Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey

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Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey Taking a classic colorway and applying it to a new silhouette is nothing new, companies have been doing this for years. Today Jordan does it again, taking one of the most popular colorways of the Air Jordan XIII reworking it onto the Jordan 6 Rings.

The Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey make-up seems at home on the 6 Rings, maybe due to the features it shares with the AJXIII. The midsole for instance remains virtually unchanged from the OG Flints. By using the same materials on the uppers they also keep the feeling as original as possible.

Could be the best colorway to date of the Jordan 6 Rings? Click Here to let us know.

Available now at marqueesole.

Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey
Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey

Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey
Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey

Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey
Jordan 6 Rings Flint Grey

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  1. Red09

    not abig fan of 6 rings, but i might just have to get these.
    do yall think they should make the 6 rings in the altitude colorway?



  3. TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!!

    Now these are nice. These are the best 6 rings since the original BRED relase of the 6 rings. love to see em stay og colors

  4. crwuser

    yeah I actually really like these a lot. the colors do just seem to fit perfectly with the shoe. These will make me say it out loud to someone else, “Six Rings ain’t that bad!”

  5. Anonymous

    Here is the best way I can describe these shoes. It’s like you have a certain brand of car. This brand makes 6 different models, right. Each car has its own style. Then you start taking the car apart. Taking the rims off of one car and putting it on another model. Taking the spoiler off one model and putting it on another, and so on and so on. To me, it just don’t match. Stupid concept. This all started with the Dub-zeroes. Same with the Spizikes and Fusions. I would rather just like each original shoe the way they are/were.

  6. mplsfinest

    03/28/2009 Jordan Six Rings (limited release)
    322992-141 White/French Blue-Flint Grey-University Blue

    straight from

  7. jedi_23

    o god i HATE 6rings…but the color looks good ofcourse thats why they COPIED it cause it was great when it was og…not a hybrid….no thanks

  8. Mr. MontanaCaiRo

    I really wish these were on the 13’s instead… but I would settle for these as a consolation prize soon enough =)

  9. JB

    I have no problem with the car anaology used in post #18, however JB is obviously a business who wants to keep making money. They can’t just keep retroing the same shoes in the same colorways over and over again every two years. People will get pissed off and it would certainly turn alot of us away. At the same time it would however help put an end to reselling if poeple knew they could get something in a another year or two. So the best way to give consumers and collectors something close is to come up with these fusions that look like 11/13’s with a hot 13 colorway or terrible things like the true flights, which are 7’s with some changes and updates. Unfortunatly the younger generation who did not watch Michael play in these shoes will not have any real attachment to the numbered models. You will hear plenty of kids saying man those 6 rings are the best jordan ever, same with teens and their fusions. To be truly passionate about shoes, you shoudl buy what it is that you like, not what everyone else is talking about, not what you think will make you money or give you status. J’s are still J’s MJ is gettin fat and rich off the whole thing, but its still the same company and same brand that gave us all those other shoes, so we should try and enjoy what we can of what they are giving us now. Jordan Brand will be a different thing in the landscape 10 years from now.

  10. Jerronimo

    These r fresh. I’d rather have the AJ13’s tho. These seem like a 2nd option tho. Kinda like buying a VW when I was really wanting a BMW.

  11. yung albino

    no no no no no they’ve killed my favorite color of the 13’s with this ugly hybrid monster they’ve fused my favorite jays over and over and now this atrocity!


  12. thokes

    Without question, the best looking six rings yet!!! The next closest are the championship joints, but these are easily more appealing to the eye…. at least mine if i must add!!!

  13. Wayne Brooks

    These are nice, if only because (1) the popular Jordan 13 design dominates this sneaker and (2) they used a popular colour of the Jordan 13, so it seems very familiar, almost like a retro. The elements taken from the other Jordans (AJ6 heel tab, AJ8 Strap, AJ11 laceloops) in making this shoe are much less visible than the predominant AJ 13 platform, as compared with the Spiz’ikes where you see an AJ3 outsole combined with AJ5 ice-clear side netting, combined with AJ4 wings, combined with AJ6 tongue, combined with the dimpled inner sock from the AJ20 and so on.

