UNDR CRWN x Adidas TS Creator LowHaving already produced the Adidas TS Commander “Classic Gucci Colors” and the Adidas TS Creator Remix, UNDR CROWN and Adidas have been collaborating consistently lately to form a few special edition sneakers. The latest on their long list of collaborative efforts is this Adidas TS Creator Low.

This particular Adidas sneaker features a cream-colored upper with red and blue accents on the midsole and outsole. The UNDR CRWN inspirations are visible in the form of the lace plates seen on the shoelaces. Nevertheless, it gives this player-friendly Adidas basketball sneaker a vintage look. Click the jump to view a detailed photo of the UNDR CRWN x Adidas TS Creator Low. What do you think of the latest Adidas and UNDR CRWN creations?

UNDR CRWN x Adidas TS Creator Low
UNDR CRWN x Adidas TS Creator Low

  • xkaliba

    FIR… oh wait that’s gay.

    i’m feelin these for some reason, like the colourway

  • yaaaaa


  • cman

    kinda nice. :/

  • http://www.nicekicks.com SneakerVillan

    aaah idk about these, i think they should stay on court.

  • http://jerronc@tmail.com jerronimo

    ewww….these look like a used BAND AID or something. NO!

  • greenmaker24


  • http://www.kicksin.com KicksIN

    Nice Obama AIR Force One Go Go Go Kicksin

  • sneakerfittedguy

    LOL at 1st comment. LOLOLOOOLLLLL at the 2nd comment. hella dumb.

    Hate the shoes, these look like an ugly basketball shoe and casual shoe hybrid. I hate the new adidas basketball models; in fact, I hate all of their shoes other than the classics.