Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

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Air Jordan 11Upon first hearing that the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” was coming back this year, many of you undoubtedly labeled it the most highly anticipated sneaker of 2009 and rightfully so (see our 24 Sneakers We?re Looking Forward to for the Rest of ?09). With that said, we now have exclusive, up-to-date news on this classic sneaker. The Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” Retro will officially hit retailers on November 27th, 2009?December 23, 2009.

However, this sneaker will not be easy to come by. On the aforementioned date, Jordan Brand will release it as a limited quickstrike edition. Check out the release date information below. Are you going to try at any way possible to snag this shoe when it drops?

Release Date: 12/23/2009

Model: Air Jordan 11

Color: Black/Varsity Royal-White

Product Code: 378037-041

Price: $175


Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam"

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62 Comments on "Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”"

  1. Moe 91

    LMFAO! FEETFIRST…. ur a disgrace to jordan… Mr. Swagger, u handled this situation the same way i would have or honestly even better… FEETFIRST……. Hop off this site kid..
    P.S. i already copped these.. YEEUUPPPP! DEFLY a must get for u sneakerheads without a doubt!

  2. michael

    These are must haves I work at finish line and I’m stressin to get these myself by far the sickest retro release to come out

  3. jenny

    so the jordans will be release to all of the stores or will it be limited to some stores?

    if its limited to some stores, then which stores are releasing?

    trying to but these for my boo for xmas =]
    please help!!!

  4. Qdeasy

    I’m gonna tell you guys right now,these are not a quickstrike,footlocker and house of hoops will be getting these in and the release date will be on Dec 24,2009. Some stores might have a Midnight Madness sale,look out for an update from me to follow!!!!! Ballers,Get your weight up,this will be the shoe of the year.

  5. Space Jam Jordans

    “Hello itz tha martian/ SPACEJAM Jordans!!!” lol These are hot Im def gettin these!!!

  6. Space Jam Jordans

    “Hello itz the Martian/ Space Jam Jordans!!” lol WEEZY!! Im def copin these!!!

  7. ballsinurmouth=)

    These dnt come out on dat Friday ( black Friday ) <— of course not
    B.c dey would cost like 75$$
    Dey comming out on da 23rd of december a wed. ( which is odd, gonna have
    To cut skool for these )
    From wat I kno so far nd wat I hear from
    All da brooklyn sneaker heads is dat they will be in da VIM’s footlockers nd modells
    Around here .

    Ps. Not da best jordans ever , look nice nd their rare but not all dat
    The icey sole will get yellow in 1 month nd dey will look ugly so keep them
    In a ziplock bag so the ice won’t ruin =)

  8. sheri

    wow! all this hype over an ugly pair of shoes. guess if you can’t spell or even talk right you would be in line to buy the things because you dont have anything else going for you. geesh people! grow up and learn to talk like a human………………and ps!!! learn to spell!!!!

  9. Chris

    Why so much hate being spewed at people just because they want to buy some gym shoes? I stood in line yesterday @ 4am just to make sure that I got these kicks!!! And no, I am not Asian, I can spell, I can speak properly and I do have a full time job. Also I am 28, so no I’m not some teenager with nothing better to waste my money on…Everybody has their vices, and for myself and those waiting in line yesterday, our vice is gym shoes.

  10. Jesseeezy

    These are hella sick. Got mine today;

    & Chi town: No. “Asians & grown ups” cop J’s because we CAN & have the $$$, while you on the other hand, sit @ home STAY hating & just WISHING you had the chance to touch them.

  11. Not a "sneakerhead"

    Wow a lot of hate!!! I’m damn near 30 yrs old, own a house, married, two kids, a dog, and about 300 pairs of shoes. Why did I buy space jams? Cause I can. Maybe some people spend their last bucks in shoes- that’s not smart. But my 401k is decent. My IRA is crazy. Bank accounts are plump. Credit is spectacular. So the real question should be, why wouldn’t I buy them. Someone earlier said Asians and grownups. I’m both. And I have OG space jams with NO Yellowing. Chi-town- I’m from the Chi. Eat a bowl of deez and go put your fusions on.

  12. QueenB

    These shoes are ugly. They look just like all the other ones. I was about to get them for me nd my dude until just know when I seen how ugly they are. Nd ppl was stayed over night to get these?? Y’all trippin. Nd little do y’all no they gonna go outta style quick cause everybody has them. Y’all better off with some polo boots.!

  13. enki`

    Hey this is crazy. Jordon doesn’t even play ball anymore. He has a gambling problem and most likely need some money so they put a shoe out to see if idiot people would actually go out there and buy these shoes and like the simple minded, materialistic, and selfish one’s did they went out to spend money on this overpriced shoe. All you really have and own in this world is your health.

  14. Obama

    Just got my replica Space Jams in the mail
    They were $60 and look exactly the same as real ones
    LOL I didnt have to wait in line in the cold for them

  15. T-Money

    If you gone buy ‘em, buy ‘em…. If you not shut the hell up about ‘em….. If you ain’t got no money for…. Go get some…. WHAT US ALL THE DAMN COMPLAINING FOR??????? It just like any other pair of “J’S”!!!! Over and over and over…. Only the price go up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. DrKiDNaLDo

    I bought mine in november i paid $290 i dont give a f*** i get money like that not like all these lil haterz, hatin on people cuz they bought them and they mad cuz they momz did’nt give them the money to get them haha i get paid $1450 A week nothing elligal get yah money up and then ya talk

  17. DaVi

    yo i got my jordans yesterday i was scared because they didnt have them in a size 2 so i asked for a size 2 5y-in a half so i had to pick a 3 5y-in a half or a 4 so i picked a 3 5y-in a half

  18. Mannie1daboy

    There’s this cat (self-proclaimed Jordan guru) at work trying to convince people that he copped him an orginal “authentic” pair and that theses joints (he’s selling for a buck fiddy) come from overseas originally in a hard box w/ a blue hardtop inner box rather that the clear looking one that is viewed in the pics. Any one know if this is true? It would seem to me that if they arrive in the store in a clear blue inner box w/ all the fixins, then that is the way they should come every where the same. The shoe looks good to the naked eye and even measures up with these detailed photos, especially with the logo on the tongue being in the right spot (3rd loop from the bottom). What do you think, worth the change or a good copy??? I’m an old guy, not a Jordan fanatic, I only own 1 authentic pair of Jordans (Original 1985 Nike Sky Jordan) but I like the Jordan Space Jams (not the original OG J 11’s) …..

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