Nike Dunk “Teen Wolf”

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Nike SB Dunk Teen Wolf

Movies have always been a nice, creative inspiration to sneakers (see 11 of the Best Movie-Inspired Sneakers). With that said, check out this Teen Wolf-inspired Nike SB Dunk.

If you are too young to remember, Teen Wolf is a 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard. Howard, finds out that his family has an unique background when he finds himself morphing into a werewolf. That explains the brown fur seen throughout the shoelaces, on the heel and sitting atop the toe box. The rest of the sneaker’s leather upper is colored in yellow and navy blue; this represents Howard’s school basketball team’s jersey color. Had this sneaker surfaced earlier, it would have undoubtedly made it onto our “Best Movie-Inspired Sneakers”. Click the jump to view detailed photos of the Nike SB Dunk “Teen Wolf”. This is the correct way to use fur on a sneaker as opposed to this Reebok Monster!?? Via OSneaker.

Nike SB Dunk Teen Wolf

Nike SB Dunk “Teen Wolf”

Nike SB Dunk Teen Wolf

Nike SB Dunk “Teen Wolf”

Nike SB Dunk Teen Wolf

Nike SB Dunk “Teen Wolf”

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71 Comments on "Nike Dunk “Teen Wolf”"

  1. Elsuavechino

    lmao…nah i was trying to be a loser like other cats…but these are straight i wonder wat movie is next?

  2. E Villian

    Michigan Wolverine! Too bad I attend Ohio State, who has bred me to hate anything about these colors with a passion. Dope…

  3. Mr. Willson


    I remember that movie, even though I was only 5 when it came out. Either way, been gettin’ a kick outta the SB ‘nostalgia’ drops as of late. I could pull ‘em off.

    I wonder if they’ll help me be as awesome on the court as Micheal J. Fox? :P

  4. sneaker critic

    I really don’t like the way they have the fur all outside the side of the shoe I wish that they had the fur on the inside and the fur on the tongue. If they had the fur on the inside they would be extremly comfortable in my opinion.

  5. bootlegcraig

    wtf? Nawwwww…these are too damn ugly for me. No fat tongue either? Good idea tho, coulda been way better.

  6. gator904

    I probably wouln’t walk around rockin these but as far as the movie concept they are on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. lilrip133

    fugly. and i do find it funny that companies keep doing tribute shoes to movies/ shows that featured other brands

  8. Matt

    lol these r funni lookin
    but id pass
    even tho its a rele cool colorway
    just take off tht fur n leave it brown then it wud b gud

  9. C Brown

    Yo guys are late..these ARE NOT SB’s….they are House of Hoops movie exclusives along with an Air Flight Lite(White Men Cant Jump) and Blazers(Hoosers)…come on Matt you are usually pretty good with the info…

  10. hotboy16

    I remember seein’ that movie. Takes me back, way back. But yeah, give da kicks a nice shape-up n they will be ready to go.

  11. sb freak

    are these really sb..? they look like normal nike zooms with hair growing out of them plus it says nike zoom on the tongue with no padding.

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