Tommie Smith Puma Suedes

Tommie Smith Puma Suede

In 1968, one of the most iconic images of the complicated times that are known as the Civil Rights Movement, was Tommie Smith raising his clenched fist, covered by a black glove, while receiving his gold medal in the Mexico City Olympics. 40 years later, Puma pays tribute to Tommie Smith with a pair of Puma Suedes.

Each colorway of the Suede receives a subtle all over print of the clenched fist image that made such a huge statement forty years ago. The heel tab also features the a gold colored “Mexico 1968″ which pays tribute to the athletic accomplishments of Tommie Smith in those Olympic games. A well executed and appropriate tribute to one of the most memorable statements made, in the name of human rights.

These are available now at Mita.

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede

Tommie Smith Puma Suede
Tommie Smith Puma Suede


  1. nikeindabutt says:

    Wait…what about John Carlos??? He threw up the black power salute along with Tommie Smith and was stripped of his medals so how come no kicks for John?

  2. swanson says:


  3. Mike Shaw says:

    I like this shoes man, i love puma

  4. Jerronimo says:

    My favorite sports photo of all times! I have that poster in my bedroom. It reminds me to be strong everyday in life. Much Love to puma for reppin Tommie Smith and a BIG shot out to John Carlos too. U guys inspire me every morning.

  5. Mr. Willson says:

    Yiszur! Definitely need to cop when I find ‘em. :P

  6. greenmaker24 says:

    they r ok

  7. abelino says:

    them black one’s are ICE, FIRE, SIKK, DOPE, FRESH,

  8. IkonRadio says:

    I dont even rock Puma’s but I could get down with these. I like both pair

  9. Robb says:

    only complaint is the bottom sole… It is wack, I know it’s the only the sole but man it looks like a kitchen shoe for dish washers

  10. solesaved says:

    They Str8

  11. calikid says:

    Tommie won gold, and was on top of the podium. John wasn’t. That’d be my guess. Or maybe John didn’t want to participate?

  12. Simba says:

    dont wear pumas but these are pretty clean

  13. shoehead says:

    fresh i like these

  14. syced says:

    these are sick.

  15. LEXx says:

    wow ; im def gonna get .. freshh

  16. uncle_joe says:

    Man, PUMA have been putting out some really interesting and eye catching kicks as of late. I’m glad the Swoosh ain’t the only one on their game as of late.

  17. Shara says:

    How can i buy them?

  18. NaTIoN says:

    The irony is that when Tommie Smith and John Carlos went to the podium to receive their medals, they went up without his shoes to show solidarity to all the people in the world to poor to afford shoes. They were stripped of their medals and kicked off the team and out of the Olympic Village. Maybe they should have dropped the new Tommie Smith/ John Carlos Black Fist Glove Socks. Fo real do’ we know it’s bout the $$$$ capitalize on the black history but never reinvest in the black future. my 2 cents.
    P E A C E