  14. willie mcfly

    yup best 6 ring so far. havnt copped any since they first dropped wit the redn blk but ill be getting these fo sho…

  15. Cal123

    I have the 13 that look like these. These release the same day as the Utah jazz 6 rings. I might pass on these because these r not better then the Utah jazz

  16. SneakerFiend

    The Six Rings look absolutely gorgeous in that color way.
    idk about best but its definetly top 3
    I think it has to sink in.

  17. yourflyne$$504

    OMG!!! Please stop making colorways of the 6 Rings…If u keep making I’ll keep buying & spending all my $$$ lol

  18. FlyySkyy

    btw, i agree with #35.

    and i think these are in close call with the Black championship joints w/ semi clear bottom and the damn Concord joints, still clean

  19. mrbaz8701

    these are crazy …this color is a hot colabo .. cuz i had the 13s in this colorway thats wat make these so crazy cuz they look almost exactly like the 13s..

  20. fannypack

    for a 160 ur feet will look like brontosaurus feet…..ur so generous michael jordan….coppn 10 purr at 1600 dollars…..yeeeeeeeeehaw~

  21. B. LoVe

    i can consider dese my 1st pair of 6 rings…i have da flint 13s but dere beaters so dese will b given da torch…

  22. f,eazy

    Well personally im not a fan of the six rings regardless of what colors they come out with. im an 80s baby, I just cant get myself 2 support deez fusions n hybrid of old jordans, cause when i see dat all i can think about is tha ones that actually came out , its not tha same. but on a lighter note dis tha best color of the six rings by far.

  23. illmatic45

    the six rings are a knee slapper but i have to say these are prolly up their with the breds and maybe the concords.

    cant wait for…
    true blue 3
    metallics 1 just need to change sock liner
    60+ frenchies 7 and raptors
    and the laney fives and prolly sum new colorway

  24. illmatic45

    the six rings are a knee slapper but i have to say these are prolly up their with the breds and maybe the concords.

    cant wait for…
    true blue 3
    metallics 1 just need to change sock liner
    60+ frenchies 7 and raptors
    and the laney fives and prolly sum new colorway

  25. shortymac

    these 6 rings is aight the only reason i never really liked the other ones is because of the materials used and colerways but on these they got the pebbled leather and the nubuck is lookin right so ill give them an A+ but im still stickin to my og 13’s

  26. ENDs

    very nice i knew i seen these on dj augustine 1 time on one of the kicks on court listings, i liked this CW scince then, and hopefully i can get these and they will look good next 2 my flint 13’s, but damn this economy right now, dont got ends comin in like i used 2, hopefully i can make it work and nice kicks back me on the spotting i made, post the link please

  27. Rae Tha Great

    Those are the best so far I was thinking about if they took original colorways from the original kicks and applied it to the 6 Rings it was bout time. PEACE

  28. kevin chea

    best six rings so far, still wouldnt cop though. i’d rather get the retroed 13s. and to number 8, altitude six rings probably wouldnt look right.

  29. asolefullbody

    oh, i really like the 6 rings. jb’s impressed me with these. it’s one of the few new joints that doesn’t insult mj’s name.
    i think this is the best colorway. iuno bout coppin’ tho since i have the flint 13s..
    yu never know tho.

  30. lord of kix

    six rings suck/ ive said it once and ill say it 4ever/
    these are the best ones to drop though. thats some pretty shabby leather too because its all creased and they are the display model. i hate when my shoes get like that/ thats when i usually buy some new ones or retire them for the court
    50 more weeks in kuwait

  31. lord of kix

    8 if these were in a altitude colorway they would need 3m where they are usually patent leather and 3m for the 8 straps/ then they would be off the hook

  32. lord of kix

    #9 my closet will make you cry/ i meant my extra bedroom because i expanded past the closet ten years ago/ step ya game up (im laughing at you)
    i bet you are like 15/ im 27 so i paid my dues in the shoe-world and these are bulls–t to me

  33. lord of kix

    lastly; is marqueesole a asian website because they only get shoes up to a size 11 and i need a 13.5/ little-foot bastards



  35. Keenan

    nope .
    got the breds .
    breds aint fxcking w| these .
    i need them .
    i’ve always wanted the flint XIII’s .
    and these would kinda almost maybe be kinda close to wishing i had them soo .. they’re the closest i think i’ll get so aint complaining .
    just my opinion .

