Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack”

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Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull PackThroughout 2008, Jordan Brand gave us retro pack after pack (pause) of some of our favorite sneakers. It remains to be seen how 2009 plays out; with that said, photos of the Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack” have surfaced on the web.

This pack in includes two exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan 5. One pair features a 100% red suede upper with red shoelaces, black eyelets and a black sole, while the other pair contains an all-grey upper with black accents on the eyelets, shoelaces and sole as well. Both pairs also possess the infamous 3M tongue clear areas on the netted side panels and outsole. Stay tuned for more info and photos in the near future. What is your thoughts on this upcoming pack? Via NT.

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Pack

Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack”

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519 Comments on "Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack”"

  1. his airness

    YES SIRRR!!! Consider these copped…!
    I have been seeing these on other shoe sites!!!
    What took you so long, Nicekicks???

  2. oggie doggie

    the red ones are lookin stupid. i don’t know about that grey concrete look but the red ones are just plain retarded. i don’t even like red but i’d wear them till they turn pink.

  3. sho

    dang! I wish the other pair wasn’t ALL red…only cats in Dallas still rock all read sneakers. LOL! (What up Bun and Steph-you know it’s all love)

  4. bourne

    YES, YES, YES!!!
    I will get these, just need to call my boy to see when he’s getting these at his shop!!!

  5. thekidjoego


    I want to cry. These are so fk’n clean its rediculous. Consider these copped. Ill may just buy 3 packs they are so wet.

  6. jose pr

    I don’t really like all red kicks but dam these is soo sexy ima make sure I get these I need me some hotass 5s instead of da ones I got

  7. jordan fan

    the red ones reminds me of the red 21s from a few years ago…
    it’s not unsual to me, they’re BULLLS colors after all!!!
    with that being sad… they’re copped!
    price and release date, please?

  8. his airness

    Oh boy, I expect 100+ comments before the end of the day!!!
    This is a great pack, cool name too.
    THE UNBEATABULL PACK? THE 3PEAT PACK? JB, what’s up? you know you can cash in on all these packs, just thinking about it?

  9. his airness

    And what about an MVP PACK?
    Js he wore during his MVP years!!! now there’s another idea!!!
    But this RAGING BULL pack is GENIUS!!!

  10. his airness

    and don’t forget about the SLAM DUNK PACK!!!
    oh shoot! I’m gonna be broke this year!!!
    JB is gonna swallow my wallet, darn!

  11. kingkenley

    o my….i thought 09 was gone b full or fusions n2 my suprise dey have been showing all d’s retros =) thnx MJ

  12. Truth Serum

    Why ruin a perfect opportunity to release the 5’s. The red one’s look like red velvet cake. Yuck. Please try again!

  13. VoJiN

    Any clue to what pair is rite below the RED ONE’S ?…. I do see white patent….
    Oh and yeah these is dummy clean…Let’s just wait for the $$price$$ and release date….

  14. KON

    lmao at truth serum comment 28!!! I could see ghostface throwin that in a rhyme “my j 5’s lookin like red velvet cake!”… I would cop em…

  15. HARLEMHULK 140


  16. powerful

    May and $310. Not worth it. Too much heat for a pack with the same shoe. 2009 is the best year for kicks choose wisely or you will be disappointed.

  17. yung albino

    holy god those grey V’s have to be one of the hottest color ways to come out in a long time except for the burgundy’s anybody in a size 10 wanna go half on a pack? or have a pair burgundy’s in good condition for sale?

  18. zurie

    #45 nah trippin on that 1 pack “new love old love” pack was way sickerr dnt get me wrong v’s are one of my fav js but nahh them yellow ones are too sick..i still got my pack super fresh

  19. andymilonakis

    do da stink leg do da stink leg! im buyin as many pack as i get my hands on muahahahaha~ rockin a pair with my red skinnies~ poot~ yeeeeeeeeeeesir~

  20. willie mcfly

    considered these copped fo sho…yall think its gona b crazy like the 11/12 cdp??…whats the price gona b? im thinkin round 400…

  21. GoDAcE

    THese R Aight, But i Rather Copp 2 Pairs Of The Nubuck xii’s For That! If My Feddy Right I’ll Copp But RIght Now Im 50/50

