Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Nate Robinson PE

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Nate Robinson PEYesterday we showed you three colorways of the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, and many of you thought they were some nice color schemes. However, wouldn’t you rather see some official PEs drop every now and then?

An exclusive photo of Nate Robinson’s Nike Zoom Kobe IV has surfaced on the web. Inspired by the New York Knicks jerseys, this sneaker features a orange, blue and white combination on the upper. The words, ‘ShakeNBake’ are imprinted on the ankle area in blue. Supposedly, this is a symbol of Robinson’s friendship with actor Will Farrell. Is this one of the better Kobe IV colorways yet?

Nike Zoom Kobe IV - Nate Robinson PE

Nike Zoom Kobe IV – Nate Robinson PE


  1. Trinidadiandeep says:


  2. CEEJAY says:

    thats a good colorway

  3. WhoopDatTrick says:

    Nate needs a contract, he sports Kobe’s, Lebron’s, Barkley’s. I thought he was riding with Lebron. the colorway is aight, just not feelin the shoe.

  4. Stoj23 says:

    Nate like’s to support his peers.

    Hey…..I don’t mind, he gets some nice kicks!

  5. g1phone says:

    you can make these exact sneakers on nikeid.com whenever they open it up for people to buy

  6. Just says:

    That jersey’s hot…Forget Kobe

  7. The Spirit of Mars Blackmon Past says:

    “Inspired by” is the most overused phrase ever. They’re just in Knicks colors. And apparently he is tight with Will Ferrell. With an “e”.

  8. MJSF says:

    This colorway looks better than any Laker colorway.

  9. dre504 says:

    those orange dont match

  10. Cameron says:


  11. greenmaker24 says:


  12. Kris says:

    It’s time…Nate needs a signature shoe PERIOD.

  13. R D says:

    N8 D GR8

  14. pho_king4lif says:

    I bet he went on the nike website and did an ID

  15. BoomDigga says:

    nate robinson does not deserve a signature shoe, he’s not a top player in the league such as kobe lebron cp3 or vince carter… as a matter of fact he’s not even a top player on his team. He comes off the bench, signature sneakers are for starters, period

  16. Hyperdunkman says:

    just becuase he comes off the bench does not mean he is not a top player…Nate is deadly weapon off the bench that Dantoni uses wisely..he dropped more than 30 points a game numerous times already this year, blocking 7 feet tall players..make steals, dunking it on players twice his size etc etc..i mean what more can you ask from the guy…you just hating cuz you cant do what he can. nate is beast, period.

  17. kb.aka.The 1 says:


  18. lord of kix says:

    someone stole my idea/ i made these on nikeid back in january

  19. solesaved says:

    I like the look of those nate is not a starter and he could be on this knicks team.

  20. CANADA says:

    SHAKE N BAKE!!!!!!