Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White

Air Jordan 1 Hi Strap White/Black-Varsity RedIn September, we showed you a brand new colorway of the Air Jordan 23 dubbed the Air Jordan 23 Motorsports. Along with the Motorsports Edition, this Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White
will release on November 28th, 2008.

This Air Jordan 23 features a black, red and white stitched pattern on the side panels with a varsity red midsole. If you Jordan feigns are feeling these, we have a little bad news. Only 2,298 pair have been produced, therefore, hit the retailers early.

Wouldn’t it be nice to play for the Chicago Bulls and have these at your disposal? Derrick Rose should ask Adidas if he can step out of that contract for one night and hoop in these! Which are better: the Motorsports Edition or this colorway?

Via Sole-Locker.

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Air Jordan 23
Black/Varsity Red-White
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Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White
Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White

Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White
Air Jordan 23 Black/Varsity Red-White


  1. RULER OF NY says:

    love these! love the UNC and Motorsports too. Cant wait for Black Friday

  2. svenblack says:


  3. bulldogskoleff says:

    these are dope but the motorsports still take my vote

  4. DBone says:

    MAN!!! I want these real bad. Why does jb have to make the sickest j’s so hard to get?? Just put em out and make your money! oh and put the 11′s out in mutiple colors and make your money already oh yea and first punk

  5. Adam says:

    these are deffinitely fresh but im gonna have to go with the motorsports on black friday

  6. donta says:

    i don’t like any of the 23s

  7. Jedi_23 says:

    NOT FAIR THEY SHOULD MAKE THOSE CRAP SIX RINGS AND FUSIONS LIMITED…THE LESS I C OF THOSE THE BETTER…man these suckers bring so serious heat….I MUST HAVE…sh*t but i wanna pay reg. price for these….DOWN WITH 6RINGS AND FUSIONS…dont let them massacre our memories…

  8. iceberg313 says:

    man these are by far better than the motor sports and by far the best 23′s i have ever seen

  9. yadada says:

    clean but coping the motorsports

  10. soulie17 says:

    wow does anyone know if theyll be coming out in size seven so that those of us with small feet can get a pair

  11. MJSF says:

    Very clean cw but the “Old Love” XX3 are still BETTER!!

  12. kevin chea says:

    i think these look better than the motorsports. but dont get me wrong, the motorsports are clean as hell too.

  13. JP says:

    i like the motorsports better, but I think im gonna cop both.
    Hope these realease at a spot by me.

  14. Sanerio14 says:

    i like theez ..but so many red white black color ways…the motor sports have my vote..sumtimes sneakers get too saturated with one particular colorway..i understand that jays come out in the bred colors to honor the man who made the bulls champs 6 times…but blue is still a hot color to put on a sneaker. so im goin with the motorsports

  15. shaji says:

    the 23s r the ugliest of all the jordans

  16. georgebobersonthethird says:

    wow these are better than the motorsports

  17. solesaved says:

    They Nice but i like the motorsports better.

  18. kurtbert says:

    I’m liking these a lot, especially since I can cop and not have to deal with millions of Hypebeasts rockin em

  19. xxcoreyxx says:

    I cant decide, way’ta throw a monkey wrench in my black friday
    derz kicks and jays comin out evry weekend dis month so im goin be droppin sum serious cash!

  20. Marc G. says:

    Hey #15 do u own a pair of 23′s they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put my foot in and they dnt look bad. it took me a minute u like um but u say there tha wackest jordan 2 date u probably own every fusion and luv um