Jordan True Flight

Jordan True Flight French Blue & Cardinals

Last week Nice Kicks brought you the first look at the upcoming Jordan True Flight, but there are additional colorways on the way to get excited about. Taking color cues from probably the greatest retro colorway and another classic, the True Flight will make be assembled in versions that resemble the “French Blue” retros from ’02 and the “Cardinal Red” that were first released in ’92 and in ’06.

Jordan Brand will be taking a break from retros for the first part of 2009 so the Fusions, True Flights, and Jordan 2009′s will be responsible for fulfilling the Jumpman demand. Pics of these Air Jordans thanks to SCE and Opium Barcelona.

Jordan True Flight French Blue
Air Jordan True Flight “French Blue”

Jordan True Flight Cardinals
Air Jordan True Flight “Cardinals”


  1. Hotsizzle says:

    if u play ball these would be great. but to look good i stick to the original 7′s

  2. Brave says:

    I hate ‘em!!!!! and i aint a Hater!!!!!

  3. Vira says:

    gotta start making other shoes other than retros, good shoe!!

  4. Dee says:

    Hotsizzles right..
    i dont see em bein everyday casual wear.. but it’ll b an easy way to seperate urs from all tha fakes.. haha..

  5. Nice Kicks says:

    If Jordan retroed EVERY shoe in EVERY color anyone would want, I don’t think that the brand would be in much demand after a few years tops.

    The longevity of the brand rests in the new creations the Jumpman can be applied to.

  6. ChRizBrEezE says:

    Diz are no news ideas at all just changes part they need to brings heads together and come up with new compsets…JORDAN BRAND GET YA HEADS OUT YA ASS

  7. jabz215 says:

    These look like cheap immatation walmart J’s.? Not to mention the “Buzz kill” with a Cardinal colorway?? I do agree with Comment 4, but the reason EVERYONE wants retros is because they havent put anything out worth buying latley… but the retros.IMO. I do not know whats going on with JB but they seem to be concerned more these days with making money…then making classic shoes that will be loved for years to come. It is true that the 90′s will never return…But I feel the least JB could do is give it a try. Who in the hell will be wearing a pair of these S*%ts in 15 yrs?

    PS– for you cats that feel the shoes need upgrades.. better this and better that.. The old man had no problems performing in them.. MAYBE its your GAME that needs the upgrade….WORK ETHIC makes champions not sneakers.

  8. Brian Fresh says:

    French Blue those R fire i like how they spiced up the retro 7 look a lil bit betta

  9. Twebb says:

    Like #1 said probably a great shoe to ball in. But as for just sportin with your gear not a good look. It’s just something about em but I can’t put my finger on it.

  10. Manuel Oropeza says:

    im starting to think that the photography has more to do with the comments left than the actual shoe itself. Everyone was loving the all black model with red stitching, which coincidentally, had way better snapshots than these cellphone quality pics….just sayin..

  11. iceberg313 says:

    i like this concept of upgrading jordans to give them a lil different look. and to comment 6 i agree with most of what you said jordan did play in all his shoes but he did say that some of them did get a bit uncomfortable like the 8′s that mad his feet sweat alot and wear very heavy and also the 10′s but just like you said he still perfomred in them and perfomred in them well. i like this idea of upgrading the retros because its like your getting something new but at the same time you still have a retro feel also

  12. jay billz says:

    yo if u like wearin shoes that look like sum fakes then these are perfect for u..these are trash..feed em to oscar the grouch.

  13. fliprg91 says:

    nice colorways i think it would be fire if they put a olympic colorway out also…
    what do you mean there hasnt been a retros “woth buying”. They retro’d atleast every classic colorway in the CDPs.
    I think the looked better in the Black colorway that was shown last. But these two new ones look like they’ll sell. these look way better than the 6 rings or the Spiz’ikes IMO.

  14. Nasty_Naj says:

    quite frankly im ready for an entirely new sneaker, a diffrent concept. every new model seems to be based of an old design. i like the direction they were going with the 23′s just seems like a lot of people cant let go of the past…i love and have plenty of og’s but a lot of people cling to the older designs so much we’re never going to get anything new…these are ok i guess but im ready for something new jb…

  15. RULER of NY says:


    I’ll say it again. Lets move out of the 90′s and into the present. eff the future, it’s tough enough to get people out of the past.

  16. lcsupa says:

    This is 2008 going into 2009, I am pleased where JB is going with the models. I’ve BEEN READY for something knew. There’s nothing wrong with retros, but Jordans from the past are getting played out and overrated. I love these TRUE FLIGHTS, straight FIRE!!

  17. illmatic@ya says:

    i also agree wit #1, these do look good to play ball in. But casual wise, im not sure.

  18. Brian Fresh says:

    well ill rock the french blues wit a french blue polo and call it a day.

  19. thakickboss11 says:

    i don’t like em i would rather have 6 rings than these and i dont like 6 rings