Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

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Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top SneakersAgain, Kanye is not letting us take the weekend too easy making appearances in his exclusive Louis Vuitton high top sneakers. We have seen 4 colorways of the lows and what appears to be a “Just for Kanye” high top with two straps across the shoe.?? I am sure soon enough Kanye will let us know whether these will be available to the public in the “strapped up” model.

I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that Monday morning might not be so peaceful in the Oregon offices.?? More shots after the break. Thank you SoleBLVD/HHU.

Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers
Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers
Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers

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102 Comments on "Kanye West Louis Vuitton High Top Sneakers"

  1. serg

    “kanye we all know ur ego is bigger then a horses dick.. but all i have to say is these are fire

    props kanye”

    HAHA… so true! u aced it man


    Honestly I don’t think Nike will be too upset about this….I mean realistically Nike doesn’t have to worry about competition from “high end” designer sneaker lines. Nikes shoes have an average median price of about $100. These sneakers from LV will be well above $400 and for a slightly different target consumer. In the end the Air Yeezy will be a great seller and wont see any effects of Kanye’s other collaboration.

  3. LivehardDieyoung

    Absolute trash! If some normal dude was rockin’ these there would be no love. As for price, a regular pair of LV’s go for $500-$1000. These things will be far above that.

  4. BK-BIG-JAY-718

    I couldn’t care less anymore. The dude is talking about shoes that will never come out. Getting these will be impossible. Anyone who wears this kinda stuff knows how hard it is to get exclusives as it is. Anyone who has these louies is wearing fakes. Besides, the dude has NO originality at all. he Swaggerjacks Ato Matsumoto shoes, then makes the Air Yeezy, now he literally recreates a uglier version that will run you around 700-800 or so if they even release them. I wear Pradas and have a pair of guccis. Those guccis in a 13 ran me around 450. Biggest mistake of my life. I’m not following these trands and spending almost 1,000 for a pair of shoes just because Yes wearing it. He’s not even my favorite rapper

  5. kobe

    WTF???????????????? Kanye with 3 shoes?????????????? 2 with LV? NIKE IS GOING TO BE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. shadeskicksanddenim

    these are ill…..the materials are what make them ill, cool thing about these is that if you take care of them right over the years they will become vintage louis which is siiiiiick

  7. Jteezy

    these are koo 1.probably gunna be hella expensive 2.I prefer yeezys and 3.they definately have a grown man feel about them..buh I could see myself wearin these

  8. jwalkn247

    Every one needs to get off of kanye’s d!#k because of ya’ll he believes he can put out things lik this and get away wit a quick buck!!!…Kinda like JB lol

  9. madne$$

    ok everybody, for the most part we can agree, they’re not that bad looking of a shoe.. but we should all know by now most of us aren’t going to be able to afford these unless you’re making some serious bank. if i’m going to pay $500+ for a pair of kicks, I’d rather it be some OG jordans

  10. J From MD, But Born In D.C.

    lol it’s like the high class version of the Air Yeezys. these don’t look all that badd tho..&& can’t wait for the Yeezys to drop.

  11. magic

    lol these are the “my yeezys didnt look right in dress clothes so i had buys these” version of the shoe
    kicks are smokin tho

  12. wsjones1981

    I still believe the shoe looks like a luxury edition Reebok Alien Stomper. However, looking at the shoe without it being in the dark does the shoe a lot of justice! I know the shoe is gonna be pricey, meaning it’s time to start saving up

  13. Dezism

    They do resemble the air yeezy’s. I think people now days are confussed on what is dope, and more about the hype. These are ok and overrated. If it didn’t have kanye attatched it wouldn’t get that much love. It looks like an LA Gear / Reebok with straps.

  14. LORDofKIX


  15. LORDofKIX




    they’re dope, but the price is gonna be super stupid, the air yeezy is still hotter, and better not have a retail of more than $140, they aint worth 160 and neiether are any of the jordan/af1 fusions, $160 for the fusion 6’s, i like the sneaker but i just couldnt do it, the white ones are dope as what tho….still can’t drop that cash on ‘em…..rediculous

  17. john doe

    I think that someones trying to hard on the designs, however they are louis vuitton. And we all know louis is #1 in the game.

