Air Jordan 12 Retro Nubuck Black/University Blue

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Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue NubuckThe Air Jordan 12 returns for 2009 in a fresh colorway.

The Air Jordan 12 Nubuck edition comes in an mostly black make-up with University Blue accents. Similar to the Nubuck “package” that dropped in 2003, which included a matching hoody and hat. No word on whether this time around they will drop with matching gear or not but since it’s been a while since we’ve seen any 12’s released (aside from the CDP), these will probably be a must have for most Jordan heads.

I know I’ll be scooping a pair, how about you?

Cop them early for $269 at MarqueeSole.

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue

Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue
Air Jordan 12 Retro Black/University Blue

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105 Comments on "Air Jordan 12 Retro Nubuck Black/University Blue"

  1. jonblze

    $269?…..what is the retail price gonna be? Nice colorway, but I already have the CDP XII, so I may pass!

  2. Shallun

    Nice! Very underrated jordan shoe! I have never seen anybody wearing these! Nice shoe to get if you didn’t get the 11/12 pack!

  3. MontanaCaiRo

    I agree with #4 completely. If these are coming out again in ’09 they’d better be no more than 150, tho!

  4. opus138

    Hell, more than anything, it’s good to know that JB isn’t skimping on some retros for us. And they are a good looking colorway.

    Speaking of – any word / photos / guesses / hypotheses on the ‘sixty’ packs from JB?

  5. Sneakernerd-Rico

    I missed these the first time I can’t make that same mistake again. Hopefully these drop at the end of August.

  6. Joe

    i hope they bring back the playoffs…so far its these, the white/red and black/red…now we need the playoffs to retro!!

  7. Joe

    oh yea, and a pair of all whites rumored to release…white on white just dont look right on the 12s though IMO

  8. mr.never buy two of the same shoes

    i would be lying if i said these were ugly but they are still retro’s and I want to see jb drop something new thats hot.

  9. fucdapolice

    These are super sexy but I just laid down a little over $400 between the eggplants and the penny 1/2 cents. Although I have the bread to go hard on these, $269 is a straight pocket rape. See you at footlocker for a reatil price for no more than $150

  10. zane

    WILL COP heese and ONE OF THE BIRD FLU’s… check me out on youtube… username prettythug62494 !!! Lots of shoe reviews!!

  11. southboundflyboy

    omg…these are hot and super clean..i fell in love with the cdp 12 and i will definiatly get these

  12. jose pr

    Finally a real retro jordan sneaker is getting released besides retro 1s…ima get these nd any other color dey come out wit nd any other hot retro

  13. mooch

    I think many can agree that Jordan heads are sick & tired of nothing but fusions…I’m ready for some retros

  14. sPR@DLEY

    I FOUND THE PREMIER 23s FOR 280. O WELL I DONT HAVE THE MONEY. GO TO :( they still have a couple of sizes

  15. VryObservant

    Man…Jordan is releasing like there is no tommorrow or like hes going broke or something. Some are nice but overdone. I remember and love the simple Js. Some I like but with all the fusionz and montage shoes; its sort of watering down the JB brand. Its like you cant buy the 6s, you have to get them in a pack- but you can get the ugly fuzions in 6s…but they make you pay 400 bucks for a pack to get the 6s- and 400 divided by two is 200… the original 6s didnt cost that much nor did the 11s. I love Jordan, but his company seems relentless when it comes down to taking peoples money. Take for example the 16 burgundy and grey.. that was a luxurious colorway..but, all these colors and wasting time for the release of some fire. Bring he fire JB and stop playing. I mean for a man to stand behind the montra of go hard or go home.. why don’t his company live by this.

  16. xfactor

    My boy that lives right down the street got these dead stock from o3 he just hit me this past weekend trying to flip em to me for 100 guess ill cop from him fcuk a line on a Saturday morning

  17. VryObservant

    I gotta admit though…these are fire. But JB if your reading( which I know your aren’t) Release something new this go around.. Like the White/Carolina 11s and the Obsidian/White 12s in a pack. Call them the “Blues Pack” or something.. or the Bordeaux black/ grey 7s and the white/grey/burgundy 16’s— come out with some of the old school sweatpants outfits to match. See, those designers sit in the offices all day and dont have a ear to the street and dont know what the people want most of the time. JB, I would love to design for your

