Nike Air Force 1 - Black Gum BottomThe original Nike Air Force 1 Black/Black and White/White will always be defined as original, classic sneakers. Many Air Force 1 addicts make their way into the malls to snag the black colorway every winter; however, this November/December, expect your feet to stick to full gum bottoms this time around.

If you recall, earlier this year Nike dropped an Air Force 1 White/White with a gum bottom but it was only the midsole that featured the gum. On the contrary, this original Nike Air Force 1 possesses a full gum bottom (outsole and midsole).

Hit your retailers on November 28th, 2008 to purchase this sneaker for $88.

More pics after the jump. Via Footlocker Unlocked.

Nike Air Force 1 Black Gum Bottom
Nike Air Force 1 – Black/Gum Bottom

Nike Air Force 1  Black Gum Bottom
Nike Air Force 1 – Black/Gum Bottom

Nike Air Force 1 Black Gum Bottom
Nike Air Force 1 – Black/Gum Bottom

  • edsmitty23

    These are fresh to death I will be copping these on the 28th please believe.

  • shotta youth

    i agree wid numba 1

  • yung albino

    I need some new beaters anyway these will do just fine

  • SneAKeR FrEaKEr

    looksa lil rough!! but nice!!

  • jimmyboy

    must cop

  • kevin

    black friday? Lets see, Supra skytop wheat, 3 pairs of XX3s, and now these eh? I’m going to be straight broke

  • JP

    I saw these at my local finishline and footlocker yesterday. They are nice, i didnt cop though.

  • RJ

    the best $88 you will ever spend on a pair of kicks. i love gum bottom AF1.

  • BKost

    Cant argue with that.

  • skeese

    i work at finishline store 141, we got these in about 2 weeks ago. they dropped a while back.

  • nastynate

    nice kicks. cant go wrong with all black. can go with anything

  • rob

    wait.. im confused. the post says gum midsole and outsole.. but i only see a gum outsole. can someone clarify?
    anyways.. those are nice. but.. why cant they make white/gum or black/gum Dunks? not much of an AF1 guy.. more of a Dunk guy.

  • kstate

    yu cant go wrong with these…

  • diego

    one of the classic air force ones… not a big air force head but these i must cop. Simple and tough lookin kick… and for $88? damn, merry christmas me!


    SIMPLICITY RULES!! 8. wish they had dunks like these. low cuts of course

  • Richard W.

    I don’t really dig newer release AF1’s but these are nice, Leather looks awful though.. Seems like it gets worse every year they release AF1’s!

  • Richard W.

    This is a def classic tho

  • dablkrican

    damn flashback i always loved the gum soles i had these back in 93 and 03/04


    I like these!!!

  • nick katherina

    I did notice that finishline has had these released, but they retail their forces for a higher price then footlocker, footlockers release is a set date for a reason.
    P.s. footlocker owns finish line, so mr. store 141, bow down to me!!

  • Original_Stylez

    Fresh, point blank, period. A definte purchase.

  • maurice

    i already have these, they been came out like 3 weeks ago in finishline they fresh tho

  • Darneezy

    Sold on that gum bottom!

  • J Money

    These are a must cop. Classic gum bottoms, I remember i had these 4 or 5 years ago, only high top. I’ll be there soon as they open up.

  • MotorCityBandit

    A1, coppin 2 pair!

  • ImfromHtown

    On the contrary, this original Nike Air Force 1 possesses a full gum bottom (outsole and midsole). – Matt

    ughhh Matt these don’t possess a full gum midsole these forces only possesses a gum outsole.

  • greenmaker24

    they r ok

  • young G. S.

    off tha chain….


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