  22. KING C

    there is way to much heat coming out dis year for me to take these ugly ass joints seriously. ill cob the nubuck 12’s but these jb gotta be kiddin me

  23. soulie17

    wow i hope these along with those orlando 7’s and white patent leather 5’s come out in size 7 its sooooo hard to find retros in small sizes i love fives i will definetely cop these V’s ARE THE BEST J’S EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MontanaCaiRo

    I’ll pass on the Lil’ Wayne colored ones. I like the grey joints. But I guess you gotta cop em both to get one or the other…

  25. Supreme13z

    These are fire! I mean literally! =) The red joints are madd loud. Reminds me of the red suede XX1s I copped awhile back. I can def picture myself rockin’ these with black shorts, white tee and a Bulls fitted this summer. I DO NOT think these will look good with jeans tho…I seen these @ a few sites already. What’s up with the last post NiceKick?! =)

  26. ShOtS Of TeQuiLa

    Dey ar both HOT!!!Definetely dha red pair!!n wen ar new Jordan 8 retros gonna cum out cuz I want dha aquas so bad n 2 see all dose little kids wit dem gettin em dirty n even able to rock dem got meeh SUPER TIGHT!!!So .. Yea i need me sum 8’s lol n dhe onli way 2 get dem iz to get dha pack wit dha 17’s n i hate dha 17’s plus 310 dollars??Nope not worth it

  27. B. LoVe

    if i copp its only gonna b for da grey ones…dose r one of da sickest pair of 5s ive seen in a minute…da red ones look like da suede 21s…id rather have da patent leathers and da grey ones…ill buy da pack and da pats nd den juss sell da red ones….but den again once i see more pics i might have a serious change of heart

  28. youngfresh

    these jonits is definately hard but i’m i mistaken or wasnt JB suppose to stop dropping retros as of last year?

  29. fatcatriic

    nicekicks always waitn to get the fresh piks thats y they take long to put them up.
    i kno yall scheme.
    but not bad at all.

  30. Flattop Dave

    Ok for the other 96 people that have commented on this blog before me, the official release date for this package to release is May 30, 2009. So have your 310 ready and bring a sleeping bag while you’re at it.

  31. valde


  32. mikey

    if it were maybe a nubuck all red and not a suede maybe all though it is a good idea i would have to see these in person before i cop them. and what’s up with these jordan packs just release these seperate so we can cop the ones we like stop force feeding jb brand……….

  33. Matt

    really feelin these
    these totally outdo those dark army Vs comin out during the end of the year those r kinda lame
    those red ones r sick n the grey ones r really ill

  34. twino

    yea we should b savin since we in a reccession but dat aint my thoughts at all…consider deez joints on my feet da same nite dey drop…im stuttin sumwhere…da red joints holdin on da greys tho…

  35. rising_tied

    People still say first? woooow
    And IDK like the ACTUAL 1st dude said I might hafta see in person, but im a big fan of 5s so chances are Ill like em. But will i have the money is a different question

  36. JBaptista09

    I noticed there’s going to be a lottttttttt of fire releases in 2009..these are a def cop..fresh for the summer

  37. Serious

    YO! This is a good look for both pair of 5’s, especially the charcoal greys but the good people at Jordan are dropping too many 5 Colorways and not enough 6’s. WE NEED MORE 6’S!!!


  38. Brandon

    these are hellla sick these are mos def gonna be my first jordans/jordan pack ever. does anyone know is the grwy ones are completely 3m?cause that would be a bonus.

  39. marcus the great

    i thought the red 21s was fire (i copped them) so obviously red suede 5s are way hotter. might as well call these copped. release date please?

  40. Darneezy

    Tentatively scheduled for May 30th release @ marcus the great

    OG Kush you’re not making ANY sense at all.
    The last pair of V’s to even release, before these pics were available, were the V’s in the CDP (Fall ’08).

    And the last ones before THOSE, were the Black/Metallic’s, which released Jan. of ’07. That’s only a total of 12 over 3 1/2 years, since they released the Black/Univ. Blue in 2006. More I’s released LAST YEAR all together vs. that number.

    So as far as “Raping the 5s like they did the 1s” goes…
    What the F*ck are you talking about?

