Best of The Best: Sneaker Collab Hot Spots

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Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations

Over the last few years, Sneaker Collaborations have become one of, if not the hottest trend in sneakers. We all love to see our favorite shop team up with a manufacturer and drop some serious heat. Everything from mild to wild, from exclusive to general release, has stemmed from the collaborative efforts of stores and manufacturers.

We’ve recently seen one of the biggest and boldest collab projects come to a close, the Adidas aZX Project. Which got us wondering, what shops have had the best collaborations of all time? We took into account things like, variety of companies worked with, shoe popularity, creativity, and number of collaborations. So if your favorite isn’t on the list, let us know why you think it should, and maybe your own list, after you check out the list of our top Store Collaborations to date.

#10 – DQM

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations

Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM) lands at number 10 on our list. This NYC hot spot got on the creative start before they even opened up when Dave Ortiz transformed an old butcher shop into a sneaker store while keeping the theme of the space’s former business. If you have seen inside the store, you know exactly what we are talking about.

In September, to celebrate their 5th year in business, they dropped the DQM x Nike Sportswear Dunk, a collaboration with the freshly formed Nike Sportswear. Some of their collab work with Nike include a trio of Blazers, and Air Max 90’s, appropriately named Bacon’s.?? While their Nike collaborations may be their best, their work with Vans, Converse, and Adidas should definitely not be overlooked.

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Air Max 90

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Sportswear Dunks

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Blazer

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Blazer

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Adidas ZX 90

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54 Comments on "Best of The Best: Sneaker Collab Hot Spots"

  1. dakilro

    number one should be supreme followed by huf then stussy I hate alife don’t know how they made it to umber 2

  2. Iamnolongerjasonbourne

    except that those UNDFTD IV’s look sick, just freakin’ sick!!! wish i had a pair… whew..!!! just sick i tell you.

  3. jibbycanoe

    NiceKicks. how about you just add the first comment everytime so this “first” crap can stop. oh wait, then these kids will start claiming second..

  4. zoom

    Love the list. The ranking may be a little out of order for my tastes, but I can see why the colabs were chosen.
    I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  5. Joseph

    When supreme does a Jordan 4 then they can be #1. I know exactly why Matt chose UNDFTD as #1 because of their diverse choices for collabos.

  6. Not that Beams are big hitters like these guys, but I love my black Huarache Lights as much as any other sneaker I own. True 97s are another great overlooked collab sneaker.

  7. D

    The only disagreement you have from me is take Colette off and replace them with Bodega. I also think Commonwealth could have got an honorable mention. I’m still looking for those Reebok’s they dropped but I guess they couldn’t be in there because I’m not sure what else they did.

  8. TheJumpmanFrontman

    The only thing wrong with the list is how did Alife grab the #2 spot? Both HUF and Supreme have better colabs..

  9. Whether one likes Alife or not, you have to remember that they were one of the first spots to collaborate on kicks. Also, all of their work does not have the great assistance of a swoosh.

    I knew there would be many who would disagree with the order, but that’s ok. Frankly, no 2 people out of 10 are going to assemble the same 1-10 order, but I think giving recognition to the best shops is what counts.

    Thanks for all the comments. Praise or hate, we are happy with both :-P

  10. freshy

    huf shoulda been first nd dqm in 10’th? can you say cold… at least top 5, although i would love to see a dqmxnike sb collabo

  11. lilrip133

    HUF shouldve been in front of supreme and i think ALIFE shouldve been number one instead of two. Supreme collabs are 99% hype 1% beauty. like the supreme dunk hi’s, other than the baby blue cw, are downright ugly. and the lows are atrocious. Huf puts out quality collabs every time

  12. yeah whatever...

    “love this! appreciate the background info-u really know your stuff!”

    If that were true, you’d know that the first two pics, of what you claim to be huf designed,are not. Ask anyone at nike.
    Yes they have the earthquake pattern. But the earthquake pattern is no more than cement print if I were to erase a few lines. LOL.

  13. A

    DQM at number 10?! That doesn’t make much sense. I feel they deserve to be much higher. They haven’t had many bad collaborations, and there is a large variety between all of their collaborations.
    Why is Mita even on there? All of their collaborations have looked like crap, except for the AF1’s.

  14. rising_tied

    Not a big fan of Solebox or Alife, but the list was dope… Thanks for throwin all this together for us

  15. We did not forget about Stash or Futura for all of those who are whining. I don’t know about you guys, but I have never heard of a store called “Stash”, but I sure do know an artist that goes by that name.

    Hang tight kiddos, hang tight.

  16. Dee

    Only thing might be missing is PATTA (Amsterdam represent). Or is that too local. They had the sick AM1’s. Some Crazy Asics and some other stuff…

  17. still kickin it

    i was wandering why alife beat out supreme haha but thanks to matt i understand his reasoning

    but i was completely oblivious that atmos made atmos print court force haha

  18. e

    the supreme blazer callabo with gucci inspired lining on the back of the shoe and quilted leather are the best of all time so how is supreme not number 1

  19. MUFC

    Ehh pretty much all of ALIFE’s collabs are weak, even if they were one of the first to start collabs it doesn’t mean anything when they suck. But I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  20. BKost

    I agree with UNDFTD for number 1, I think mita and solebox need to be higher. Huf and Supreme need to go way down.

  21. Dixon Syder

    personally being a JIV fan there’s no way UNDFTD could lose but seeing the Public Enemy Vans Hi are Supremes just upped them huge IMO. I like Alife but for everything the Mike Changs brought to the game the Asic Gels take away…those were straight pride!
    Big Dix

  22. alex

    wow , alife ahead of supreme, huf and stussy is a shame. i dont like a single Alife collab. they should have been 6-7 tops

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