Air Jordan 12 Retro Nubuck Black/University Blue

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue NubuckThe Air Jordan 12 returns for 2009 in a fresh colorway.

The Air Jordan 12 Nubuck edition comes in an mostly black make-up with University Blue accents. Similar to the Nubuck “package” that dropped in 2003, which included a matching hoody and hat. No word on whether this time around they will drop with matching gear or not but since it’s been a while since we’ve seen any 12′s released (aside from the CDP), these will probably be a must have for most Jordan heads.

I know I’ll be scooping a pair, how about you?

Cop them early for $269 at MarqueeSole.

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue


  1. jonblze says:

    $269?…..what is the retail price gonna be? Nice colorway, but I already have the CDP XII, so I may pass!

  2. King says:

    i aready got nubucks!

  3. Shallun says:

    Nice! Very underrated jordan shoe! I have never seen anybody wearing these! Nice shoe to get if you didn’t get the 11/12 pack!

  4. Daniel G says:

    I missed out on these the first time they came out… I won’t make the same mistake again!!!

  5. MontanaCaiRo says:

    I agree with #4 completely. If these are coming out again in ’09 they’d better be no more than 150, tho!

  6. FLIIGUY says:


  7. opus138 says:

    Hell, more than anything, it’s good to know that JB isn’t skimping on some retros for us. And they are a good looking colorway.

    Speaking of – any word / photos / guesses / hypotheses on the ‘sixty’ packs from JB?

  8. Sneakernerd-Rico says:

    I missed these the first time I can’t make that same mistake again. Hopefully these drop at the end of August.

  9. Pusha B says:

    One of my favorite colorways.

  10. iTzpAqMaNb says:

    Nice..!! Good Job JB..!!

  11. rauls054 says:

    its about time jb is using there brain its a must copp for me :)

  12. Joe says:

    i hope they bring back the playoffs…so far its these, the white/red and black/red…now we need the playoffs to retro!!

  13. Joe says:

    oh yea, and a pair of all whites rumored to release…white on white just dont look right on the 12s though IMO

  14. mr.never buy two of the same shoes says:

    i would be lying if i said these were ugly but they are still retro’s and I want to see jb drop something new thats hot.

  15. fucdapolice says:

    These are super sexy but I just laid down a little over $400 between the eggplants and the penny 1/2 cents. Although I have the bread to go hard on these, $269 is a straight pocket rape. See you at footlocker for a reatil price for no more than $150

  16. sole-cartel says:

    Soooooo, when do they release

  17. zane says:

    WILL COP heese and ONE OF THE BIRD FLU’s… check me out on youtube… username prettythug62494 !!! Lots of shoe reviews!!

  18. 206kicks says:

    dang i’m about to go broke in 09

  19. air jordan fan 4567 says:

    yea i already have the countdown pack ones but i like these though

  20. southboundflyboy says:

    omg…these are hot and super clean..i fell in love with the cdp 12 and i will definiatly get these