Nike Air Max 1 Made of Fruit Defill and Milcke have collaborated to bring us Nike’s Made of Fruit. This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen! Talk about getting creative, and I thought I was cool because I was about to carve some AJ III’s in my pumpkin for halloween. The Air Max One and the Nike Dunk are the two versions of these fruit based shoes.

If I had to guess, it looks like some tomatoes, maybe some eggplant, and some lemon make for a nice colorway on the Air Max One. While the Dunk seems to be maid of cucumber, some kiwi skins, and some orange peels. Props to these folks for using all those leftovers in such an incredible way.

Info via HighSnobiety. Check out the photos of each after the break.

Nike Air Max 1 Made of Fruit
Nike Air Max One Made of Fruit

Nike Dunk Made of Fruit
Nike Dunk Made of Fruit


    little avocado? sneaks that make you want to eat??? hhmmmm

  • SimpleThingz21

    I don’t think they’re da 1st ones to do somethin like this. I’ve seen other food-into-sneaker stuff. But these would be da more cleaner look’n ones.

  • BK-Big-Jay

    i would wear these. ooo wait…

  • jj

    ill rock those……


    thats crazy

  • george

    I’m hungry

  • SvenBlack


  • FeelItInYourSole

    Can we say new color ways…lol

  • orthotic

    Some people just got too much time on their hands. But neverteless, pretty awesome.

  • J.King


  • BigHead

    i would rock dees til they got rotten

  • greenmaker24

    thats so hot

  • Petah

    Thats cool, its nice to see some creativity. I’d never be able to do that!!

  • lcsupa

    Laughing at comment 11. Very creative about the fruity shoes though.

  • mrswagga

    these sneakers are fruity!