Best of The Best: Sneaker Collab Hot Spots

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Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations

Over the last few years, Sneaker Collaborations have become one of, if not the hottest trend in sneakers. We all love to see our favorite shop team up with a manufacturer and drop some serious heat. Everything from mild to wild, from exclusive to general release, has stemmed from the collaborative efforts of stores and manufacturers.

We’ve recently seen one of the biggest and boldest collab projects come to a close, the Adidas aZX Project. Which got us wondering, what shops have had the best collaborations of all time? We took into account things like, variety of companies worked with, shoe popularity, creativity, and number of collaborations. So if your favorite isn’t on the list, let us know why you think it should, and maybe your own list, after you check out the list of our top Store Collaborations to date.

#10 – DQM

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations

Dave’s Quality Meat (DQM) lands at number 10 on our list. This NYC hot spot got on the creative start before they even opened up when Dave Ortiz transformed an old butcher shop into a sneaker store while keeping the theme of the space’s former business. If you have seen inside the store, you know exactly what we are talking about.

In September, to celebrate their 5th year in business, they dropped the DQM x Nike Sportswear Dunk, a collaboration with the freshly formed Nike Sportswear. Some of their collab work with Nike include a trio of Blazers, and Air Max 90′s, appropriately named Bacon’s.?? While their Nike collaborations may be their best, their work with Vans, Converse, and Adidas should definitely not be overlooked.

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Air Max 90

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Sportswear Dunks

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Blazer

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Nike Blazer

Sneaker Collabs - Hottest Store Collaborations
DQM x Adidas ZX 90

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  1. Phoenix says:

    First! Oink?!

  2. dakilro says:

    number one should be supreme followed by huf then stussy I hate alife don’t know how they made it to umber 2

  3. Iamnolongerjasonbourne says:

    i have no words… and the “first” crap is getting OLD, man…!!

  4. Iamnolongerjasonbourne says:

    except that those UNDFTD IV’s look sick, just freakin’ sick!!! wish i had a pair… whew..!!! just sick i tell you.

  5. Montes says:

    No Stashs’ !?!?!

  6. jibbycanoe says:

    NiceKicks. how about you just add the first comment everytime so this “first” crap can stop. oh wait, then these kids will start claiming second..

  7. jibbycanoe says:

    good read. everytime I see those solebox NBs in cool mint I drool

  8. zoom says:

    Love the list. The ranking may be a little out of order for my tastes, but I can see why the colabs were chosen.
    I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  9. Joseph says:

    When supreme does a Jordan 4 then they can be #1. I know exactly why Matt chose UNDFTD as #1 because of their diverse choices for collabos.

  10. Dan Love says:

    Not that Beams are big hitters like these guys, but I love my black Huarache Lights as much as any other sneaker I own. True 97s are another great overlooked collab sneaker.

  11. D says:

    The only disagreement you have from me is take Colette off and replace them with Bodega. I also think Commonwealth could have got an honorable mention. I’m still looking for those Reebok’s they dropped but I guess they couldn’t be in there because I’m not sure what else they did.

  12. PifMan says:

    All dem Mita shoes are awful. they look like i vomited some skittles and the vomit got on the kicks.

  13. p_lai says:

    stash is an artist not a store

  14. DaFre$hOne says:


  15. emmanuelabor says:

    to me, Atmos should be WAY higher on the list

  16. $keet$ says:

    Them supreme sb trainers are probable one of my all time favorite kicks.

  17. TheJumpmanFrontman says:

    The only thing wrong with the list is how did Alife grab the #2 spot? Both HUF and Supreme have better colabs..

  18. Nice Kicks says:

    Whether one likes Alife or not, you have to remember that they were one of the first spots to collaborate on kicks. Also, all of their work does not have the great assistance of a swoosh.

    I knew there would be many who would disagree with the order, but that’s ok. Frankly, no 2 people out of 10 are going to assemble the same 1-10 order, but I think giving recognition to the best shops is what counts.

    Thanks for all the comments. Praise or hate, we are happy with both :-P

  19. smegma says:


  20. freshy says:

    huf shoulda been first nd dqm in 10′th? can you say cold… at least top 5, although i would love to see a dqmxnike sb collabo