Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

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Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3MThe Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Pack was well received when we first gave you the info on it. Then we dropped the word on the Red Suede Jordan 5 version, most doubters were convinced this pack is going to be special.

The second Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull consists of an all black 3M upper, which will no doubt break necks and have a lot of you lining up early to get your hands on these kicks. The all 3M combined with the red accents, and the icy sole of the AJ5, is definitely one of the freshest remakes of this classic sneaker.

Get them early at VMVInc for $250.

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M
Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

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146 Comments on "Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M"

  1. dbone

    like both V’s in this pack but im going to have to pass. I just prefer the og colorways now and i already have the ones i wanted most. Fire red’s and grape’s and the cdp pair.

  2. MontanaCaiRo

    Holy Rusted Jordans, Batman! lol. These look better than their counterpart, the “Lil’ Wayne” 5’s. Expect this pack to be illegally split up in mom and pop stores nationwide…

  3. thekidjoego

    They’re okayy. Not to spectacular. But umm. I think they will look vetter in person so ill be copping them for sure.

  4. kingkenley

    dem black 1’s look da 1’s dat came out a few yrs ago. but ne wayssss i still fux wit it. if its retro u shouldnt even think twice


    Lol these are straight trash I will laugh at anyone who I see wearin them because ithese r straight up ugly, when I saw the reds one I said boy da 5’s couldn’t get any uglier yhan I saw these and the white yelloe 5’s comin out dis year and boy jb proved me wrong

  6. VoJiN

    #2 and #8 are probably like 14 years old…I don’t blame them for their stupidity they didnt even get a chance to watch jordan or any old-school players on T.V….

  7. his airness

    Ok, these I like, but the RED 5s , I don’t. And for $310.00, that’s a bit much for 2 pairs of 5s. Does anyone buy this, though? Weren’t 5s like $125.00 when they were retroed in 2007?
    Man, JB just jacks up the prices every year, on packs, on retros, and the 5s in this pack are a bit weak. I am passing on these and the RED 5s…! A bit dissapointed…
    And don’t call it DMP2, MJ didn’t win a ring with the 5s, so to me, this pack doesn’t “define” much… except playoffs appearances, right? Peace.

  8. Supreme13z

    I seen these last nite @…these are a must have! Black in the daytime and 3M in the nite! I call these the AJ5 “Chameleons” or the “Black 3M’s”. Anyway, I know some of ya’ll prefer the OG colorways but at least these are tasteful to a degree. Sticking to the Bulls colorway and using different materials and such. Now those white patent leather joint are hideous! No patent leather should be on any AJ5’s!

  9. bourne

    Nah, no thnx, I will stick with the playoffs, fire red and black and blue 5s… and don’t forget about the white and navy 5s too… I missed out on the grapes. But these, this pack of 5s is weak, JB’s money making scheme of Js is just getting out of control…! I am dissappointed in this pack… NEXT..!!!

  10. Big Trey

    #2 WTF?? Unless They Got The Air Force One Bottom!
    He Must Be A Lil 9yr. Old!
    They Don’t Nothing About The OG Jordans 1-14 Are The Real Retros!! 15-23 Was Not On My Good List!!

  11. jordan fan

    PLEASE!!! $250.00 for these, and $279.00 for the RED 5s at Marqueesole! That’s over 5 bills!!! Forget that… the pack is not even worth that much, early or not. Come on, $310.00 is bit much too, but whatever, to each of you Jordan Heads, props if you get this pack or not.., to me there’s not wrong move..!

  12. alpha

    Let’s hope the people who say they won’t cop don’t go back on their word, ’cause the package is a most definite cop!

  13. Wayne Brooks

    Yeah, #2 does sound really stupid talkin bout not buyin Jordans “unless they have the sole of an AF1″ or whatever, as if Jordans are supposed to have AF1 soles in the 1st place!! He sounds like a serious Johnny Come Lately type of dude. LOL!

  14. willie mcfly

    these a re DEFF copp!!…why the pic look diff thought like they all blk…im almost Sh!t myself thinkin they changed it…but i’ll b orderin these fo sho fo sho…

  15. sneakerfein22

    these are horrible!..if i see sum1 with these on..ima make it my duty to call em out for havin the most hideous pair ov V’s CREATED!..BY FAR the worst! i cnt even believe JB spent time and money to produce deez pieces ov crap…i was all hype to see da 3m pic..and dis is it?..WTF!..just f**kd up my day!..damn! lol

  16. last name "Mask"

    are yall serious!!! fusions are hott they sell like crazy and look better with a pair of jeans than any og jordan you could think of. I am 18 years old people and i know what looks right and fusions are the way to go you all are stuck in the jordan era. like it aint 2009 you beg for retros when new heat comes and goes right before your eyes. spend your paper on expensive retro packs, but I wear my shoes not collect them.