  41. Flash

    yeaaaaa my favorite aj thank you although im not down with rockn red kicks them concrete lookin joints look sick

    oh yea im #123 hell yea lol at #2 failed attempt at first how old are these kids.

  42. retro3

    Why would you say all 3M material (Reflective) would be a bonus when they already dropped the “Green Beans” which I wore yesterday btw.

  43. mu$h da great

    let people decide what colorways they want & stop selling these 2 packs. the concrete pair go extra hard but that red pair is not the biznezz. sure its interesting to look @ but its not rockable.

  44. Mr.T(i pity da fool dat hate j's)

    4 every1 dat keep saying dat jb is bringing da heat 4 ’09, what heat? most of da nice kicks come out at da end of da yr. like da white/red 12’s ,da black nubuck and uni-blue 12’s and from what I heard da flu game(black and red)12’s are comin out but like I said dey all come out at the end I still need something hot on my feet 4 da summer

  45. 716'sfinest


  46. Keenan

    idkk why but i’m not really that into these .. and that’s crazy ’cause i’m really into 5’s .. but this isn’t really doing it for me .

  47. his airness

    not too many ppl like the red 5s,
    if I cop this pack, I would just dye the red 5s all black…
    just an idea! I’d leave 5s alone…

  48. Retro3

    I live in L.A. in the most notorious Crip neighborhood (Rollin’ 60s Crips) and IDK if they’ll be forgiving of the red ones though I do wear my “MF DOOMs”(SB with red laces), my “Mork & Mindy’s”(All red), and Black/Green/Red Spizikes w/ red laces but these are a bit too much and will attract much heat and attention from both the Bloods & Crips. lol

  49. KaPO stacKaa


  50. MAC


    THis pack is going to be tizight!

    Comment by fuctstar
    I really like the red suede ones but the other ones look like the flightposite material so i’d have to see those in person

  51. Verseuno

    These are going to drop as the DMP 2’s…box will be $310 just like the CDP’s…I saw this info from a credible source…also the MEtallic 1’s from the DTRT pack are going to be dropping soon for $255

  52. blkguyblkGT

    What is up with the tongue on these? Is it just me or do they look flat and weird? The colors on both V’s are hot though.

  53. Darneezy

    Verseuno – there is no such thing as a “DMP 2″ that’s why the pack is called The Raging Bull Pack a.k.a “RBP,” if anything else.

    We’ve already had a DMP, then a BMP, now it’s the Raging Bull Pack (RBP).
    Damn, do you people read?

    Nothing above lists this as a “DMP 2.”

  54. Darneezy

    MAC – it’s rumored that the material on the Smoke Grey ones, are something like the material on the Army Olives.

    Not confirmed yet, but if so? They’ll be even hotter.
    I loved that material!!





  57. NikeAce

    ya i heard those rumors to darneezy, i hope its true lol this pack is good so far with limited pics. cant wait till we see more. straight fire this year JB. nicely done. thanks gentry for moving on and letting a kid who knows his kicks work it out in JB, you most likely have saved the jordan name and brand haha

  58. .....

    wow most these people talkin bout ‘CONSIDER THESE COPPED’ IMMA BUY 3 PAIRS, is lamez. lmao ya all talk these things ugly as hell, stop tryin too hard

  59. killo

    look kids this is not suede this is plastic carbon fiber and the 3m shoe is copper ok..check your info b4 you speak pr comment

  60. lauren

    Do these come in kids sizes… an I got one question what R other good sites for release dates cause I can’t seem to find any usefull ones an answer would get greatly appreciated

  61. Respinda

    If these suedes are anything like the suede on the CDPs then this is an easy pass. The suede on the CDP 17s and 18s were ashy, creased and all burnt up.. Piss poor quality control will always make for a lousy pair of sneakers.

  62. GeraldO


  63. swagzilla

    If dey dropp may 30th pickyourshoes might as well get ready to ship mines out a week earlier wit nextday shippin ya hur me. Da red suede ones on da rite foot, da 3ms on da left foot, sum stupid jordan shawts 2 match witta v neck n I kant 4get da red flag. Dees is offically f’n damu j’s soo woo!!!!!!!!!!

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