DJ AM’s Nike Air Yeezys

DJ AM's Nike Air YeezysYesterday we posted the full length version of a new video promoting the Nike Zoom Kobe IV coming to NikeiD. Besides the latest signature shoe for Kobe Bryant were a handful of great kicks, but none quite as attention getting DJ AM’s Nike Air Yeezys. We couldn’t help but take a few screen grabs from the high res video to show all of you multiple angles of the Yeezys.

One thing that caught our eye is that down the back of the heel tab is “Y-E-E-Z-Y”. Will this be on the pairs that hit retail in March or just for VIP’s like DJ AM? I guess we will have to wait and see. For the mean time, check out more angles DJ AM’s Air Yeezys after the break.

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
Nike Air Yeezy

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
DJ AM showing up to the courts wearing the Nike Air Yeezy

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
DJ AM’s Nike Air Yeezys

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
Mike Epps and DJ AM playing for kicks – literally.

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
DJ AM kissing his Nike Air Yeezys “Good Bye”

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
Mike Epps feeling his new pair of Nike Air Yeezys

DJ AM's Nike Air Yeezys
DJ AM begging to play Mike one more time to get back his Yeezys


  1. Morsy says:

    nice colorway

  2. burnage says:

    1st! are them the mcflys?

  3. sneakFREAK says:

    Newsflash burnage!

    1) You are not first

    2) These are the Yeezys. Where the hell have you been for the past 10 months?! Also, it would help to read kid. (even though being first seems to be more important than being informed)

  4. rauls054 says:


  5. bjthatguy313 says:

    post 3 he is asking if mike epps is wearing the mcflys

  6. Swagking says:

    Yes Burnage Mike Epps is wearing the McFlys

  7. meko420 says:

    sneakfreak tlk bout bein informed

  8. sneakFREAK says:

    My bad for going off, I thought he was being the typical ignorant kid playing the “first” game. My bad.

    What i said still holds true though. YOU WEREN’T FIRST! Please people stop playing with that stupid ish.

  9. jroach says:

    Let me guess, Nike will not make this colorway available to the public… That is BULL!

  10. edsmitty23 says:

    these are the ugliest shoes that i have ever seen in my entire life nike please do not release these

  11. Luis R. says:

    Those Yeezys are bad ass! damn

  12. Darryl says:

    im copping every color real sneakerhead……….

  13. FLYMIKE says:


  14. bourne says:

    Nah, not feeling them.
    the commercial was dope though, Kobe shows up a little later and homie there on the right takes his shoes…lol :P

  15. Keenan says:

    idkk how but I fell in love with those Yeezy’s . . i’m tryna’ get the all black ones though . . those are still releasing right ?

  16. hertz says:

    best looking yeezy ive seen

  17. MJSF says:

    I want a pair of Yeezys in ’09.

  18. mhzigga says:

    dope yeezy colorway..and of course nike isnt guna drop this colorway..theyll probably drop a whack colorway first..then after a long drawn out wait MAYBE drop this one.

  19. nikeindabutt says:

    The Air Yeezys are a nice-looking pair of kicks no matter whose name is attached…only issue I have is 1)availability AND 2) size run. If they don’t come in a sz 7 or are SUPER LIMITED as reports first stated —-> :-(

  20. kream says:

    id cop mcfly over yeezys any day. maybe not. depends on the CW i guess