Nike Air Griffey Max 1

Nike Air Griffey Max 1A couple of weeks ago we showed you the first catalog pictures of the Nike Air Griffey Max 1. While we patiently wait for its Summer 2009 release, we’ve found a clearer picture of the Varsity Royal/White-Black-Volt (shown after the jump) colorway.

This style will drop in June, while the original colorway (White/Black-Fresh Water-Varsity Red) will drop in April. To the surprise of many people, Ken Griffey Jr. has been wearing PE versions of the Air Griffey Max this season.

Check out both colorways after the jump provided by Chajin Young. Which ‘Juniors’ are you going to snag?

Nike Air Griffey Max 1
White/Black-Fresh Water-Varsity Red
April 2009

Nike Air Griffey Max 1
Varsity Royal/White-Black-Volt
June 2009

Nike Air Griffey Max 1
Nike Air Griffey Max 1 (White/Black-Fresh Water-Varsity Red)

Nike Air Griffey Max 1
Nike Air Griffey Max 1 (Varsity Royal/White-Black-Volt)


  1. jackfrost601 says:

    i gotta go and pull mine out of the basement, they are still fresh to me………

  2. Artist says:

    Yo i love the Griffey’s over any nike series Jordans sb air max what ever it is. This IS MY CHILDHOOD Sneaks HOLLA!!!! My mom brought me this when i was younger… now thats special. Bring it back

  3. MZ says:

    Defineitly those blue joints…

  4. abelino says:

    Nice nothing like old school

  5. ghost of keywork says:

    Varsity Royals all the way. I never liked that fauxsuede material in black, shows dirt and wear real quick like.

  6. Jdizzle daGreat says:

    his swing is still the best you ever seen……in the logo! haha definetly gotta cop. all the shoes i didnt get as a kid im gettin myself such as the J-11′s (the best there are of J’s. sorry just my opinion), the Griffey’s (although i had), the Penny IIs and hopefully they bring back the Penny IIIs.

  7. J Vaun says:

    Been waiting 4ever now that I’m grown and got some money, I’m ready for them.

  8. DRED says:

    man i hope griffey & the chi-town sox beat the rays, im from cincinnati and we love him here!!!!!!

  9. DRED says:

    this is the best air max ever. Griffey come back home after you win your first championship. undoubtly you saved baseball twice, once when the strike hit, then now when the steriod era hit. all natural griffey

  10. GoldFlightpositesOn says:

    royals. word. prob both cuz you never gonna see another griffey again

  11. P3 says:

    Both of these will be mine. I have an old school Griffey Jr. jersey for the mariners these would go great with!

  12. yoko says:

    I can’t wait a definite cop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. swanson says:


  14. smitty23 says:

    naw not feeling these griffeys pass!!!!!

  15. yadada says:

    i want the griffey 2s!!!

  16. PR CHewwin says:

    Griffy griffy!!! bring them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JC KS ON THE MAP!!

  17. Gwapo says:

    This is def a top 3 favorite of all time.. couldn’t get them back in the day so I’m scoop both of em this time around.

  18. ThaForced1 says:

    OMG is all i have to say these kicks are straight up childhood memories man if you had a pair oof the griffey’s man you were the buisness i remember i had to beg my mom to gets these omg nike is really doing it this year first the jordans then the pennys and now the griffey wow im excited for reals.

  19. xnyles says:

    yes nike listen to yadada #15 bring those sexy air max griffey 2 back

  20. orthotic says:

    ^^I third that emotion on the Griffey 2s. But anyway, those Griffey 1s do bring serious emotions for me. This is one of the very few non-J’s that will even make a grown man cry.