  18. B. LoVe

    damn right wen i was about to copp da og’s from fcny…but hey i can wait if it means i save money…da 12s r arguably my fav jordan out of all of em…soo wit da breds wht/reds nd dese set to drop u cant bet iim coppin all of em…i might copp da pure money 12s too..not really sure if im dwn wit da wht on wht thing on 12s…i hope dese dont come out wit da hoody nd da hat cuzz if it does u kno jb is price em at $32969759792.99 plus dat hoody and da hat were corny anyway

  19. his airness

    I missed these when it was a jumpman23 online only… perhaps I can get these if it’s a general release…!
    I will cop, but not for $269.00 plus shipping is almost $3 bills

  20. GodAce

    Wow I Glad JB Is Gonna Retro This Colorway, Hope Retail Is 150, I Remember When I Got These Back In 03′ Now I Deff Coppin

  21. Ray.

    damni jus had a dream that the wht/grey 12s were comin out and i wake up to see the nubucks comin out. im not mad at JB but i am mad at the fact that i wont be gettin all of these. b/w the 4 12s thats known to come out this yr, im thinking about gettin the wht/red and Blk/red ones. hopefully i can get my girl to get a pair for me since it come out around xmas time, but u still got 5s, 6s, 7s, and possibles 4s comin out this year so, ima have to pass on some heat, but im DEFINITELY gettin the IVs!

  22. hotboy16

    I like da way they added da carolina blue to da top of the tongue; looks better than the original pair. Gotta cop these.

  23. GoDAcE

    These R FIRE Mayb D Hottest 12’s! I Remember When I Had These When They 1st Drop & I Paid 180, So Hopefully This Time Around I paid Like 150, Cuz 09′ Is A Big Year For Retros, I Thought JB Wasnt Droppin Nomore Jays, Now They Dropping All the Classics Again( Im Saying Is A Good Thing But Damn All Consecutive)

  24. willie mcfly

    im coppin fo sho….i loove the cdp 12.mad comfty…ill b coppin these for the comfort…JB droppin a lot of blue too…its a nice change cuz i gota a lot of blk red n white…

  25. ray71192

    boy dese hard as hell imma be broke as hell in 09 but im be fresh and girls gon be choosin but watever mo butt for me

  26. T jay 23

    I will have these on my feet i know im going to get about three pair. see you guys in line. love one dallas

  27. Darryl

    damn im glad i checked back and read jordan has done so poorly this year i thought this was just a flashback to show the good old days im copping these for sure thou

  28. KaPO stacKaa


  29. SneakerCHawk

    They will be $150 and there are 4 12s planned for the year, with these, the White/Reds, Flu games, and a pair of White/White/Black /Reds. All should be $150 and realeasing in the Q4 of the year. See some images at NikeTalk. Good look on the images Nice Kicks.

  30. JoseBronX_NT

    Wow, I remember getting the catalog and the little letter from Jordan Brand saying when the original where going to be released. I think they where like $250?

  31. Chris

    these are ho.. not tryna hate either but they look higher compared to the old ones.. like kobes or something hopefully there just like te old ones..but hot

  32. Flattop Dave

    Hmmm…flu games, white/reds, nubucks, and an all white colorway? Good job for the 12s JB. But would it hurt to put in cinsideration of retroing some of EVERYONE’s favorite jordan’s? Such as the Powder Blue and Charcoal 9s, the Bordeaux 7s, Space Jam, Columbia, and Concord 11s? Please don’t fuse those with forces…bad idea. Oh by the way, there’s major talk about a said “slam dunk package” featuring either a low-top or high-top pair of jordan 2s and the white/cement 3s this fall. As well as an alpha omega pack, the 60+ packages that we know about.

  33. javier

    I had the original release of these and sold them last year. I had a really difficult time selling them. I do not know if it is the colorway or the size. I think I sold them for around $160. $269 is outrageous.

  34. air head23

    stop telling JB what to do. ur better off talkin to urself cuz he dont give a sht about what u peoples think. these r hot. take it or leave it. these r tight

  35. Malcolm

    haha i aint gon do my feet no justice if i dnt cop these…and i never had a pair of 12s before…definetly gotta get em

  36. Kevin


  37. d v

    i need these in my life??

    i hear they white and red 12’s will be dropping too i need them aswell

    and the black and red

  38. ashley

    i got these . I love them so much i paid $80.00 even for mines. I love the color and they look really good if you can rock em right.

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