Supra Skytop Black/Purple Detailed Look

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Supra Muska Skytop Black/PurpleSupra has been doing it big this year. They keep it coming with the next release from the Supra Holiday 2008 lineup, the Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple. With croc-skin like accents, and purple crackle print, this release is sure to fly off the shelves. Do we even need to mention that the Skytop features gum bottoms, Suprafoam, and a stash pocket? Or have you already called up your spot to order them? If you haven’t, then take a look at the pics after the jump, where we have an in depth look at this shoe, featuring lots of close ups. I can’t decide, do I cop these or the Blue Tigers we showed you yesterday?

These should be hittin’ the shelves of your local Supra dealer in late October for a price of about $110.

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple
Supra Muska Skytop Black/Purple

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81 Comments on "Supra Skytop Black/Purple Detailed Look"

  1. m.camacho04

    i agree ^ everyday theres news about supras!!! does anyone know a good dealer in L.A?? im trying to get a hold of the purple and gold vaiders!!!

  2. kurtbert

    These go freakin HARDDD!!! Matt these are def. crazier than the blue tigers I know i’m coppin these no doubt to go back to back with my black patent skies

  3. Dee

    ive been wantin supras for awhile..
    but since lil wayne wore em i cant get em witout ppl thinkin im jockin..

  4. deon918

    These are dope an does anybody know a good way to clean the soles because idk know if it’s just me but these shoes just attract dirt LOL

  5. Dizzy

    hmmm ill cop just to have em but ill rock dem blue tigers forreal

    anybody know any dealers in H-town? hit me up definitely

  6. Danny

    deanthatkid i’m from bk and i know a couple of spots….one thats close by me is called roots or i think the name changed its on church ave and E 21st street email me at and i’ll give you other stores in nyc

  7. Danny

    i love when kicks like these come out this is the true essence of fresh kicks….while jordan keeps making a mockery out of the shoe game by putting bs kicks out just because he knows ignorant people will buy it just because o the name shame on him

  8. prettymack1989

    yea, i gotta agree wit comment number 3.

    niccaz wasn’t even effin wit des jants till weezy put his feet in dem and jay z was da first nicca dat i seen wit dem on. . . . den came Kanye and Lupe den weezy. niccaz be sackin da shyt outta weezy mayne. mekes it hard for me to want to listen to shyt dat nicca say now

  9. youngdealwit


  10. E-MAN

    actually to the above comments, wasnt chris brown one of the 1st people to wear skytops? i saw him on the cover of some magazine a while back before skytops were on the map. he was rockin the gold ones.

  11. kurtbert

    haha everyone’s so concerned about everyone coppying all the artists and this and that, we get it, weezy did hype up Supra, but here’s a fact that I’m sure people will be able to back me up with and there’s proof here on this page. If Supra is keepin’ their kicks as limited as they are that there are people from Brooklyn, Houston, and L.A. wondering where they can cop, don’t you think that the Hype isn’t that much? These are definitely still a true sneakerhead’s shoe, and maybe there are the few who have a convenient local shop and they only copped because they watched the VMA’s, however the people who actually scoped out Jay, Kanye, Lupe, and Weezy rockin these are sneakerheads in the essence. I mean, when I’m with my friends and my girlfriend they’re always on me because the first thing i notice about someones appearance is their kicks. And going back to the limited thing, I’m a huge Jordan fan, will always support the designs, however you can’t compare any hype to that because you can’t just walk into any sneaker shop and cop a pair of skytops, but damn you can walk into a beat up olympia sports and find at least one pair of retro jordans.

  12. zeebling02

    26 i agree…i kno where to get mine tho lmao…but these are jus ok…that suede looks real cheap and worn after a couple of wears i have the all black croc skins n they look raggidy…but where is the stash pocket in these kicks? i have madd skytops n i havent noticed a stash pocket…

  13. ohiosnkrhead

    The stash pocket is reallllly low on the inside part of the tounge, atleast on my NS Metallic Silver Skytops. And I agree with 26, sneakerheads notice sneakers, not hype! For example, I noticed Lil’ Wayne’s collection of Supras at the VMA’s and I texted my closer sneakerhead friends to see if they too were watching and had seen them. What I didn’t do was think to myself “Weezy rocks Supras, I need to get a pair!(or in my case, another pair.. not boasting- too much).

  14. ohiosnkrhead

    Oh yeah, about these, I like the Blue Tigers better. There are too many different materials going on here for me. Purple Patent Turtle Shell? + Black Patent Crock + Black Tuf + Grey Perf = Too much for me!

  15. marq

    i dun wear shoes cause wayne did no1 see the complex n jay has no swag lupe had the silver ns on b4 they came out … kanye prolly jays personal stylist … n godson rocks alife u gotta have mean swag to pull some bright shit off but yeah f**k jay z wayne n any1 ppl talk about freshness is a state of mind dont cop sumthin cause a rapper b urself n u dun gotta worry whos rockin wat … wayne is makin me not wanna rock supras though hate him wita passion

  16. Boogie

    Umm ok^^^
    Anyway I need some skytops, they arnt really big here in richmond va yet but I do know where to get em. I need to get some quickly I woulda been done that, I saw them in the shope the black and red tuff janks. I think I got some dunks instead…

  17. shoehead

    i dont care whose rockin what cuz at the end of the day i am an you aint lookin fresha than me yo ( thats the swag you gotta have period wit kicks an clothes in general ) do you an dont do somebody else

  18. TokyoMike

    Weezy, Jay Z, who gives a f+@k who wears Supra….wear it if YOU like it……guarantee Jay Z don’t give a eff WTF you’re wearing on a daily basis….

