Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-Black

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Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-BlackWe know lots of you love the Nike Air Force 180. Who doesn’t? We showed you the Bumble Bees last week. This week we have the upcoming November drop, the Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-Black. So if the yellow on the Bumble Bees is to bright for you, then this joint is a little more subtle. Nothing better than a pair of retro kicks in a neutral colorway right? They can pretty much go with anything in the closet. Plus if you don’t know, there is some serious history behind the Air Force 180. Do your homework, then go pick these up. You won’t regret it.

Take a closer look after the jump. Let us know…what is it about the Air Max 180 that makes it so irresistible?

Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-Black
Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-Black

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21 Comments on "Nike Air Force 180 Black/Cool Grey-White-Black"

  1. dave

    anybody remember those rave pink and grey ones from a few years back? with the orange lining? those were my faves

    something about a grey 180 just makes my heart melt…these are dope too!

  2. orthotic

    I hated those pink and grey ones back then with a passion…that was WAY too much for me. But this color is just alright, they’re rockable. But I like the Bumblebees better.

  3. jibbycanoe

    would pick these up if they were nubuck but they appear to be leather. and knowing Nikes leather quality I will have to pass

  4. Swood

    I dig the colorway but not the choice of material. The bumble bees are a better buy, nubuck is the way to go.

  5. FlY Or Die

    these are descent but now a must cop the pick ones withe speckles were the best one to me the need to come out with a new colorway but the limted finish line edition were the best if u ask me

  6. Give me the original black/grey (silver) colorway in these and i’m straight…i’d take the black/royal too …all the others are just ‘aight’.

    P.S. Wish I could find the pink/grey that nobody seems to like :-(

  7. I know I’m alone of this but…

    I don’t ever wabt to this this sneaker in another colorway. I have the blk/red/blue playoff one that Chuck wore and the olympic retro. Beside the one Matt displayed on Throwback thursday, Nike should “Kill the noise!”

    This shoe used to mean something. Bring backs the highs…play around with them!

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