  18. anthony

    what if these said reebok? how would ya’ll feel? cuz in sincerity thats what it looked like to me on first glance.

  19. moses

    65 your right!!! ive been saying this ever since the red ones were posted!!! all this L.V SNEAKers are ugly!! ya’ll need to quit it with that hype!

  20. ALB

    people spend like 300 bucks for two cheap material shoes in a box like jordan but call these overpriced? people who buy shoes in general are dishing out ridiculous prices for shoes to begin with.. so cheap leather with patent and a jumpman logo goes for 160 these days, now that’s crazy.. i think kanye has some good high class shoes intended for the rich not the middle class and they have no problem dishing out the moenyy.

  21. yung albino

    liked the all red lows better these are just garbage but this is a recession so to any body rocking LV or Gucci just to follow a trend imma call u stupid and call it a day

  22. jerseycitystandup

    these are sexy…they aren’t for everyone because half of you clowns on this message board would wear baggy jeans and a 5XL white tee with them rofl, but these are straight grown man sneaks and i can get with these, keep doin your thing kanye

  23. no no no no

    grown man sneaks? are you kidding me! walk into a real office with those and your boss will think you??re gay! Louis Vuitton is just trying get a piece of the cake. they should stick to making bags!

  24. jose pr

    Der still ugly but not in dat bad of a way..I wouldn’t wear dem but I bet people who is on kanyes jock/swag/d!ick are gonna get dem…or people who jus buy expensive crap jus cause its louis…

    Them straps kill it bad dey look like a mix of reeboks nd pumas lol

    Da other ones were better

  25. jose pr

    If any one yous buy these kicks u is wack I make pretty good money for my age(18) nd I buy watever i want nd I don’t want these nd if I don’t want dem dat means dey is WACK nd ugly..people is gonna buy dem cause of its name louis vuitton.. I like louis vuitton clothes better den most of der shoes anyways

    Have a brain buy somethin better nd hotter den these uglyas sneakers

  26. jose pr

    And if u can’t tell its kanye wearin these hideous kicks..u can tell by da michael jackson gloves nd homo nut hugger pants

  27. Jin

    These are kinda wack, the way the straps are just puts me off. I wouldn’t wear those if they were free, I’ll keep with my georgetown jordans for under a hundred

  28. Matt

    aww come on Kanyezzy
    wth is this
    NONSENSE BRO freakin major upset right here
    those red LV joints r sick n soo r the black ones
    but theez r just like….NAHHHH!!!
    bring those LV joints n tha Yeezys!!

  29. TRUTH 4 U HATERZ!!!

    is kanye the first person to have a signature shoe with 2 different brands at the same time? i bet nike is pissed!!!

  30. Lord Negatron

    No comment really, Kanye shoes are so heavily inspired by the Japanese sneaker Ato (is it??). That is what Kanye was strutting around in, before his concepts. Now all his shoes embody boot high ankles, and multiple straps.

  31. way2kool

    WoW!!!! all you guys thinking these are hot u shoild check ur eyes cus these are hideous and WACK.. These shoes are gay yall need to stop bandwanging the guy seriously…

  32. igotthatfire247



    Looks like Kanye is trying to sell his people a metrosexual look.

    Epic fail.

  33. CRIZZ

    Kanye is mad because Nike didn’t want to put up with him or his disgusting designs… sorry LV… don’t see you selling many of these overpriced pieces of trash!

  34. DirtyTurko

    Its like the sneaker version of his album !! Doo Doo… Damn his balls must be killin him from those huggers,,, lmao

  35. Darryl

    all yall complaining about price or worried thses kicks arent for you go copp something your money can afford im copping and dont care who isnt buying them ima real sneakerhead

  36. kidfresh

    Dez r nice kanye dus it again and peps still hate he gettin big buks so wateva n im not on his jock jus sayin luv 2 see a notha BRUTHA make it in the world

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