There is someone who makes the actual Marty Mcfly shoes he wore in the Back to the Future movies! Yes someone can actually make you a pair! How about that? These were worn by Sole collector board member Euthanasia and are probably the most detailed replica of the shoe. The shoe even lights up the Nike on the power lacing system and the pair is now up for grabs at RIF LA More Pictures after the jump!

Nike Air Mag
Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag
Nike Air Mag

  • Dee

    Close, But No Cigar..

    theyre cool n all for replicas..
    But theyre too puffy..
    N jus look a lil funny..

  • NPF 65

    I would pay 500 for the real one’s, i’ll give ya 150 for these fakes

  • NPF 65

    They are 2000 ofn that site you cant do that to a 19 year old

  • RULER of NY

    he had those on ebay 3 times and never got the price he wanted so he kept re-listing. I think the highest I saw was 700 on ebay. Its funny how people who arent even involved with kicks tried to milk the McFly HD release

  • nikeindabutt

    The movie brings back all kinds of fond childhood memories from the 80’s but I never have and never will get the fascination with the McFlys…it’s like a shoe legend that stayed popular just because…

  • chris32

    the strap is 2 low the things at the top dont hang on the trap like that but i would wear…………………. if they were the one in the movie lol

  • greenmaker24

    saw some1 with a pair on sneakerplay

  • E.Fontenette

    Yeah, these aren’t all that. I saw someone at the sneaker summit with a better pair on. His looked just like the ones from the film. I give you props for trying though but, they need more work.

  • joy

    wow, a replica that Comes with a certificate of authenticity lol

  • Air Daniel

    I can see people wearing these type of shoes in 2050!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  • BK-Big-Jay

    these are ugly as hell. they look nothing like the ones he had. good for a replica i guess

  • J.King

    Wow! Credible fakes?

    I bet there are ones who really like these but at the same time rip fakes. Are these not the same thing?


  • Levi Jr.

    these are hott but why did they wait so long to do these now?!?!? 300 is the max, i gott other shoes 2 buy thats more rare than these

  • smitty23

    I would not be caught dead in these………

  • swanson


  • SWiFT

    i feel like i could take off n go to space wit these astronaut kickz…dam peopple would cop anything juss becuz of the name or backround SMH

  • SWiFT

    these look more like astronaut kickz rather than mcfly’s but hey nike knows wat they doin so i dont question them…these are wack to my eyes but they probably a geek’s dream

  • ghostface

    nike logo lights up!!! it looks cool

  • Oskar

    where can I buy those
    cuzz I’m in love xD

  • Carlo

    close but not that close. Anybody have a clue what shoe he used to customize with?

  • Caleb

    Look like hyperdunks

  • peyjey1

    nobody know where i can find Nike air mag replica?

  • georgey25

    Email me what size do you want? I have a freind who has couple pairs

  • BrandonCossaboon

    Hey where can I get a pair of these, and how much for one?