Puma Clyde Size 45

Puma Clyde Size 45

Today our UPS man had a very interesting delivery for us the Nice Kicks crew.?? The Puma Clyde is a huge shoe with legendary status, but Puma wanted to show us literally how huge the shoe is.?? Personally I wear a size 45EU in the shoe, but Puma one-upped me with a size 45UK of the iconic shoe.?? Of course, an office full of sneaker nerds had some fun with this shoe and judging by the box, Puma’s staff seemed to have a good time with it too.

What a perfect Friday afternoon post.?? More after the break.

Puma Clyde Size 45

Puma Clyde Size 45

Puma Clyde Size 45

Puma Clyde Size 45 Box

Puma Clyde Size 45

Yes, it needs a warning sign.

Puma Clyde Size 45

Rent a UHaul to take this one home.

Puma Clyde Size 45

Dispose responsibly!

Puma Clyde Size 45

Green Bay fans don’t have ish on Nice Kicks!

Puma Clyde Size 45

Cheech, Bode, and Clyde hanging out.


  1. contra says:

    piss out my ass

  2. myklyk11 says:

    I could proabably fit into those.

  3. orthotic says:


  4. KRIS says:

    whats the point?

  5. TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!! says:

    thats cool. i haven’t seen a shoe even half that big since shaqs 1st sneaker the reebok shaq attaq was on display everywhere in his rookie year size 20. if one only one shoe was to ever retro again i wish it would be the REEBOK PUMP SHAQ ATTAQ.

  6. mike says:

    that is awesome i could use that as a sleeping bag

  7. unknown23fan says:

    That is Funny. I love the little details on the box (the car pic. and the dude trying to fit the box in the garbage). Good stuff.

  8. Nice Kicks says:

    ^ hmmmmm

    my son is coming very soon….might make for an interesting photo opp. Just have to make sure the pics don’t get CPS calling me.

  9. Ikon Radio says:

    LMAO!!!! Thats too funny. I want one for my collection. Tell them to sell me one for my collection man!

  10. greenmaker24 says:

    this is so big

  11. chris del fresco says:

    Haha id like to see george bush try to dodge these shoes…..

  12. Fosterakahunter says:


  13. BKost says:

    I really really really really really really really really want this.

  14. gotsole? says:

    lmao i would want this in my room, thats so great.

  15. PhilWil says:

    You know what they say about people with big feet…

  16. OG Kush says:

    ^^ Big socks.

  17. Hobby Rock says:

    ^^^ big panis!!!

  18. shane says:

    idk who the hell would every spend more than 50 bucks on these. funny idea but are you seriously gonna buy these like real shoes?

  19. bulldogskoleff says:

    imagine if someone wore that, there dick must be like 2 feet long

  20. Hey Robert! says:

    LOL, you guys are sick!