Nike Air Maxim 1 Red/White

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Nike Air Maxim 1 Flywire Red/WhiteNike’s Flywire and Lunarfoam technolgies have made the Hyperdunk and Zoom Kobe 4 some of the lightest basketball shoes to ever hit the court. It looks like for the Fall of 2009, the classic Air Max 1 will receive a similar lightweight makeover.

The Nike Air Maxim 1 has just hit the net, the red and white colorway is reminiscent of the HOA release, but noticeably different is the Flywire in the side panel, on top of what appears to be Lunarfoam in the midsole. Now, purists may not be feeling these kicks, but like most updated retros, time helps the technology infused classics to grow on most.

Think of it as a classic 60’s Corvette with that new 620 horsepower engine under the hood, anything wrong with that?

Via Colmilludo.

Nike Air Max 1 Flywire Red/White
Nike Air Maxim 1 Flywire Red/White

Nike Air Max 1 Flywire Red/White
Nike Air Maxim 1 Flywire Red/White

Nike Air Max 1 Flywire Red/White
Nike Air Maxim 1 Flywire Red/White

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25 Comments on "Nike Air Maxim 1 Red/White"

  1. Biggins

    Oh my goodness these are nasty. I actually like this shoe/colorway better then the Air Max 90 “Current” infared…

  2. LiNG LiNG

    I’m definitely feelin’ these. The only problem I have is the swoosh painted on the side. Other than that, dope….just like the AM Current.

  3. E Villian

    These actually are pretty nice. Great execution, not too much, not too little to where we would be wasting money. Copped…

  4. jibbycanoe

    first pic makes them look a bit off but the other two make em look good. I will reserve judgment until I see them in person.

  5. mattferryhead

    i with comment #2. the front of the shoe looks thick or far or something. a nice color way, but shape is a little muffed. they do look a bit like clown shoes

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