Throwback Thursday: Converse Aero Jam “Grandmama”

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After the era of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson ended in 1992, Converse looked to their roster of NBA players and selected the young, powerful, and promising 1992 Rookie of the Year Larry Johnson for a premier signature line.The first shoe of two signatures LJ wore for Converse was the Converse Aero Jam. Thanks in large part to the advertising campaign that promoted the shoes, LJ and his shoes quickly earned the nickname “Grandmama.” LJ even took this a step further when he appeared on the family sitcom Family Matters as “Grandmama.”

The Converse Aero Jam featured the cushioning and support system REACT juice in the heel and around the back of the ankle providing just what the 6’7″ 240lbs. Power Forward needed on court.?? Besides the tech, the shoes featured some attractive details such as a fading splattered midsole, textured heel midsole, and fading colors on the removable cover.?? Featuring LJ’s jersey number on the front of the shoe as well as the Hornets colors there was no mistaking these shoes to be anything but the “Grandmama’s”.

The Converse Aero Jam was retroed before in 2003 celebrating its 10th anniversary, but this all took place before Nike acquired the suffering brand.?? The shoes returned in three colorways, but none matched any of the originals as well as no REACT juice.?? Converse, now that you are with the master of retros, please have this shoe return!

Get a better look at these kicks after the jump as well as a sz 14.5 development sample we came across in our sneaker hunts.?? I wonder who that was made for? :-)

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  1. bootlegcraig

    damn, yall got a sample of these? They look like those shoes that light up when you walk. lol. Ugly shoe, but props to whoever owns these.

  2. Soleman23

    GOD DANG~~~
    I remember these when I was young..
    These are still fresh…
    There are no more characters like back in the days.
    Nowadays young kids only know about Nike…
    CHeck out Larry Johnson(Gramma) Converse shoe commercial.
    Still hilarious!!

  3. $keet$

    I remember these joints from back in the day. These are still ill faded to this day. I had the black joints and if thosed were retroed, i’d be the first in line to cop!

  4. looser Kid


    I got 3 pairs on ice from the retro couple years back… these are the shoes that got me into sneakers.. (well these and the grant hill 4’s”


  5. d2j

    they did re-release them like 2 years ago… and i got a pair of all blacks and white/navy these are ever so rightous

  6. sneakFREAK


    Matt already said they came back, but it was a while ago when Converse wasn’t owned by Nike. I passed on them back then because they weren’t done right. Wack colorways and no react cushioning = pass.

    Props for pulling this one out, but seriously, where in the world did you get LJ’s size?!?!?!

  7. swanson


  8. Great pair of kicks! I miss the days when players and companies were doing fun things…the marketing campaigns were so creative and the characters/slogans, etc. were all unique…the lack of interesting & likeable characters/players has really hurt the NBA.


    ohhhhhhh shnap! i had the black joints when i was a junior in high school in ’93!! i wore these joints everywhere!!

  10. Jon Blaze

    i remember when they retroed them and they just sat on shelves….shoulda picked up them up cuz they were cheap as hell

  11. yung albino

    before i read the name or took a really close look at the shoes i thought they were really hardbody old school Nikes but converse did come correct on these what has happened to convrese since these?

  12. Heat Tha 916er

    Yea these were dope but just like the Patrick Ewings and select few of Nikes in those early 90’s the side of the sole turns an ugly yellow no matter what care giving. Hopefully they will bring em back with better material.

  13. BxBomber

    these bring back mad memories….
    seeing the poster at the v.i.m. on fordham rd while shoppin for some skool kicks……

  14. Simba

    “Told You Before How I Bring the Drama, Slam Larry Johnson and His Grandmama WHAT YOU WANT N***A!” classic Notorious B.I.G line

  15. solesaved

    I remember when LJ was in the slam dunk contest that was classic. I know these was retroed not to long ago i THINK you can still pick up a pair at

  16. Eddy

    I remember these I had a chance of getting them back in 7th grade But I ended up getting the Jordan 8’s But I loved these shoes Brings back memories and Wow I remember how cool they looked on L.J

  17. gonzo

    There was a problem with the react juice leaking! I was working at footlocker and had to send them all back to converse. Same with the KJs.


    WOW! these are dope! I only vaguely remember these, but I didn’t know the were retroed!!!
    Gonna have to add to my grail list!!
    So did the retros have the same tech with the juice?

  19. g1phone

    *correction.. the first signature shoe was the aero glide and the cover wasnt removable. This was his second signature shoe.. Props for the post just get you info correct

  20. I wish I could get a pair of these.
    Never got them and wanted ‘em BAD AS HELL!

    I think I had gotten all the shoes moms was gonna by me for that school year.

  21. PeteMadrid

    I like the first Aero-Glides that came out these are like the second version a lot uglier than the first…anyone know where you can by the first versions?? I had the Black and Purple ones…

  22. Buggin' Out

    Anybody calling these ugly probably don’t remember these selling out back in the day. I remember getting these in white for X-mas but really wanting the black, teal and purple. It’s ironic that the Hornets were the most popular NBA team at that time and that Jordan played off that and released the Aqua Eight’s.

  23. Max

    I got a red white color aero jam, they are great but I really want to get the navy white one.
    They are the best converse shoes ever in history.

  24. shoehead313

    anybody who has this same colorway hit me up at I need a size 8.5 or something close

    I have a pair of size 9 retroed black and red ones I found some if the guy who wants some to buy I have them I never wore em but they didn’t have a a box because they were on a clearance racks

  25. steven

    Hello do you know where I can find these in size 11 11 1/2 or 12. I had these when I was growing up and would love to have another pair. Either in this color or the black/teal color combo. Thanks

  26. Casey

    I have a pair for sale that I purchased in 2005 from, size 12 if anybody is interested? Worn only 2 times outside but I’ve cleaned them up so well you can’t even tell, they’re THAT clean. Contact me via email – :)

  27. LauraO

    i’m selling a pair! size 12 black never been worn original box. they’ve got the react gel and original tags, too. i can send pics to whoever wants them. they’re from the reissue a few years ago. so rare. lemme know if you want ‘em.

  28. magichands88

    since it will be the 10th yr . are the grandmama coming out soon . if so when and where can we get them. will converse make them again for us,, great shoes..

  29. Kevin

    Had the originals back in the day which I barely wore…then I moved out and my parents sold them in a garage sale. Soo happy they brought them back…kinda wish they had a exact retro make with the color scheme and with the REACT intact, but I will take these anyway. One of the better shoes that came out in the 90’s for sure!

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