan 2010

Air Jordan 2010 Sneak Peek

Air Jordan 2010 Sneak Peek


  1. Just says:

    I’d like them if they didn’t have that big a$$ circle on them…

  2. Retro3 says:

    Another let down

  3. gio says:


  4. Daniel says:

    Look at the 2′s in the background! I want that colorway so bad LOL

  5. waynebrooks says:

    Have to see better more detailed pics, but for now it looks kind of a let down.

  6. CT says:

    Looks like its still ln development, hopefully they clean it up add some nice accents and itll be good to go.

  7. Stoj23 says:

    Have to see more of the shoe.

    But, I think I have seen enough to say that it is an improvement over last year’s model.

  8. waynebrooks says:

    But they do look like the Jordan 16s quite a bit.

  9. Chico says:

    I like them 2s in the back.. Show them..

  10. suckers... says:

    looks nothing like the sketches i have seen.

  11. Retro3 says:

    Ask yourself, could you see them on MJ’s feet during a season with Chicago? He never rocked ugly sneakers in Chicago all classics.

  12. AlwaysInJ's says:

    Lookin like another Jordan Team Shoe instead of standing out on its own!!!!!!

  13. mr.sabotage says:

    They look like another AJ16 fusion. Wtf is JB doing???

  14. Shaun says:

    They look stupid but I’m lovin that pair of Air Jordan IIs in the background though.

  15. hotboy16 says:

    4get those 2010s, are those da II’s thats releasin’ next year in da background? I need a new pair, and those look good!

  16. Mexiking says:

    womp womp jb…

  17. dopasaurus says:

    blah blah blah these are weak blah blah blah jb sucks blah blah blah…whatever. waaaaaay to early to make a good call on these.

  18. flybyu says:

    are thos lebron soldiers?????? damn jordan needs new designers

  19. jb is wack ! says:

    JORDAN BRAND IS WACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Nutty says:

    Go Team Jumpman …. I’m loving these Jumpmans. Best Jumpmans ever! Sweet, dude. *in sarcasm*

    On a real note, this is just more garbage and I bet they will charge $190 for these ugly POS’s…. Time to focus on Claes, Supras, and NBs. JB can keep this crap. Space Jams, Red/White XIIs, some IIIs and that’s it for me.

    And someone, please resurrect Tinker from oblivion.