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Lil Wayne Supra Skytop

At the end of June, we spotlighted Lil Wayne wearing his then-unidentified, custom Supra Skytop at the BET Awards. At the time, no one knew who had made this unique Skytop for the him; Supra itself did not even know where the shoes came from! However, it was only a matter of time before new surfaced on Lil Wayne’s custom Supra Skytop.

Supposedly, this Skytop was designed by the Berlin and Paris based store CLVII. It has also been reported that the aforementioned store gave this shoe to Wayne as a 26th birthday present. With that said, the tongue imprints now make more sense. What are your thoughts on the CLVII-designed Supra Skytop for Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne Supra Skytop

Lil Wayne's custom Supra Skytop created by CLVII