Nike Air 1/2 Cent (Half Cent) Penny

Nike Half-cent Ever wonder what would a shoe look like if you got all the Penny Hardaway shoes and made them into one shoe? Me neither, but Nike did and created another fusion/remix shoe that takes elements from all the Penny shoes we have grown to love.

This is the Nike Air Half-Cent and pictures have leaked online now and people are really taking a good hard look at this crazy looking shoe. Get ready for more remixes to come out from Nike in the future featuring more Iconic shoes from the 90′s.

March 2009
Nike Air 1/2 Cent
344646-041 Varsity Royal/Black-Metallic Silver

Update:?? We have just posted a new feature of the Nike Air Penny II and of the Nike Air 1/2 Cent.


  1. SNEAKER FEEN says:


  2. whoaitzjoe says:

    is it just me or does these remind you of the Michael Vick’s?

  3. Toite3x3ninjah says:

    190?? dont think so!! they aight!!!

  4. jay says:

    nike needs to stop with all these hybrids and just bring back the og colors of the sneaks that everybody is fiending for. this is worse than the foamposite/ boots they did.bring it back to the essence

  5. damnneardeadstock says:

    i would love to see who the hell would buy these for $190

    i am a HUGE penny fan, and i love his entire line of shoes. but no sneaker is worth a $190 MSRP

  6. santos says:

    i would prefer buying some j’s cause 190 is 2 much

  7. B.O. says:

    they aight, im like the rest of yall 190 is a bit much

  8. E-MAN says:

    NO THANKS!!! that price is ridiculous.

  9. TechNutt says:

    Good –> Hard kicks that are unique and have strong appeal.

    Bad –> $190 price point. wtf?

  10. stacks says:

    would make a great collectors shoe

  11. KOOL says:

    190/ i wudnt pay 1/2 a cent for these{get it 1/2 cent}

  12. G says:

    i would honestly cop these joints..they dont look too shaby name is corny n price tag is off the reservation tho i think a even 150 wud b more suitable for the masses…they kinda like the spizike n im feelin those so i like these too..i wonder wat all the barkleys would look like..that would b interesting to see tho

  13. Dee says:

    I kind of like em but 190 is pretty steep.

  14. IkonRadio.com says:

    I’m a Penny fan and I will cop all the retro’s they release and deadstock a few but this is just not worth copping. I’m not a fusion guy, I’m not a remix guy, I’m not a “team” shoe guy…

    K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid

  15. D says:

    Wow Nike is killing this fusion type concept this year. The sneaker itself definitely has potential but I need to see it in person before I rush to judgment. There are lots of aspects I like about this shoe though, the colorway, clear bottom sole, the crackle in the Nike check, the Penny logo and of course the air bubble in the back with the blue stripped details. I think they used a little too much Orlando blue trying to make it like the foamposite and could have flipped it a little and added maybe black or another color within the grooves but that is just me. Also $190 is a bit much but by March 2009 I might feel differently about the price.

  16. P3 says:

    I would get em if they were about 40 or 50 dollars cheaper.

  17. PR CHewwin says:

    MAN yall complaining are WEAK!! 190 is nothing if your a TRUE SHOE HEAD!! Step Your Game Up!!

    1. mabus says:

      ya step ya game up. start selling crack is what he's saying! not everyone buys shoes just to let em sit in the closet collecting dust ya crackhead. i got those 20 dolla double ups for ya PR i need to make some bank to gets some over priced kicks

  18. Biggins says:

    Nice, clean design… but I’d rather put my money towards something else better

  19. D says:

    PR CHewwin I think you are missing the point about the $190 complaints it’s not the actual cost but it’s more people feeling if this actual shoe is worth $190. Also, just because you spend $190 on kicks doesn’t make you a true sneaker head. I prefer value over price any day of the week. To each is own.

  20. bkbigjay says:

    well, the shape reminds me of those Michael Vick shoes