Nike Air Max 1 “Seersucker”

Nike Air Max 1 SeersuckerThe Air Max 1 is timeless, this latest make-up takes another timeless style, if you want to call it that, and applies it to the AM1. Seersucker has gone through many fazes of “popularity” but has somehow remained a commonality in American culture, whether in the “stick it to the man” college approach or the more traditional Seersucker Thursday approach of the US Congress.

With either approach, these Nike Air Max 1 “Seersucker” versions are off the hook. The striped print is subtle, like the color combo of the shoes, and should appeal to many heads. The two variations of the stripes contrast with each other ever so slightly and sit on top of a gum sole, making these kicks a perfect summer shoe.

Available at Provider for about $130.

Nike Air Force 1 Seersucker
Nike Air Force 1 “Seersucker”

Nike Air Force 1 Seersucker
Nike Air Force 1 “Seersucker”


  1. Ray. says:

    pass….big time!

  2. larryk says:

    No thanks….

  3. marcus says:

    summer-, summer-, summertime!!PARTYBOYZ!!

  4. BKost says:

    I like them. They aren’t amazing, but solid.

  5. Biggins says:

    Maybe if I was Kanye in Miami.

  6. A Weezy says:

    and frat boys around the US rejoice

  7. Indiana_Jonas says:

    Those are amazing. Perfect for summer. Seersucker is hot!

  8. BlameItOnTheKicks says:

    Sorta weird. The pictures’ info says Nike air force one when they’re maxes. Clean pair tho.

  9. Dixon Syder says:

    what’s the difference between “seersucker” & “pinstripe”?
    Big Dix

  10. synequano says:

    some shops have the other seersucker and micro-pinstripes model as well, there’s the footscape in black/white and the white/red women’s pocketknife

    I guess, they’re all tier 0 release…..

  11. DanArc says:

    Yo! Fresh yellow polo oxford, some dark jeans and these would pop off right. Might even have to get the college boy swag on and get this with a fly cashmere sweater.

  12. greenmaker24 says:

    these are really nice

  13. J Boogie says:

    Just copped em in Tokyo from UNDFTD, I’m lovin em, super cush, good materials etc.. I’m very curious if these are cutaways like those same color vandals with this fabric from circa ’03-’04 (too chicken sh!t to try it out tho)