  19. andy

    i mean weezy is wack most people wanted them becuase jay rocked the gold 24c ones but i think its a good look its helpingthe supra brand grow
    their straight fire must cop

  20. sham

    Supras are fire…i got the black skytop crocs….niceshoes…suede doesnt get dirty….but the white part of the soles are DIRT MAGNETS….other than that they are nice…comfortable too

  21. yung albino

    I gotta find a spot to get me some of these sneaker shops i go to have got everything except Supra’s in stock.

  22. KWA-LUH-TEE!
    Very nice quality in these…

    Yes, Lil’ Wayne pretty much did kill a particular buzz with the Supra line, even Pleasure P (formerly of Pretty Ricky), but as someone stated if they keep the line in limited/select areas and stores, as well as limited editions, there should be no problems.

    And the way I see it, most of these “Wayne Heads” are too “thuggish” (so-called) to rock Supra anything, as is. They’re still too focused on lollipop colored Jordans and Fusions, that never were produced.

    -No pun intended- LOL!

  23. nate

    28…and to evry other supposed shoehead…if u was a real supra collector youd realize the stash pocket is in the inside of the tongue of the shoe wear it has the size shown its velcro…the stash is big enough to fit a at least a dub in there probally 2…i fit i a dime in thier no problem…lol

  24. yo to whoever asked about Supras in Chicago, the best place is Leaders (either location) or Modest, but you’re better off getting them from, especially if you about to get more than one pair, cuz it ends up being cheaper.


    yo i hate the fact that ppl hoppin on tha supra scene cuzz they seen wack ass wayne rockin them…me and my friends dont skateboard or nothin but we been rockin supras months b4 wayne put them in his vid…now everybody jockin…soon supras will be like air forces…EVERYBODY WILL START ROCKIN THEM OUT THA ASS…and i hate that…it takes away tha uniqueness about you…anyways…about tha kicks…they are FIRE…i love these better than the floral skytops…unfortunately i moved to south carolina and idk any shops to buy skytops around here…can anyone help me…the store can be anywhere on the east coast…i dont care…just give me tha website…thanx in advance


    and to every “supra collector” who didnt know where the stash pocket was…LMAO…what a bunch of lames…gotta be fakes wih no pocket, or you a complete idiot…


    kurtbert…i already done that…its downtown from where i live…just 1 store…and i tried to do the 100 mile radius of my zip code but some error showed up…so yea…i tried but it sucks…does anyone know legit sites to buy from other than the ones on the supra footwear website?…

  28. Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All yall stupid Chris brown did wear them first. I repeat!!!!! not Jayz!!!!!
    Just cuz wayne wore them at the VmAS dont mean people gonna rock them. Some people dont even notice the shoe nor try to find out, like if its important.
    If you like em, great! if you have a problem with wayne wearing then than just shut up and dont buy them. No one cares.. thats you.

    Now… lets get to the real topic!
    This shoes are soooo fresh!


    uhh…i disagree with u Shut up!!!!!!!!!!…4 tha simple fact that ppl jock wayne so much, they are gonna rock these kicks…teens are easily influenced by what they see their favorite celeb doin…so they see wayne rockin supras, they wanna google it and buy some…and tha reason no one realize chris had them was because more ppl jock wayne then chris…and majority of chris fans are females…and mostly dudes like wayne…i guarantee that most of the ppl talkin bout supras are males…get what im sayin?…i dont have a problem with wayne rockin them…i jus have a problem with otha ppl rockin them jus because they seen wayne rockin them…and yea… tha kicks are fresh…

  30. KHALIS

    and the fact that lil wayne has all rlllly pisses me off, i hate this guy once i saw him wearing supras, killed the hole fact, but still wear what u want there fresh.

  31. kurtbert

    yo skytop is a legit site, they jack the prices a little bit but its well worth it if you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores.

  32. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea I sooo agree with u skytop fanatic ur right but f” em’. If the media would just shut up about it then no one would of known.
    I know where they sell these kicks.

  33. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

    give me ur email and I’ll tell you. I know where they sell the blue tigers too. Since I’m a girl I bought the purple and black kicks pictured above. Better yet hit me up on myspace.


    kapn karl…i knew where to get them when i was in n.y…from a store…but since i moved down here in s.c there is only one spot that sells skateboard shoes…not neccessarily supras…so i was askin for legit sites to buy them…

  35. SupraKing

    ppls is funny tha first ppl rockin supra was skaters not hip hop artists.get familiar. but real talk supra is takin over he game f..k jordans. fresh kicks at a good price. thats what it is.

  36. these are fresh, and i been on supras since last fall, before i seen any celeb with them, idk why people feel the need to rely on them anyways, have ur own style ur own swag ya know, just like i had the red patent leather supras before i seen weezy with them on the vmas, just because he had them on isnt gonna make me stop wearing them, lol

  37. dom da don

    its supra skytops all the way for me! not really feeling the other styles got about 7 pairs to my collection all real. mi nah deal wit fakes seen!!!

  38. aaron agee

    i kno that if you live in the oceanside area of cali. you can get supras at black wax and by the beach in oceanside in those t-shirt shops.. i fyour from there then you know wut im talkin about, if you live in vegas then try Industrial and Zumiez

  39. BenJ

    I got these today from off the hook in Montreal! They are so nice and warm for this winter!!
    That sucks, supra doesn’t make the red/white zebras anymore… they were so cool!

  40. lil tyga

    ever since i known about supra I been rocking them in the hood me and lil brother everybody ask us where we get’em at, I started sporting them before wayne and Jay, excuswe me Mr. Gay’s lol… young money baby

  41. Ben boy

    I really like these shoes and if you can find any in amarican size 4 or uk size 3 i will thank you for leaving back a comment :)

  42. King Gabriel

    real talk. them blue tigers look straight in pictures but wen you see em’ in persom they wack…the blue is too light…

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