  36. Keenan

    and to comment #8 .
    imagine that .. that would be crazy .. i would love my life .. cause the altitudes are another pair of XIII’s that i doubt i’ll get my hands on .

  37. HARLEMHULK 140

    the illest color way by far..i’m ‘iffy’ on them makes me wish they were re-releasing the original 13’s..but then again DAMN JORDAN!!! ENOUGH WITH THE FUSIONS ALREADY, KEEP IT STRICTLY ‘OG’!!

  38. Sn3aker_H0lic

    I’ve always loved the flint grey colorway, I think it looks sick on the 6 Rings! They are a must cop for me.

  39. Kevin

    i’m not a fan of 6 rings, but this is one of the best 6 rings so far, compare to the concord ones. i might cop this one. it would be the first 6 rings and the last i hope.

  40. BigDonLuBon

    Colorway is dope. I had the 13’s when they came out in this colorway and they were sick. Why is everyone hatin on da 6 rings. They are 6 of the dopest jordans put into one. whats not to like.

  41. ezra

    6 rings r beautiful to me! I have my OG flints but ima buy these also because is time to let past go I also hate it wen they keep coming out with retros because them my ogs dnt look special at a glance anymore I’m jst rockiin something everyone else got basicly

  42. Malcolm

    this is the best colorway six rings had since the black/red and concords…and maybe the army green/black ones haha



  44. Optimus Rime

    What! No 6 rings 4 FLiiguy? haha u needa treat yourself dont cheat your self homie. Ima have 2 shwoop n have a pair haha

  45. 716'sfinest

    neva liked 6 rings..but these im gettin. ppl lets get something straight. yes we all miss retroes, but let’s face facts..this is a new day, and it will neva be the 90’s again. i personally don’t agree with everything Jb is doig, but they do have hits or misses. these kicks are a hit. im not gonna pass on some kicks cuz they “not the orignial XIII’S” i had them as well (ma lil bro got em’ stolen >:-(..) these are hot and thats that. i buy kicks cuz they hot….not to sit on a pedestal demming the ame “holy grail”


  46. gdogg

    yo these are HOT
    when are they being released
    these are a must buy
    gonna buy 2 one for me and one for my girl so she can be stuntin like her daddy lol

  47. signature cutz

    sneaker world lets b 4real…this shoe is definitely banging……if it wasnt for shoes like this, the real jordan heads wouldnt b able to say that they have classics….i love when they do stuff like this because that gives me a chance to show all the young bucks where all this originated from…so when these release im jus gonna go to the closet and bust heads with the freshly kept retro 13s… else do you think they are going to keep the value up on classics???? at the end of the day its all bout supply and demand. brand jordan has expanded a lot jus stay in ur lane and erthang will b good.

  48. ENDs

    i dont have no problem with these, cuz 6 rings dont crease as easily as 13’s do i got the flint grey 13’s and i rocked them cuz thats wut i do wit my kicks but after only 1 use they creased up pretty bad and 6 rings dont do that i got the concords and the laker 6 rings, and if my money is right ma have these also, originals r cool and all but i got nuthin against a hot new shoe, thats y ima fan of lebrons kicks cuz his shoe game is nice also and its somethin new

  49. yaboyellie

    FOR EVERY 1 WHO DOESNT KNOW THESE COME OUT MARCH 28 09. Definantly my fav pair of 6 rings, too bad I could get the 13 but Im coppin 2 pairs of dezz lol

  50. Zulyy Babee

    Yoo od..dese shyts aree hawtt mahh niiqqauh ! best 1 so far ! Im def coppingg summ pairr ! Dese joints aree fukn hawttttt ! Luv thee color gud ass fukn mix ! Dem six rings aree banginqq I wud def bangg demm shytsz !Im buyingg wen deyy cum out !

  51. Frey

    favorite color way. i want some brand new flints so bad. got some but busted up already. needa come out with some shoes with this colorway and im most def coppin.

  52. 809


    04/01/2009 Jordan Six Rings (limited release)
    322992-141 White/French Blue-Flint Grey-University Blue

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