  17. VoJiN

    #38 MASK you were never even in the JORDAN ERA youngyun…..If they sell like crazy then why can you find every pair of fusions ever released in the stores still…..But please we need people like u 2 drop ur bread on soes like that… HAVE U ever seen MJ even play….

  18. anon_187

    Air Jordan 5 Silver/Green Bean – Grey 3M>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull 3M

  19. gold9oh

    ^^^^the mask is great,,gotta love this guy^^^^

    next time we all wonder why jb makes fusions,,,we know now. his statement is so dumb, cause he said were still buyin forces, and dunks and retros, and he buyin 2 of em at the same time everytime he drops his allowance on some fusions

  20. anon_187

    these are horrible!..if i see sum1 with these on..ima make it my duty to call em out for havin the most hideous pair ov V?s CREATED!..BY FAR the worst! i cnt even believe JB spent time and money to produce deez pieces ov crap?i was all hype to see da 3m pic..and dis is it?..WTF!..just f**kd up my day!..damn! lol

    Comment by sneakerfein22



  21. Cuddy

    Ya fusions are hella weak…. Who in there right mind would prefer fusions over retros??Must be a lil kid and like #42 said that’s y u can find every pair of fusions in stores still! Like them colors or not them still a retro pack and it’s called raging bull not dmp for the person commenting earlier!! There supposed to drop in may sopposedly!!

  22. Ridge khaN

    “MASK” I will admit i havent been in the shoe game that long well becuse i am only 14 years old but cmon fusions? they are so wack and they do not sell out so please jus stfu! Other than that the V’s arent that bad, the color scheme reminds me of the shadow X’s that came in tha cdp.

  23. lord of kix

    ill have these and 44 more weeks in kuwait come saturday;
    these look kind of plain but once the light hits them babys they look sweet; i may copp 2 packs; 1 to wear and 1 to stare

  24. Ridge khaN

    oh one more thing mask , i have even seen mj play wen he was with the wizards. I know he was old and late in his career but at least it is something.

  25. lord of kix

    and for that fusion fanatic; i bought the 12’s and 5′ fusions but thats it and i only bought those because i thought the madness would end with those; like they all are saying fusions are for kids or people who cant drop bread on js like i can;ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  26. hotboy16

    I like both pairs in this pack. Release date is supposed to be 05/23/2009 and the white/dark cinder-del sol pair should be in JUNE!

  27. bignasty

    everyone that says these are wack must not have money to buy them…especially chump #2 and chump #8 and chump #37

  28. R.Ward

    Im an OG Jordan head. My FIRST EVER pair was the GRAPE Vs(5) in I think ’89 or ’90. So I can appreciate a fresh colorway the OGs have been retroed so many times to when they drop we critique them comparing to previous pairs. I think thats how you can tell who knows that this pack is going to be a nice addition to the legacy…

    P.S. If you couldnt tell Im COPPING!!!

  29. w0lf

    I want all 5″s and this is definitely fresh … most importantly I have $$$ to buy all of them. So people keep hating this, more of the likes of me can cop them and not to stand in line on that freakin first day.

  30. kazilla

    Damn, 3M and red suede Vs in a pack? That sound like heat to me. Probably in the top 5 out of all the packs. Gonna cop for sure.

  31. jonathan23

    Nicekicks is mad late on this info
    Its been on niketalk for like 2 months and pic for a month now
    I’ll cop

  32. aj

    this is my first comment on here ever #2 you should not even be on this site if you only buy fusions, you are not a tru sneaker head with that comment. i need to calm down.

  33. 23sneakerjunkie

    Oh MY GOD…stupid F__K..the retros made jordan!!!…how the hell are these wack fusions and “true fliqhts” ever qonna compare to the OG’s retros…if it wasent for the RETROS!, there wouldnt be any fusions dumb F__K!…& i aint qonna lie i did cop the first 5fusions(black/blue)..ireqret ever buyinq theem…i rocked them once..and now i use them for ball and work..& forces are so middle school..which is the last time i touched forces…as for dunks…i buy REAL dunks..the SB’s not the lil 6O$ ones sold in stores…F__K! fusions! & true fliqhts! & all these lil kids!…35O is chump chanqe, i’ll make that before iqo on my lunch break,..retro 4’s,5’s,6’s,7’s & 12’s comminq out this summer!..stay on top of your shoe qame homiees!

  34. BoomDigga

    the shape on these 5’s look wayy off, especially around the toe area, are we all sure those pics are reliable?

  35. 3sneakerjunkie

    for #9O…its only 1 shoe…its the 3M material like the green beans…in the liqht there qrey..but in dim lqht there black..

  36. victor cruz

    mask stfu u should not be allowed on this website ,jus say u 2 cheap 2 buy jordans u can only affort fusions


    lmfaooooo im not coppin cause i dont like the 3 colors they comin it with. maybe if i go late in the day and still a pair there ill re sell. lmfaoooooo @ mask actually arguing how fusions is better than retros omg and u claim u 18 u r a disgrace


    these r just like the green bean 5’s that came out in 06′ buht there a dif color .. thas fukin sikk..!!!!!!!!

