Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Twin PeaksAs 2008 winds down, we continue to see a very considerable amount of the Nike SB Dunk. The latest Dunk to surface takes inspiration from an early ’90s TV series called Twin Peaks.

Featuring a plethora of textures and colors, this particular SB Dunk contains suede, premium leather, and crackled leather. Green contrast stitching is visible throughout the upper, while varsity red is located on the shoe collar.

As for the Twin Peaks inspiration, this sneaker features a blue owl on the ankle straps representing the one of the three murder mystery clues in the TV series. It also contains a zigzag design seen on the outsole representing the floor in the ???Red Room??? on the TV show.

Look for these Nike SB Dunk High Premium – “Twin Peaks” to hit select retailers in Spring 2009. More detailed pics after the jump. Via Jordan8420.

Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Twin Peaks
Nike SB Dunk High Premium – “Twin Peaks”

Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Twin Peaks
Nike SB Dunk High Premium – “Twin Peaks”

Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Twin Peaks
Nike SB Dunk High Premium – “Twin Peaks”

  • Troy

    I really like David Lynch but I never saw Twin Peaks the TV series (did see the movie though) but I don’t know how much I like these, I think I’ll have to see them in person to make my decision.

  • dsdkjf


  • dsdkjf

    i was first and u werent!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Willson

    Fan of David Lynch and the show. Kicks are fire. Must cop. 😛

  • patricktheelder

    I’m a POP CULTURE fanatic and an avid TV watcher, on my list of Top TV shows of all time, this is my#1. There would be no XFiles, LOST, CSI, Fringe… the list could go on and on, TV shows if it were not for TWIN PEAKS.

  • edsmitty23

    these are hot I am digging these

  • 757af1

    These actually look pretty good, but I’ve never seen the show or movie.

  • JayK

    me likey

  • sam

    i like the shoe but the owl screws it up i think maybe a different theme would look cool

  • brennan

    im old enough to remember twin peaks, but i never got into the show… however, the owls on this shoe are what will ultimately have me trying to trade for a pair.

  • Hyperdunkman

    Finally a nice new dunk…after “what the dunks” every dunk that came out has been crap

  • dela

    these look like vomit.

  • greenmaker24

    pretty nice

  • abstrakt

    would cop but i hate the owl

  • rising_tied

    These are dope

  • andy@chicks in kicks

    Don’t care how good the show was if the Kicks are crap, they’re just crap, plain and simple, don’t like the colors or material or the goofy owls.

    CIK Co-Founder
    click on my sig 4 vids and a cool contest

  • smegma


  • LEXx

    wtf is the owl there for?
    it screws it all up

  • boricua


  • iBeeZkS

    ^ Ayeeeee Smackcity in this thang. Deez fire tho, im on em.


    dude these are sick….just look at the different textures and the insane lime green stitching….gum sole!!! i mean could they be any better!!

  • ersy

    these are sick i got em for christmas nice!!!!!!!

  • sole much money

    they put a picture of an owl on this one but cant put a spiderman or batman logo on the super hero packs? thats crap. it would of looked way better with the logo’s.

  • noah

    Nike sb R.I.P

  • george

    i just coped the 9 from and them joints are soooooofresh

  • e-dubble-boogie-banger the 3rd

    Definately NOT the best show ever, that award goes to the Wire for sure, however it is a classic. The kicks are alright but I’m not sure if I’m feeling the owl neither. Better than a picture of Kyle Maclachlan I guess. Nike should release SBs based on HBO shoes like the Wire, Sopranos, OZ, Entourage etc… and give me a cut. Would be sick for 09. I write too much when I eat Vicodin for lunch. Doom! GO GIANTS!!

  • Barsmoney

    I got these more because I collect owls (it’s a family tradition) than the show. The owl is sick and so is the shoe itself. These pics do little justice though because they left in the black laces. They look waaaaay better with the green laces in the box that match the stitching.

    Stop frontin’ on the owls…

  • Yo eri

    deez is hot, i coped em. dey look even better in person man.