Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/White-Dark ObsidianBaseball fans know Spring Training is just starting to get underway, and right now Yankee fans could use as much comfort dealing with the A-Rod drama as they can get. It seems Nike is trying to help you out with some fresh kicks to go with those NY fitteds.

The Nike Air Max 1 Grey/Dark Obsidian will match perfectly with that new Yankee Stadium that opens this year. The simplistic approach of the Air Max 1 in this colorway is a fresh combo that would make for a nice addition to any sneaker collection.

Look for these to hit Nike retailers in the next few weeks.

Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/White-Dark Obsidian
Nike Air Max 1 Medium Grey/White-Dark Obsidian

  • agenda

    OMG these are amazing, loving the color!

  • ben


  • mikeyfresh

    Plain Jane

  • LiNG LiNG

    The simplicity really sets these off. I’ll wait until the price drops, then I’ll cop.

  • Matt

    wow these are really sublte
    yet so fresh so clean clean lol
    definitely feeling these BIG TIME!!

  • AvionTheOne

    Can’t go wrong with the Maxes!! And the colorways is on some Grown man ***t fa real. These are all me.

  • reginental

    thats what im talking bout nike!!! keep it coming with the simple colorways. dope.

  • Sneaker Bistro

    Sneaker Bistro carry these
    580 Route 112
    Patchogue. NY 11772
    631 730 7132

  • solesaved

    I would pick these up quick

  • Ikon Radio


    These are nice. I may cop

  • Swood

    This is what Air Maxes grew on. Simple colors, quality soft materials. This is an old school lookin’ Air Max and I love it.

  • Ibedaboss

    Hmmm, I’m loving these. They are sum chill ish — FRESH chill ish tho, def. COP!

  • greenmaker24

    pretty nice