Nike Hyperdunk PreorderTomorrow the “McFly” Nike Hyperdunk will release at select locations but Finishline has just posted two colorways of the Nike Hyperdunks you can pre-order. The two pairs are the Black/Anthracite and the White/Dark Obsidian color that the US Olympic team will wear during the upcoming Olympic Games.

Despite being what is said to be the most technologically advanced basketball shoe, the price says anything but that. Special editions of the Hyperdunk have sold for $240 and $200 at retail, but these and all other Hyperdunks retail for $109.99. You can reserve your pair at Finishline.

UPDATE:?? Nike Hyperdunks are no longer available for pre-sale – you will need to wait for the nationwide release on July 26th.

Nike Hyperdunk Preorder
Nike Hyperdunk – Black/Anthracite

Nike Hyperdunk Preorder
Nike Hyperdunk – White/Dark Obsidian

  • sneakFREAK

    People may think I am nuts but the Black/Anthracites look crazy good with jeans. The MC at the Olympic event in NYC was rocking those and they looked hella good.

    I bet those shoes are hella breathable too and I am not tripping at a $110 price tag. Looks like Nike is realizing the economy is down and not trying to murder us like before lol.

  • JC

    yea youre not crazy sneakFREAK, da Black/Anthracite ones are TIGHT!! especially wit jeans. these kicks are worth $110. but i wanna see da Olympic ones too.

  • mo3

    yea you guys are weired cause the hyperdunk is a basketball shoe not a shoe 2 rock with jeans lol

  • Nice Kicks

    ^ As is the Air Force 1, Dunk, every Air Jordan, Flightposite, Foamposite, and about a billion other basketball shoes…

  • db29

    the tech in this shoe blows me away…space lol. next nike gonna just have built in rocket booster and anti-aircraft missiles

  • Matthew

    mo3 please dont be ignorant…Chucks were designed to be basketball shoes but have you seen anyone recently were chucks to ball in…NO!!! so sneakFreak and JC i agree i would like to see these wit jeans but i would love to see the McFly’s with jeans too…PEACE


    These grew on me. When I first saw Kobe with em I thought they were a lil’ luke warm, but the Marty McFly’s kinda made me say damn….. and these are not as flashy but they’re still a clean looking shoe.

  • Toite3x3ninjah

    im on it!

  • Pastor Troy

    Hey Matt just came back from Champs out here in California and they let me check out the Hyperdunks. Being a person that plays ball I found them to be very very light and sturdy as well. I think this will be a very good on court shoe. I was also shocked that the retail will be $110. I thought for sure they would be around 149.99 or more

    On another note have you seen the Nike Zoom Blur yet? I saw them on eastbay’s website and they are going for like 87 dollars. I wanted to see if you hand any info on them. I couldnt believe they were that cheap. They look like they are on the same line as the Nike Zoom BB 2 and that is a good shoe which I couldnt believe were under 100 bucks. That is a very lightweight and comfortable shoe to play ball in and most of the college teams sponsered by Nike and NBA players wore them this past season.

  • Flatsole

    I’ll wait for more colorways

  • glen mac

    dope shoe, boring colorways.

  • http://www.myspace/ John 23

    Ordered mine! Love the all black. Im usually lucky enough to get my hands on many limited shoes but I couldnt get the mcflys and refuse to pay over 7 bills for them so these will do i guess! 109 great steal!

  • E.Fontenette

    You can actually buy these on! I just ordered the Olympic ones. They are tight, can’t wait for more colorways.

  • abelino

    No doubt these are off the chains I copping both pair’s and these will be my first KOBE’s ever

  • solesaved

    Didn’t Jordan use that most technologically advance basketball shoe line for the XX3’s. I’m really starting to come around on these would to get them in white.

  • Retro 3

    These black ones i might have to purchase, they’re quite bone-hardening i might say.

  • YouKnow

    i expect these will sell really well. im diggin em.

  • atomic sushi

    I’m curious..why does every sneakerhead wear baggy jeans? that’s probably why they can wear their bball shoes with jeans. if you wear the nice cut jeans, the only bball shoe you could wear is probably the nike dunks and the retro ones like the clydes, chucks and superstars…


    Might just cop the black ones!!!!
    Those are super fresh!!!!
    I bet they are super comfortable!!!!

  • greenmaker24

    very ugly

  • http://kJHBL mike

    are these shoes worth some money??? because i seen the other ones the first ones that release and i seen some people sell them for over 1grand

  • yowza

    these are hot…saw them yesterday but i cant cop dem til da 26th…lol…damn foot locker policy…they are hot

  • FearGODnotthem

    Just $110!!!! I thought they were gonna be so much more dont get me wrong $110 is alright with me

  • jumpmanlover6679

    u fellas r diz shooz gud 4 Ndoor/Outdoor 2….well, i would say da blck one will be a good one as u know it goes with everthing. and hoping they’ll more colorways to come-out.

  • thethrill909

    are the white 1’s the 1’s the US is gonna be rockin in the olympics?

  • thethrill909

    ^ I forgot to ask, any info on any other colorways that might come out? And why is it only goin for $109.00 with the supposed technology? Don’t make any damn sense. Dop as hell though.

  • zeebling

    CRACK!! def a ballin shoe…these are CRAZY light and cheap too…cant lose w/ these…

  • JayMac

    These are gonna be mine but went to pickyourshoes and they don’t have my size…..Guess I will wait for Finish Line.

  • MC

    I’ve seen a pair with a Navy/White/Carolina Blue colorway on eBay which is by far better than both of these but any are a must cop

  • jaypee

    @comment 1, do they realllyyy??? got a pic lol

  • http://fd rb

    Looks like FNL sold out of dez joints or stopped pre-sellin them.. I guess I’ll have to wait till the 26th

  • R.A

    ill rock them to play ball

  • GoonakaSlim

    They look alright but they also look like the 2K5s just newer

  • igotsharte

    I can wait until i get them for team shoes.. any idea on the grip on these?

  • david

    Um. You definitely shouldn’t rock these with jeans, these are purely for basketball. Sure, Jordans and Chucks are basketball shoes, but no one wears Jordans for actual competition anymore, except for maybe the 20s through 23s. And don’t even get me started on Chucks (basketball players haven’t worn those since like the 50s). Not to mention neither of those brands are 110 dollars per pair. In other words, don’t waste your money on these shoes if you’re just going to walk around in them. Put the technology to use and play ball in em!!