Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack”

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull PackThroughout 2008, Jordan Brand gave us retro pack after pack (pause) of some of our favorite sneakers. It remains to be seen how 2009 plays out; with that said, photos of the Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack” have surfaced on the web.

This pack in includes two exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan 5. One pair features a 100% red suede upper with red shoelaces, black eyelets and a black sole, while the other pair contains an all-grey upper with black accents on the eyelets, shoelaces and sole as well. Both pairs also possess the infamous 3M tongue clear areas on the netted side panels and outsole. Stay tuned for more info and photos in the near future. What is your thoughts on this upcoming pack? Via NT.

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Pack

Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull Pack”


  1. Buddy Fresh says:

    I feel like that I need to see these in person…im not saying yes or no to these as of yet.

  2. fuctstar says:


    THis pack is going to be tizight!

  3. jackfrost601 says:

    I don’t need to see anymore both of these are nice. I’m just waiting on a release date………

  4. Champ says:

    I will wear just about any colorway of the V’s … 3rd best Jordans IMO.

  5. his airness says:

    YES SIRRR!!! Consider these copped…!
    I have been seeing these on other shoe sites!!!
    What took you so long, Nicekicks???

  6. oggie doggie says:

    the red ones are lookin stupid. i don’t know about that grey concrete look but the red ones are just plain retarded. i don’t even like red but i’d wear them till they turn pink.

  7. sho says:

    dang! I wish the other pair wasn’t ALL red…only cats in Dallas still rock all read sneakers. LOL! (What up Bun and Steph-you know it’s all love)

  8. bourne says:

    YES, YES, YES!!!
    I will get these, just need to call my boy to see when he’s getting these at his shop!!!

  9. thekidjoego says:


    I want to cry. These are so fk’n clean its rediculous. Consider these copped. Ill may just buy 3 packs they are so wet.

  10. YouKnow says:

    definitely coppin these, you think they will be 310?

  11. jose pr says:

    I don’t really like all red kicks but dam these is soo sexy ima make sure I get these I need me some hotass 5s instead of da ones I got

  12. jose pr says:

    Freakin love these kicks…09 gonna b way better 08…sneaker wise

  13. Shawti P says:

    Two words, LOVE IT!!!PARTYBOYZ!!

  14. JA-$O! says:

    theze bytchiz iz tough!

  15. jordan fan says:

    the red ones reminds me of the red 21s from a few years ago…
    it’s not unsual to me, they’re BULLLS colors after all!!!
    with that being sad… they’re copped!
    price and release date, please?

  16. klm1015 says:

    these are trash

  17. his airness says:

    Oh boy, I expect 100+ comments before the end of the day!!!
    This is a great pack, cool name too.
    THE UNBEATABULL PACK? THE 3PEAT PACK? JB, what’s up? you know you can cash in on all these packs, just thinking about it?

  18. deemoe904 says:

    they???re copped

  19. his airness says:

    And what about an MVP PACK?
    Js he wore during his MVP years!!! now there’s another idea!!!
    But this RAGING BULL pack is GENIUS!!!

  20. bourne says:

    isn’t there like a HALL OF FAME PACK coming this yr. also???