Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3King James and Nike plan to drop 2 colorways of the Nike Zoom Soldier 3 during Summer 2009. Nike continues to back Lebron by dropping so many different styles of his shoe. Nike sure seems to be fulfilling every dollar of that $90 million contract they agreed upon. The Zoom Soldier, Lebron’s 2008 playoff sneaker, is the third installment of this model. The Zoom Soldier 3 possesses a strap on the front of the shoe, a throwback feature, first seen on the Nike Zoom LeBron 20-5-5. The sneaker is very reminiscent of the Nike Zoom LeBron 20-5-5 and also embellishes some characteristics of the Zoom LeBron III. Two colorways, Black/White/Red and White/Navy, have been released on the internet so far. These kicks will retail for $110, as did the Zoom Soldier 2. Lebron James will have more Nike collaborations than Jordan if they keep this up! Is LBJ and Nike building a legacy together? Click the jump to see the other colorway.
Thanks to niketalk.com for the pics

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3
Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3
Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 3


  1. JoRdAnS says:

    1st color way is cool

  2. Troy says:

    Black look slighty decent..blue looks generic as hell..wouldnt buy either

  3. ripjordan says:

    this looks 90% like the lebron 3s

  4. jordanhead312 says:

    not much creativity on this one

  5. Big L says:

    If people think these are hot but think the scrapped VI’s aren’t you guys have no taste…..Expect these in outlet’s a month after release. If even that long

  6. $crilla says:

    Me being from da same place as this dude, I agree deez shoes is ugly and he don’t even show love to us.

  7. $crilla says:

    7714 Ent. coming soon.

  8. orthotic says:

    They probably look aiight to ball in but they just look like some dumbed down lebron 3s. They dont look too bad but they wont be in my closet.

  9. solesaved says:

    The do look like revamped 3′s

  10. soulie17 says:

    pics for the zoom soldier three already the 2′s just came out a little while ago!!!!

  11. E-MAN says:

    just re-release the lebron III’s and i’ll be happy.

  12. BK-Big-Jay says:

    Lebron. King of the ball kicks. nobody can stand next to this guy right now. not even kobe.best shoes around

  13. C$ says:

    the zoom soldiers are always my favorite of Lebron’s shoes.


    Best shoes around right now (for balling) are the hyperdunks imo. Overall though, I do agree that Bron’s shoes perform really well, especially if you play a power game.

  14. oldjumpman says:


  15. dopematic3002 says:

    They’re too close to the III’s, my personal favorites, so they aren’t too hot. The black ones look better.

  16. jbkickz.com says:

    Nike needs more staff on R&D department!!!

  17. mark says:

    these are ok but it doesnt matter if lebron has more shoes than mike hes never gonna be as good

  18. Nasty_Naj says:

    unless you have lebron hops these heavey shoes will bring you down…therefore hyperdunks it is

  19. shuttlesworth_9 says:

    Heavy shoes alright, that’s why LB shoes are not selling well in Pinas.

  20. JerseyCityStandUp says:

    why did the remake the le’Bron 3′s ?????…nike is running out of ideas