Air Jordan Spizike Black Lime Green PurpleIt is becoming very clear that Jordan Brand isn’t giving up the Spizike without a fight. Gentry Humphrey was on hand at Quai 54, the biggest streetball tournament in Europe where Jordan Brand is the headlining sponsor. He was spotted wearing a pair of Black/Lime Green-Purple Spizikes that are supposedly another European release for December.

Nothing is 100% confirmed, but it would definitely be consistent with the trends for these to be an exclusive overseas or possibly to Opium. For now we can only guess and enjoy the photos sent to us by lesitedelasneaker.

Air Jordan Spizike Black Lime Green Purple
Air Jordan Spizike Black/Lime Green-Purple

Air Jordan Spizike Black Lime Green Purple
Air Jordan Spizike Black/Lime Green-Purple

  • monk41

    why do they look fake

    • james

      no shut the fuck up

  • shoehead

    im going to be mad if these are an overseas exclusive i want a pair might as well call them the teenage mutant ninja turtles spizike thats exactly what they remind me of out of spizike name

  • Jabz215

    Dear JB, The Spizike’s and the Fusions are a TERRIBLE CONCEPT in my mind. Most of these kids now days just dont remember the GOOD OL’ DAYS!! Please stop with these FRANKENJORDANS there killing the classics!! IT DOSENT MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU PAINT $%*t ITS STILL $%*t!

  • Boogie

    Well if you don’t paint $*#t a $*#ty color than will become the $*#t, lol! Naw these janks rock colors are nice if they release in the us I might get em

  • Flatsole

    Damn…nothing like originals anymore.



  • u “CANT” find these

    i feel u im a youngn thier is nothn like then OG but their are a couple nice spizikes and these are def 1 of em cuz its not a fn rainbow just a couple solid colors

  • mike

    Looking like some Incredible Hulk Spizikes

  • jordanhead312

    im sorry but these look really fake theyre ruining spizike with these wack colorways


    Cool Grey Spiz’ikes are crushing all others.

  • E-MAN

    i agree with comment #2. TOO MANY SPIZIKES AND TOO MANY FUSIONS!!!

  • Ian P.

    I’m feeling the ninja turtle Spizikes…

    (did I say that out loud?)lol

  • Air23Jay

    hahaha exactly that look like HULK color! i rather like those if this coming up i do get them!

  • P3


  • TechNutt

    These are starting to grow on me. But these joints don’t look good with shorts…..none of the black-based Spiz’ikes do, imo.


    …too many fusions but i personally love spizikes…but there are wayyyy too many color ways now…black/gold…this..the ny knicks one spotted before…ew. looks like flea market. every spizike up to the dtrt and cements are the only hard ones

  • bkbigjay

    my guess is they are releasing so much of these because they will never release these again. lol, well not for like another 10 years

  • poe poe

    i love the spizikes! the hotest colorway ever would be solid black with original elephent print (grey and black), with a red jumpman on the tongue. that simple, no flash, just original jordan 3 colorway. then i would sleep outside of nike town to buy that colorway. just a thought.

  • YouKnow

    the spizikes are definately warmin up to me i like this colorway.

  • da 13 year old sneakerhead

    yall need 2 stop hatin just face it jb is gonna keep releasing different colors and stuff so u minus well stop whining, this generation wants sumn new not the same old shoe over and over/ dont get me wrong i love da og colorways but we all just need 2 move on / jb keep doin wat u do / oh yeah these ninja turtle spi’zikes are hard and yall know it

  • Solesaved

    It ain’t over i’ll bet another colorway is waiting in the shadows i thought they should eased up with all the colorways a ways back but i still think these is crazy

  • Giraud35

    Jabz215 is right stop the fusions stop the spizikes start making retros. stop focusing on the fusions and make some good retros. the only good fusion was the 12. the 5 was not so hot. the colors wernt so hot and it looks to much like the regular 5. the 3 is straight garbage it doesnt even look like a fusion. it looks just like a regular 3 with a thicker sole. how bout jordan stop making different colors of shoes and make some new fresh kicks

