Air Jordan 11 “25th Anniversary”

Air Jordan 11 25th AnniversaryEarlier this week we came across a photo snapped by Chris Paul of a lineup of ?all white Air Jordans which raised a few eyebrows to say the least. ?We have since received word that these White/Silver samples were constructed for an on campus event commemorating the 25 years that Michael Jordan has been with Nike.

While we can not confirm or deny whether the shoes will make it to retail, we can give you a better look of the Air Jordan 11 from the series. ?Hypothetically if these released would they be a purchase or pass?

Air Jordan 11 25th Anniversary

Air Jordan 11 "25th Anniversary"


  1. Solo Dolo Polo says:


  2. Kobie says:


  3. OoimjustmeoO says:

    IMO, if you trying to get white on white get some air forces. i mean they icey and all but damn white on white on j’s is weird to see.

    my two cents

  4. Jtotheizzo says:

    HYPEBEASTS smh… drop some columbias is what jb needs to do..

  5. jauntae says:

    sick. now i’d pay 175 these.

  6. yes sir says:

    Crack I can see these on my feet

  7. john says:

    whoever made the comment about white on white is an idiot. Any true Jordan fan likes any Jordans. They are crispy to me

  8. Bontumasi says:

    most beautiful jordans EVER! im buying 3 pair and will wear 2 now and the 3rd for my wedding with my all white tux, this is coming from a guy whos got 185 pair of UNWORN Js…..needless to say i know my shit!! these are just unbeleivable…i have original the white on white columbias, which cant fuck with these XI…

  9. bontumasi says:

    beautiful…just plain beautiful and im so glad no one else is feeling them because im buying 3 pair to wear and 1 pair for my wedding so i hope no one gives me competition in getting these

  10. TaNk says:

    I have 3 pairs that I bought today sz 11 mens, sz 12 mens and sz 13 mens.

    see Ebay auctions

    250625180794 sz 11
    250625184477 sz 12
    250625186146 sz 13

    copy and paste Item number into search bar on ebay.com

  11. alfonso says:

    i got a sz 13 for sale holla at meh if u feel like coppin….

  12. cousin says:

    I thought that the 25th ann. 11's didn't have a jumpman on the side?
    or they must be fakes