Terror Squad x Protege The RecessionJoey Crack may have started a trend of licking the soles of your unworn Air Force Ones thanks to his unforgettable closet feature on MTV Cribs, but Joe now has his own shoe with the new low cost brand Protege.

Terror Squad gets a call out on the upper of the shoes dubbed The Recession.? Protege, like Starbury, is one of the latest low cost shoe brands started up by NBA players distributed exclusively to cost conscious outlets that include K-Mart.? This initial sketch made it to the web today via SneakerFiles but is getting many to wonder if Fat Joe has hung up his Nike’s for something that’s his own.? No word yet if these will sport the $35 price tag that most Protege shoes go for.

We’ll leave this up to you.? Copped or Flopped?

  • hotrod40 A.K.A. fastlane

    them kicks are hot im gettin them. i bet if they cost like $100 buck u will buy them cuz they cost alot.but all you dude be fronting like use are ballers like you got it like that stop frontin. this is 40 aka fastlane you dude need to catch up. im out 1!!!!!