  • sshuskerfan


  • JaRdon

    Stop Showin me KleaN ass ShoeS that aiNT COminG oUt iin The U.S PlEAAAAAAAAAAse ReLeaSe TheSe Here You AlReady TooK aWay The KooL GReYS and the Black and Gold ones Please Let uS have TheeeSE

  • Donnail


  • Jred

    nice lovin the lime and purple

  • imshining

    they look more like scooby-doo than TMNT

  • mcloven02

    they look a little too fake but they aight the cool greys are better

  • mcloven02

    they look too fake cool greys are better

  • rsan

    stooooooooooooooooop already give me some retros sh!! man

  • spizike231

    honestly, I think im going to consider copping. They’re different.

  • yung albino

    i love retros but right now with all the fusions these are the closest to retros we gonna get at least for awhile personally the spizike is a clean looking shoe but the price tag is a lil much

  • PhilWil

    Sorry, but I don’t agree with #2. We grew up on the classics, sure, but let the kids have their classics too. Let the younger brothers and sister who grew up with you have THEIR OWN shoe while still having their big brothers sneakers.

    I like the hybrids and the fusions. Its not for everybody but it is a great way of saying “what if”.

    Jordan, Release the cool grey’s please!!! Not sure about these other colorways, but the cool grey is a must.

  • Ian

    these are exactly in time for the HULK movie hahaha.

  • Sneaker King

    i think i shuld move to europe right now dose r sick g

  • Chris

    In the immortal words of Austin Powers: “Why won’t you die?”

  • jmp92

    these kicks would match with my incredible hulk fitted!

  • Boogie

    How couldn’t you like these I’m not even a big j fan and I like these! If you don’t you stuck in the past or your just a moron lol

  • C$

    Oh man, I love me some Spizikes! I was rocking my fire-red ones on the 4th. Does anyone have any experience with international shipping? On a pair of kicks, what’s it like, $40 to $50? Cool-greys were dropping for $220 (I’m assuming the price is the conversion from Euro to Dollar).

  • MJSF

    straight butt sneakers as usual from Jordan Brand

  • richie

    the spizikes are the only jordan brand shoe i would rock personally.

    i dont see anything wrong with the shoe why it gets so much mixed feelings.

  • http://www.myspace.comsirecommunications J.King

    If you’re under 25 read a (sneaker)book.

  • http://www.myspace.comsirecommunications J.King

    If you’re under 25, read a (sneaker)book.

  • Jabz215

    I feel ya PHIL.. BUT as a 28yr old man IF the lil’ brothas and sistas are calling these “classics” in 10 years….it just proves my point. JB is just extorting the kids now days with this BS for 150$ They look cheap,there made cheap,and lime and purple aint gettin it next summer! If you want “NINJA TURTLE OR HULK SHOES” you can get them at payless for 20$ wit da hott velcro straps and Leonardo, or hulk on the side! I just feel like JB is making money these days, not history and its kinda sad. Its like when your good friend starts smokin crack…its all downhill from there.

  • C$

    I’m 28 (as of July 1st) and I grew up during the sneaker boom. I was a teenager during the 90’s, a great time, the sneaker game changed, Jordan brand did that. Now the company is taking care of those heads who want the nostalgic retro’s, but they are also trying some new ish. To me, the spizikes are the best of both worlds. If you haven’t rocked a pair with jeans, then please don’t hate, these kicks are fresh, put them on your feet.

    p.s. they’re $175 mang, worth every penny.

  • the_boi

    these are cold i wish i could get em

  • JC

    damn these are tight.

  • richie

    hahaha… honestly.

    define “sneaker book,” because i am honestly curious on what you guys see.



  • cman

    fresh prince of bel air spizikes

  • Villian


  • solesaved

    People can’t help when they come into this world the year you are born into this world doesn’t give you any more knowledge about sneaks than a person who was born today or yesterday it’s all about what you chose to like or love and make a choice to learn more about whatever it is. Nobody KNOWS IT ALL if you like sneaks or love em you don’t gotta all the history of every sneak you own it’s good to know something but it not required when ya pay for them or like the most important thing is that you make the choice to buy what you like with ya on $$$. Some people know much history about sneaks some people pretend they know and some people don’t really give a sH*t to know. that how it is it with anything.

