Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi” Detailed Photos

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 TaxiIf you have not seen the highlights on LeBron’s historic night yesterday, you are missing out. LeBron’s has clearly stated that New York is his favorite city (be worried Cavs fans), and Nike has responded by designing a “taxi” colorway of the Nike Zoom LeBron 6.

Inspired by the car you see most in New York City (taxi), this sneaker features a Black/Yellow upper. It also contains grey checkerboard-like design seen on the top of the ankle area. The Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi” is available at select retailers in New York City, namely the House of Hoops in Harlem. If you recall, Nike provided James with another New York City inspired sneaker dubbed the “Big Apple”. Click the jump to view detailed photos of this sneaker. Via OSneaker.

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Taxi
Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi”

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Taxi
Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi”

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Taxi
Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi”

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Taxi
Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi”

Nike Zoom LeBron 6 Taxi
Nike Zoom LeBron 6 “Taxi”


  1. KRIS says:

    I love these

  2. jay b says:

    Sick 1st

  3. jedi_23 says:

    puke….great player…shoes not so hot

  4. KRIS says:

    lucky newyorkers

  5. Ryan.T. says:

    I know they’re supposedly inspired by NYC, but these shouldn’t be exclusively for their city. I’d rock ‘em any day. And I want the Big Apples.

  6. da;;;as says:

    hottes lebrons out

  7. KRIS says:

    kobe could learn a thing or two

  8. opus138 says:

    These are teh first LeBron 6′s I dig. Nice.

  9. Gerome says:

    He should’ve made them for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Colors are nice, but the market is oversaturated…too many colorways!

  10. E-MAN says:

    i dont think he ever spent this much time on one shoe before. i wish he put this much effort into the zoom lebron 3′s

  11. SlickKickJunkie says:

    Lucky @ss NYers..

  12. yezir says:

    nice colorway. I would probably buy but throw them into my closet never to be seen again!

  13. greenmaker24 says:

    not feeling these

  14. cman says:

    did you guys know they plan on releasing a low-cut lebron six this year?

  15. ENDs says:

    these colors arent workin for me but if i can get them then cool if not no biggy

  16. Tindero ng Balut says:

    wow these are great hope they release in the pilipinas

  17. jg says:

    colorway is wack but i’m starting to dig the design.

  18. fresh indian says:

    damn, these lebrons have the SICKET colorways ever

    if only they were on a better design

  19. Flint says:

    Can anyone pleaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me where I can find the big apples at? Size 9..Please.

  20. blazink5 says:

    Not diggin the colorway nor the design.