Nike Air Max 95 “Fresh Water”

Nike Air Max 95 Fresh WaterWe got our first glance at the “Fresh Water” colorway of the Air Max 95 back in October and many of you like myself have been anticipating these kicks since then.

The Nike Air Max 95 “Fresh Water” not only looks as good as its namesake, but also shares that same color with a certain “Kid” who happens to like wearing these colors (no I’m not referring to myself, but i will be copping).

These fresh kicks have started to arrive at retailers, so hit up your local dealer to check for availability.

Nike Air Max 95
Nike Air Max 95 “Fresh Water”


  1. allday says:


  2. his airness says:


  3. dbone says:

    nice lookin shoe but i’ll save my fresh water for the griffey’s!

  4. $up3rm@n says:

    same here #5 saving for the griffey’s

  5. young smilez says:

    the air max 95 is one of the best shoes of all time,i think it is the 2nd best nike shoe after the jordan 11

  6. wsjones1981 says:

    The Kid = Griffey Jr

  7. Joe says:

    i get a laugh out of the folks tryin to leave the first comment, saying things like ‘First!!’ and not even commenting on the topic (sneakers)…Its even more funnier when the person isnt actually first either…

    About the sneakers, these are a most have..the grey and fresh water colorway is so smooth and a nice look with a lot of clothing..

  8. jose pr says:

    I’d get these if dey have dem at any sneaker shops in my city

    Wen do da griffeys come out I forgot

  9. MontanaCaiRo says:

    One of the best Air Max colors ever… Gotta get a pair of these

  10. topher rocks says:

    copped! the only question is where in the sf bay can i pick them up?!?!

  11. Deuces says:

    Must have. I will be depressed if I cant have em.

  12. steven says:

    fire..gotta cop dese muhpluggaz right here..(i usually say muhf****s but im swichin it up lol)

  13. AJ says:

    man if i could get these and the Griffey’s I would, but the Griffey’s are comin first

  14. Frey says:

    fresh. one of the best colorways i think

  15. klm1015 says:

    i like these but my money is going else where

  16. BLACK BRAD PITT!!!!! says:

    You can make better on NikeID

  17. jay says:

    why are these shoes so hot in the States if you would wear these in Europe people would look pretty awkward at ya