Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

Air Jordan 11Upon first hearing that the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” was coming back this year, many of you undoubtedly labeled it the most highly anticipated sneaker of 2009 and rightfully so (see our 24 Sneakers We?re Looking Forward to for the Rest of ?09). With that said, we now have exclusive, up-to-date news on this classic sneaker. The Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” Retro will officially hit retailers on November 27th, 2009?December 23, 2009.

However, this sneaker will not be easy to come by. On the aforementioned date, Jordan Brand will release it as a limited quickstrike edition. Check out the release date information below. Are you going to try at any way possible to snag this shoe when it drops?

Release Date: 12/23/2009

Model: Air Jordan 11

Color: Black/Varsity Royal-White

Product Code: 378037-041

Price: $175


Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam"


  1. Moe 91 says:

    LMFAO! FEETFIRST…. ur a disgrace to jordan… Mr. Swagger, u handled this situation the same way i would have or honestly even better… FEETFIRST……. Hop off this site kid..
    P.S. i already copped these.. YEEUUPPPP! DEFLY a must get for u sneakerheads without a doubt!

  2. michael says:

    These are must haves I work at finish line and I’m stressin to get these myself by far the sickest retro release to come out

  3. kenneth says:

    you guys are wack these shoes are ugly u guys have bad taste in shoes

    1. robert says:

      dude shut the f………………………….. up you hate cuse you rock skeachers

      1. adonis says:


    2. Adonis says:

      u must havee sum badd ass taste cus deez kicks r on firee

  4. Blizzo says:


  5. ssean says:

    Damnn i can feel the heat from hear


    Kobe iv’s are better cheap ass jordan shoes easy to make fakes out of them GO LAKERS

    1. Adonis says:

      u hate them cus u dnt got money to buy dem

  7. neish says:

    cant wait till these come out im willing to fight for them!!!
    im ready to stand n line!!!

  8. zach says:

    where will these be released? im in minnesota

  9. jenny says:

    so the jordans will be release to all of the stores or will it be limited to some stores?

    if its limited to some stores, then which stores are releasing?

    trying to but these for my boo for xmas =]
    please help!!!

  10. Qdeasy says:

    I’m gonna tell you guys right now,these are not a quickstrike,footlocker and house of hoops will be getting these in and the release date will be on Dec 24,2009. Some stores might have a Midnight Madness sale,look out for an update from me to follow!!!!! Ballers,Get your weight up,this will be the shoe of the year.

  11. Cnote511 says:

    Got the inside scoop on these. Holla at yo boi if you need a pair.

  12. Robbie says:

    Something called seaglow gets rid of the yellowed sole. Worked perfect on my cool grey spizikes

  13. sk8r boy says:

    they aight, but they ant the best shoes he made…

  14. Erica says:

    Do they sell them in kids size for less ?

  15. Space Jam Jordans 5StarAttire.com says:

    “Hello itz tha martian/ SPACEJAM Jordans!!!” lol These are hot Im def gettin these!!!

  16. Space Jam Jordans 5StarAttire.com says:

    “Hello itz the Martian/ Space Jam Jordans!!” lol WEEZY!! Im def copin these!!!

  17. Markia Cooper says:

    i gotta get des mannnnnn…..

  18. UBugginn says:

    yo i want to cop these kicks ..do ya koe any spots in new york i can get theam with out camping out!!

  19. AJ YOUNG says:


  20. ballsinurmouth=) says:

    These dnt come out on dat Friday ( black Friday ) <— of course not
    B.c dey would cost like 75$$
    Dey comming out on da 23rd of december a wed. ( which is odd, gonna have
    To cut skool for these )
    From wat I kno so far nd wat I hear from
    All da brooklyn sneaker heads is dat they will be in da VIM’s footlockers nd modells
    Around here .

    Ps. Not da best jordans ever , look nice nd their rare but not all dat
    The icey sole will get yellow in 1 month nd dey will look ugly so keep them
    In a ziplock bag so the ice won’t ruin =)