  • shoehead

    the spizikes show originality the fusions just look like 5’s an thats about it but its always to each’s own i never understood why the spizikes had such a mixed response… i remember the first time i saw them i hated them but then i looked again an in the shoe world it represented change and respect since it carried so many of the RETRO OG jb shoes the 4 wings the 3 bottom the 6 tongue and so on j.king not wanting to call you out about the if your under 25 read a sneaker book but i kno kats younger than me that only like the retro jordans from I-Xiii like i said its all on what the “people/consumers” like

  • Darneezy

    People, people, people… when are you all going to realize that there are more colors to place on a shoe, than the typical: white, black, red, blue, greys, etc., etc.?

    I’ve seen a few posts saying, “These look fake.” Well, DUH! They should look fake, since the colorway isn’t released, nor is it a “usual” colorway that’s associated with a Jordan related shoe.

    People said the same thing about the NYK Spike Lee exclusive Spiz’ikes he wore. OF COURSE they look “fake” compared to what’s been released previously, Captain Obvious.

  • Darneezy

    And FYI – for people who keep posting “Release more retros” …you all obviously missed the memo LAST YEAR, when NiceKicks (and other sites) explained how NO RETROS would be released in singles this year, unless they were in the Countdown Pack.

    NEXT YEAR is the year that they’ll start producing more retros again, in SINGLES and not packs only.

    And I wanted to also touch base on someone’s comment about young people having their classics and the older people 21, 25+ having OURS.

    I agree with that. It’s like Hip Hop… when we were kids, we had our favorites vs. what adults had, now, the younger generation has theirs. True, it may be watered down and suck (Soulja Boy, etc.) just as with music & sneakers but for what it’s worth, you stick to what you like, and they’ll do the same.

    My $0.02 worth.

  • da 13 year old sneakerhead

    cause ur older doesnt make a difference i gurantee i knw just as much about shoes than ne of yall

  • sneakerhead3

    i like these. but i really like cool grey because they go with almost everything. but really i just need some black shoes.

  • Retro 3

    Nice colors but they look very bootleg, better off as a 1of1

  • jerronimo

    Yo these are majorly fresh main. Hope they come out wit some gear to match tho.


    Cool Grey is not releasing in U.S. These may not either. They gotta have some differences across the pond man. If you want them…you gotta find a broker or legit dealer on ebay. Or if you know people stationed in other countries(Armed Forces) have ’em send you the funk via FedEx. Its not that hard.

    “If it releases in Zimbabwe and I want it….I’m getting the mofo.”

  • Chuck

    butchered Spizikes, u can sit these in your closet next to the Glow In the Dark Yeezy’s–trendy kicks lmao

  • greenmaker24

    they r ok

  • http://nicekicks Sofakingfresh

    I saw JD wit these on these are fire!!!

  • cheyo

    YOU DONT WANT TO MAKE ME MAD!!!! haha, feeling the name HULK spizikes betta, haha

  • http://niketalk Jeffsy

    plus they r horrible, if u want spikes save up and buy some OG colourways, stop killing a classic!!!!!!

  • bigpinga

    They dont make em like they usto. but they look dope

  • Ju-Ju

    these are hot…but everybody going to think they fake. all i got to say is that ppl make fake these days so watch ya’ll colors. but i like them..i would bye them if they were in the untied states

  • db29

    why do so many ppl hate the spizikes…i cud understand the dub zeros and the six rings and all the other bull that Jordan is doin with it shoes but of the hybrids the one thing they shud continue doin is the spizikes jus put more time in-between release..i like them and i might try to cop

  • http://nicekicks kicks dad

    thumbs up.

  • Chillin…D


  • Chillin…D


  • jasmin

    this shoes r off the hook i need to get a pair of these…… i could so r~ock them out wit a nice f#$in shirt….. i need them~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • reneinehv

    email me if u wanna order a pair.. i got some.. peace (or is this not allowed in this forum)

  • Martii Marr

    anyonee know dhe sizes or pRICE?