Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/RedReebok has decided to drop one of Allen Iverson’s most memorable signature sneakers. The Reebok Answer 1 Retro dropped back in 1996-1997 against tough competition in the sneaker world, going head to head with the likes of MJ’s Air Jordan XIII, and Kobe’s KB8 Adidas.

This time around the competition will be just as tough on the Black/Red colorway on the Reebok Answer 1, if not tougher. However the career of Iverson nearly fifteen years after these originally dropped makes these even more iconic then they were the first time around. Whether or not your a Reebok, or an Iverson fan, you’ve gotta respect these kicks and their place in the history of our culture.

No word on when these will drop but we’ll definitely keep you informed.

Info via kenlu.

Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red
Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red

Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red
Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red

Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red
Reebok Answer 1 Retro Black/Red

  • ether

    1st TRASH!!!!!!! Just hyping it up!!!!

  • Carolina Boy

    reebok could of left these alone

  • your airness

    oh you’re kidding me… these are HOT!!!

  • his airness


  • shizzle

    i had the black and gold 1’s back in the 6th grade!!! this red is pretty ugly though

  • MontanaCaiRo

    the Answer 1’s are one of the ugliest sneakers Reebok has ever made IMHO… couldn’t they have dropped the Questions instead?

  • crwuser

    Wow, “nearly fifteen years” makes me feel old, I was in 10th grade when these came out.

  • JuniorAL

    I had the blk/gold Answer 1’s in 6th grade. The blk/gold > blk/red

  • bourne

    Oh I am liking these!!!

  • Ryan.T.

    Gotta cop ’em. I had the black & golds, plus the patent navy & golds when they came out back in the day. I really BADLY want the Patent Navy ones again, because I bought the black ones again when they re-released a few years back.

  • mr.never buy two of the same shoes

    they have potential

  • J.King

    They should have released this colorway way back when. I still have fresh pairs of the originals. WOW! has it been 15 years?!?

  • PR CHewwin

    10th grade WOW my boy got locked up in the black and golds!! many many moons ago!

  • hotboy16

    I’m not feelin’ this color, but I want da blue and gold pair. I still got my white and red pair, but da DMX pads blew out.

  • showydisplay

    Those navy and gold ones was it. They were like the most comfortable b-ball kick I can remember other than those Adidas “Feet For Your Foot” joints.

  • g1phone

    the dmx is the most comfortable shoe ever

  • abstrakt

    should have the white red and black gold i had the white ones in the 5th grade one of my favorite shoes ever

  • Henny

    these are hard…i hope they drop the navy joints though. those were the ones!

  • Deuces

    Bring back the black and golds Reebok. The red is kind of ugly.

  • Looser Kid

    OMG….The History…
    And YES drop the navy ones….. but im getting these 2…
    man this was back when i was in kindergarten….. gotta have um again…

    u know how u old heads get hyped when the jordan 4 retro’s… well i was born in 1990 so these the 4 predates me… but i VIVIDLY remember BEGGING my parents 2 buy me these back in the day….

    THIS IS OUR HISTORY… 90’s babies all day

  • al

    i remember having the blk/gld and wht/red’s in middle school…. these were so comfy. definetly brough back memories looking at those. the blk/gold og colorway definetly takes the cake though as one of my all time favorite sneakers period.

  • Robbie

    Yeah I had those patent navy ones freshman yr in high school. Used them for some practices…PRACTICE?!

  • SneakerCHawk

    Don’t like these colors for the shoe, and I honestly liked the Questions more and passed on these way back..

  • carlos

    way tooooooooooooooooooo much red in these

  • alan lovedog

    the clear part looks like it’s gone yellow with age.

  • marcus the great

    man, this has to be theeee ugliest colorway they could have chosen for these. good God they hurt my eyes. jus bring the black/white/gold ones.

    and NOPE!

  • tRiLL MACKoy

    these shoes were supa heavy, really took away from my vert…lol
    but i still use to get it in, in these, way back when…
    this color way is ugg-o tho…lol

  • themidan

    Just copped the son and I the Pearl Blue Questions, will be coppin 2 pair of these!!

  • adbphilly

    Oh my lord! I love when they go retro with Iversons! I never had a pair of these but BELIEVE me I’m gonna be gettin me a pair of deez. For sure. I never had em so anybody wanna volunteer if you did have them and tell me if they are good or not.

  • Steven

    dat doesn’t even look like black let’s b serious..

    N dey dnt have anythng onda 10th anniversary edition of da reebok questions

  • hevean

    i wonder if its going to have DMX Cushioning

  • young G.S.

    got the whole collection already…
    the original blk is OG..

  • young G.S.


  • orthotic

    Thought these were ugly the first time around and these are even worse now. Sup with all that red??!? Not my favorite kick but I would much rather have the OG colors.

  • zurie

    man i had tha blue ones in 5th grade..but nah im koo

  • greenmaker24


  • lucas

    jordan 13s anyone

  • willie mcfly

    yeeaaa i member when these came out…these was hot. was neva a fan of reebok until iverson started droppin shoes…

  • tellit_likeitis

    naw maaan, that gum sole with that uglass red eff the shoe up joe….they shoulda had a darker red

  • swaggmire

    black instead of gold accents and an icy clear bottom would have set these off nice…possible purchase for ballin

  • fresh2death

    this is not an ugly colorway i will cop these

  • YouKnow

    boycottin these mugs, iverson messed up my pistons…


    Very nice shoe for all allen iverson fans its apart of ai nba history. I PRAY FOR ALL AI HATERS!…………..

  • Darneezy

    This is where the AI signature shoe started going downhill.
    They were “cute” on this chick’s feet I dated back in the day…
    The navy colored ones w/the patent.

    But I guess I gave them a chance, because of her. -smh

  • FlyySkyy

    yo, i been waiting for these! too bad this colorway is booty. whats up w/ the navy n white joints

  • oscar g.

    ugly trash it,as iverson fan i wouldn’t wear these shoes even if reebok paid me .

  • Domo

    Mad about the color choice. I want the black ones that they retroed about 2 years ago =(

  • sir

    the bottom of those look like some shyt from outerspace… GET THEM SHYTS OUTA HERE!!!!!!!!11

  • Rayfillet

    I have two pairs of these shoes, I have a pair of PATENT REDS FROM TAIWAN from 96 size 9.5 and a pair of unworn blacks. I used to rock the white and reds back in the day. BY FAR the most comfortable shoe ever made! Long live the DMX cushion!!!

  • Rayfillet

    I have two pairs of these shoes, I have a pair of PATENT REDS FROM TAIWAN from 96 size 9.5 and a pair of unworn blacks. I used to rock the white and reds back in the day. BY FAR the most comfortable shoe ever made! Long live the DMX cushion!!!
    Anybody interested in the PATENT RED Answer I’s??? they are pretty well used but still have some life.

  • rddiaz

    I am interested in the patent reds RayFillet. What do you rate these? Can you please send me some pics. These are the best basketball shoes I have ever played ball with. The grip on these are sick. Best iversons ever made. Not too sure of this black and red color but do agree that the blue patentsare hot.

  • skeeter

    these r fire….hope they drop the white red 1's tho. passed on them in highschool wish i didn't

  • ozea

    Bring back reebok the answer 1

  • ozea

    Why put a sneaker on the web site that you don't sale? (reebok the answer 1), it don't make sense you should up date your site.

    Ozea Sr.