Air Jordan February 14th Release Reminder

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Air Jordan February 14th Release ReminderThis Saturday, February 14th, is everyone’s favorite romantic holiday, but for sneakerheads, it’s also one of the busiest release days of the year so far.

Concepts has got a number of fresh Jordan’s set to drop on Saturday. Starting off with the innovative Jordan 2009. Followed up by a trio of releases inspired by MJ’s victory over the Trailblazers, in the “Portland Pack”. Finishing off with the latest version of the classic Air Jordan 1 High, done up in Max Orange and Black.

Which will you be copping?

11 Brattle St # A
Cambridge, MA 02138

Jordan 6 Rings Portland
Jordan 6 Rings “Portland”

Jordan Phat Low Portland
Jordan Phat Low “Portland”

Jordan Phat Low Portland
Jordan Phat Low “Portland”

Air Jordan 2009
Air Jordan 2009

Air Jordan 1 Max Orange
Air Jordan 1 Max Orange

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51 Comments on "Air Jordan February 14th Release Reminder"

  1. smitty23

    the max orange aj 1’s are the hottest to me in my opinion. besides i got the aj tribe called quest edition so i am good.

  2. phoenix jay-walker

    Those max orange one’s is ugly as *hit I saw them at the highpoint sneaker boutique last saturday and they lookd ugly I will definitely not cop

  3. Rob

    for comment number 5..
    yes.. the true blue III’s are confirmed and scheduled to release sometime in august.

    as for the valentine’s day releases..
    if anything.. i would buy the hi’s and that’s it. not a big fan of anything else.

  4. cal123

    gonna get the hi aj1 and the blazers 6 rings. Still don’t know about the aj 2009 it’s a 50/50 chance I get them. I gotta see them up close and how they feel on my feet

  5. mr.never buy two of the same shoes

    can’t pay money for some old shhhh and the 09’s aint pretty either…sorry JB its just I’m more of the creative type.

  6. kickz2fresh

    I was looking forward to coppin the 1’s but when I found out they weren’t really the infrareds with the patent leather I decided not to get em. I may get the six rings though

  7. gameface1326

    Orange highs look real cheap in person, i warn everyone you will be dissapointed, dont get sucked into the hype

  8. fattboi85

    got the 2009 and infared fusions already im gone cop that portland package on sat im not messin with the one’s they hot but they aint me

  9. Iiget it

    all of them whack the only hot jordan i heard bout dis year are them true blues. anybody wastin they money on any of the sneakers is stupid. 2009 Year nike Eggplant foamposites, fresh water air max 95,orange air max 95, barkleys, griffeys


    the max oranges are ok, but i wouldnt try hard to get them. the portland 6 rings are nice but im stall waitin for the utah jazz one. as for the others the 2009s are disgusting and im not gettin any lows right now.

  11. airjordan23

    i dont know about any but i have all tha 6 rings that came out and they gettin annoying should i get these let me know or the high 1’s let me no

  12. CelticsRule

    I agree with Iigetit..why do you guys spend ALL your money on these UGLY sneakers? So you can tell some other moron “I have them and you don’t!!” Dumb….Jordan Brand purposely creates shoes in those ugly colorways so you can only wear them with 1 outfit. And being dumb, you’ll take Dad’s credit card and buy more pairs that don’t match w/anything.

  13. AL

    #26 Dats why it a unique color way. Your not supppose to wear the same shoes everyday. You get differt color sneakers so you can match other clothes.

  14. lord of kix

    i said screw all these and copped to pair of eggplant foamposites off ebay:$240.50 and $282.00 size 13 holla at ya boy.
    lastly; i think this year is the year of penny hardaway with the foams and the half-cents dropping. griffeys coming and hopefully some aj packages

    enjoy your freedom i got like 361 more days overseas in kuwait/
    counting down the days b-tchez

  15. kidxsole

    The portland’s look clean.

    But PASS!

    I need to get some cash..For the True Blue 3’s.

    Btw Is their any news on the white cement 4s?

  16. sci

    i think the high max o’s are nice but 2 many 1’s are dropping again this year so i will wait and everyone should really take a look at those AF1 white on ice dropping sat too, very clean

  17. RJK-AJ1 Fanatik


  18. iceberg313

    its funny how all yall hating on the 6 rings but out everything that came out today those are the only ones that sold out

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