  39. Cantbestopped

    OK, these look like two different pair of shoes. Some type of brownish black pair and an all black and red pair. If you get these two pair of fives, what comes with the red suede?

  40. ENDs

    cool as long as they retros its coo with me, now the price tags are wut get me, and then the resellers kill me even more, close enough to the point where i dont even want to buy kicks no more, cuz of the damn rip off that it is now

  41. eyyo


  42. PhilWil

    These look pretty good. I may get the pack considering that they have some real significance culturally.

    But there are other sneaker to spend money on that are better than these though… 1/2 Cent all black is just one.

  43. sneakerhead 23

    these look different the way i pictured them
    ithout light reflecting on the shoe it looks pretty DULL, but i thinkin of copin’ alongside the the red suede

  44. leave a comment

    114 SNITCHES!!!

    mask you are pretty F’n crazy, but props to you for being you.

    lord of kix are you really in kuwait. stop messing around on the internet and go shoot some people. is this what our government’s wasting our money on.

  45. 716'sfinest


  46. jabz215

    I cannot beleive that this HORRIBLE pack is gettin soo much love. Havent you beat the 5’s up enough JB? I would not let you burry me in these things!!! I have seen better knock-offs??? I dont get it?? Kids save your money and get some OG’s.

  47. Richard

    That was the dumbest statement ever Mask. Fusions are on discount racks everywhere. They have scared numbered Jordans. You cant tell me that you would rather have a pair of Fusions than having a numbered Jordan. I hate when ppl thing they are Fresh in Fusions.LOL. Your going to see 50 other ppl with the same pair of fusions that your wearing. Why would you want that?LOL.

    Nike should have never released Fusions, they are a hugh OVER KILL. Plus they are super ugly.

  48. Darneezy

    jabz215 – You ignorant, lack of knowledge having, SOB.

    When has JB “beat up the 5’s?” Please do tell.

    Because as I stated BEFORE ON NiceKicks, there have ONLY BEEN 13 Jordan V Retros SINCE their original release in 1990 and the list is as follows.

    Fire Red (3x)
    Black/Metallic Silver (2x)
    Grapes (2x)
    Fire Red 23’s (2x)
    Green Bean
    Army Olive
    Sport Royal

    That being before the Patent Dark Army and the Raging Bull Pack (totaling 15 colorways)

    They retroed in ’99 and in ’06 and EVEN SO, more Jordan I’s were released in ONE YEAR, than the Jordan V has released, in OVER 10 years.


  49. Darneezy

    I’m just noticing this idiot “last name “Mask” and his comment(s).

    THAT is what the problem is now’days. These retarded little kids think they have “style” wearing some Fusions, that would have NO IDENTITY, had it NOT been for having a numbered Jordan sneaker involved in the first place.

    Save your money on those wack ass Fusions and go cop some Retros, maybe even some OG’s of the shoes you’re perpetrating in, WISHING they were the actual ones.

    It’s really sad that you all grow up in an era, where you’re so deprived of the RICHES we wore on our feet during the 90’s.

    Go do your research.

  50. lord of kix

    114 ive put in my work for the day i get up at 0500 and do pt from 0530-700 then work from 8-5 so you shut the hell up while im here protecting your ass

  51. MJSF

    #2 is rookie collector

    btw I’d cop the pack just for this colorway then slang those fugly red suede joints for a gang rape price.

  52. iTzpAqMaNb

    Im not feelin these at all..I love the red suede 5z…but if this is the second shoe in that package…i might have to pass..

  53. Sole Caliber

    this package is gonna be tight. can’t wait to come from. 3 more WEEKS in IRAQ.

    lord of kix – Kuwait huh?! Must be nice serving over there! Well, at least I feel ya on serving our country. Props for that but Kuwait isnt that bad cause its like Garrison!!!

  54. NikeAce

    i gotta say these are fresh from the photos but omg when yall see up close… i cried they were so beautiful lol the 3Ms are my favorite out of the pack too, straight fire. nice job JB

  55. his airness

    to #38,

    you’re kidding, right? if you like Fusions, that’s your business, bro. But I don’t think many ppl would agree with you when you say Fusions are BETTER than Retros or OGs…
    Wow, you must be a ROOKIE…! I’d think before you speak.
    Fusions are nice, but definitely NOT better than OGs and/or Retros..! Not in a million years… Don’t ever say that outloud, or you gonna get slapped!!!

  56. prince

    Why spend 310 on some so so mikes, when u can spend 330 on pradas or guccis n be twice as fresh.. now that’s no if and or maybe about it.. anyway jb fell off maybe bcuz I grew up wearing mikes.. I just don’t like the direction their going.. messing up jordan kicks legacy

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